10. Gaara & Matsuri
The first couple on my list, I haven't even really been properly introduced to yet. From what I can gather, Matsuri is one of Gaara's fangirls in Shippuden and ends up becoming his student. It's a little weird to like a mentor/student relationship as a couple, but for these two it just seems to work. The age difference isn't that different, is it? Gaara's only 17-ish, while Matsuri is like 12. Only 5 years! And Matsuri definitely has a major crush on Gaara, and I could see Gaara liking her back. This couple is just super sweet and I love them. Still, it does seem to be a bit one-sided...like, waay one-sided...(though all Naruto couples tend to be that way...)

9. Kiba & Hinata
This couple is also adorable. The only reason they're so low down is because I kind of see them as a bit of a sibling like relationship, with only minor hints of something more. Still, I feel like Kiba understands Hinata and protects her. He actually knows her, unlike Naruto. And Hinata is definitely sweet and soft-spoken enough to offset Kiba's brash and instinctive behavior. They'd be a really cute couple- admit it. I love how protective and caring Kiba is towards Hinata and how he actually understands her. I could totally imagine these two as a cute married couple, just saying.

8. Naruto & Hinata
That being said, Naruto did beat Kiba door a little bit as a match for Hinata. I don't really know why. I guess I just want Hinata to get what she wants- she deserves it. Hinata has always seen the real Naruto, even before everyone else did. This girl has loved him for so long, she deserves him. And he deserves a girl who will love him despiet his flaws and will encourage him. He can be the outspoken one in the relationship and he can help build Hinata's confidence. Hinata can be the patient one on the relationship and can help Naruto learn how to think before he acts. All Hinata needs to do is TALK TO HIM.

7. Kakashi & Rin
I know these two never were a couple, but Rin always did like Kakashi as a kid. And it was never zei that Rin died, was it? She could always come back and Kakashi and Rin could live happily ever after. That is, if any couple is allowed to live happily ever after in this series...anyway, I just want someone cool for Kakashi and Rin totally fits that. And Rin deserves someone awesome too.

6. Naruto & Sakura
It took me till Shippuden to see this- but now that I do it seems so obvious. Naruto's a sweet guy and has always been there for Sakura- no matter what it might cost him. He's always been stuck in the "friend zone", unable to reach her. Meanwhile, Sakura has been annoyed door his behavior. But now Naruto has matured and Sakura is seeing what was always right in front of her for the first time. Naruto would die for her. And I think she's become a much stronger and meer capable women through her training with Tsunade. These two are the "friends turned to something more" relationship that I really love. They're just so cute. And unlike some of these other couples- these two know each other. It's not just blind infatuation of admiration. These two have love, it's just a vraag of what kind of love that is.

5. Neji & Tenten
These two are practically canon. In my imagination, anyway. Neji is a cold, distant, aloof, but secretly sweet guy. He tries so hard to defy his destiny and be the best he can be. Tenten is vastly underrated, ignored, and underestimated. And she's a total tomboy, who tries to be so strong. They are both desperate to prove themselves. And they're best friends. They do everything with their teams, so they have to be friends. Gai and Lee are a bit of...well, weirdos. So these two have bonded together because they have to. They're best vrienden and there is totally something meer going on. So cute!

4. Sasuke & Sakura
Honestly, I have no idea why I like this couple. I guess it's because I'm so intrigued door it. Sakura always blindly loved Sasuke before she met him. She was infatuated with him- she was a preteen girl. But then they met each other and became friends. They fought for each other and protected each other. Or- Sasuke protected Sakura anyway. Then they spleet, split up but they still love each other- it's obvious. Sakura would do ANYTHING to save Sasuke- and it's not just for the infatuation anymore. It's totally love. As for Sasuke, Sakura touches a nerve in him that no one else can (except maybe Naruto). Now can't they just play nice and fall in love already?

3. Lee & Hinata
I know, I know. This is a total crack pair. Do they even talk in the anime? Probably not. But yet I love these two so dearly. They're both underdogs who are extremely desperate to prove themselves. Lee was constantly picked on and Hinata was pressured door her dad. And they would perfectly compliment each other. Hinata's patience, wisdom, and kindness could help to encourage Lee's ego and also balance out his energy. Lee's bravery, gentleman behavior, and kindness could also help Hinata's confidence and she deserves a nice guy. I feel like Lee is like Naruto but less annoying and meer sweet. Marginally. Anyway, these two are just perfect.

2. Shikamaru & Ino
I'm not a Shikamaru & Temari supporter, I just don't but it. But these two I have liked since the very first episode they were in together. They have that "hate-love" relationship as well as a "friend to lover" relationship. THEY HAVE THE TWO MOST EPIC KIND OF ROMANCES. They're childhood vrienden and they just 'get' each other. Shikamaru needs a domineering woman- one that's not willing to let him slack off. Ino would totally do that. Ino needs a nice intelligent guy who will treat her right and bring out the best in her. Shikamaru could do that. And they just KNOW each other so well...they wouldn't have anything to hide. Can this please happen?

1. Jiraiya & Tsunade
Why did this never happen??? These two are absolutely perfect for each other! They're like the Naruto & Sakura from a vorige generation. But there's no Sasuke of Hinata to get in the way (ignoring Orochimaru). Jiraiya definitely still likes Tsunade, even if he can't say it. And despite her pride, Tsunade loves Jiraiya. They just needed to tell each other!!! They're best friends, they love each other, and they're both at the age where they can't afford to wait. So why didn't they get together? It's so sad! :(