Kankuro-Verse 1

It's time for the puppeteer's opening act.
And i'm moving too quickly for u to react.
Your just a nobody from nowhere,and always will be.
Just drop your weapons,you'll never defeat me.

Iv'e got royal family,my father is a kage.
How could a clanless nobody ever try to top, boven me.
My poison is killing,your vision is getting bleary.
At least i 'freakin won a fight at some point in the series.
TenTen-Verse 1

u won once,against someone who had already died.
u could never win a real fight,even if u tried.
With my weapon control,i always win with ease.
My million blade chaos will bring u to your knees.

I'll shatter u to pieces,cut u up like sushi.
That stupid little puppet trick doesn't really fool me.
Bet u think u had me,but i'm not against the wall.
I'm not the one wears makeup,and plays with girly dolls.
Kankuro-Verse 2

Now it's time for my final act,so please take a seat.
I hope your ready for our feature,call it TenTen's Defeat.
Miss Bun Bun over here could use a change in attire.
What are u supposed to be?A rip-off Michael Myers?

My flows are a work of art,just like my puppetry.
u made a mistake when u chose to mess with me.
When my opponents see my puppets all they do is flee.
When i'm done with ya,you'll look like 3 great tragedies.
TenTen-verse 2

If i ran from you,it'd be from your face,not your power.
Since unlike you,i'm not some puppet using coward.
I'll slice u and dice you,crush u into the ground.
And just like your little brother you'll be going down.

I'm unleashing my fury,and i'm striking u out.
Gonna teach ya what Ninja life is really all about.
I'll knock u back into your puny sand safari.
Quit being a Shinobi,and go back to your barbies.

Who won?Who's next?

u decide!