remember how itachi took shisui`s eye and then he dissapered? He`s obviously itachi`s age so that means he must still be alive!!!! They`re hair style is the same and whenever the camers closed up on Tobi`s eye u can see the same exact small wrinkles that Shisui had, (i cant uploaden a foto since im on somebody elses so if u want look up a foto of Shisui and Tobi`s eye.) Plus since Itachi took his eye, remember when he used to have a oranje mask that only had a hole in one eye? For meer proof that he only had 1 eye is didnt he took somebody`s eye...NAGATO!! I mean its not like he wanted 3 eyes. Ya, his new mask has 3 holes but i think its just decoration ( the design for short ). THERE MY NARUTOARDS...I BOUGHT u HOPE....I BOUGHT u PROOF!!!
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**** AND I DONT CARE IF I SPELLED SEW WRONG of ....anything wrong.****
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