Naruto-verse 1

"Alright,here i come!The Leaf's greatest ninja!
I will go undefeated,so u can call me John Cena!
I'll blow u away with my Wind Style Ninjutsu!
I don't need a stupid Sharingan to see right through you!

Your the heir to the Uchiha,i contain a Demon Fox!
And your Chidori is weak,Pikachu has a stronger shock!
I'm a Jinchuuriki there's no way u can stop me!
I'm not the one who let Orochimaru take my body!"
Sasuke-Verse 1

"I am the last Uchiha,destined to kill my brother.
while your little meer than a weak ramen lover.
My Sharingan will break you,shatter your mind.
When it comes to Leaf Shinobi i'm Greatest you'll find.

My Chidori is raw lightning that will put u rest.
In the Valley of the end i put it right through your chest.
Why don't u add this line to your Uzumaki Handbook.
oranje is Goku's color,so u need a new look."
Naruto-Verse 2

"You could never hope to kill me,so forget Mangekyo!
I'll lay u cold on the ground,just like big bro!
My Rasengan is legendary,created door a Kage!
While the Chidori is really just Kakashi's cheap copy!

I may be an orphan,but at least i have friends!
Go and chase your brother,iv'e got a village to defend!
Say what u want Sasuke,call me weak,call me poor!
It took Nations to kill my clan,but one man for yours.
Sasuke-Verse 2

"Buddy u just crossed the line,time for u to pay.
Why don't u bring that nine tailed pet out here to play?
I'll take u down like i did in each of our fights.
And i'm sure my sharingan is giving foxie the frights.

'Never give up,never go back on your word'?
Change your Ninja way,it sounds completely absurd.
u will never reach Hokage,i know this for a fact.
How can u lead a village if u can't bring me back?

Who won?Who's Next?

u decide!