Otaku's Itachi-san
Ok,we last left off after a terriable yo mama joke competition that went horriable..rusty acting like the world's biggest Aizen fangirl,And Aizen complaining to much...well,hey,,that's fanfictions for yah!
To Many freaking couples!!!
Aizen:*aizen wipes his mouth* im good now...well, that was completly gross!how u ppl go on in life is a mystery!
Bm:We verplaats on in life..
Gin:Well Aizen,the portal is up and really gross..
Gin:......we should be going
Pain:YAH!Now get!Shoo!-*i kick Pain before he continues*
Bm:Why don't u leave Pain,,,if theyre so annoying....
Pain:Fine..buh-bye!*he leaves the room*
Bm:Buh-Bye?..Get anymore Diva like?..well then again,he is the Diva path of nagato...
Otaku:Haha...Nice one!^_^
bm:We haven't heard from u in awhile...Where have u been?..
Otaku:In Itahi-sama's room...
Otaku:He showed me how to use Amaterisue..(sorry if i spelt it wrong..sue me!)*she drops her voice to a low mumble*:And make-out...
Bm:OK,THEN!*Itachi comes in the room and hugs otaku*.....
Hidan:I dunno..she's weird like that...
Bm:*i stempel, punch hidan in the arm*
Hidan:OWWW!!!Hard enough?!
Bm:Nope..*i stempel, punch him in the arm as hard as i can*
Hidan:*he whimpers in pain* OUCH WTF *(&(*&^%@!@#$@%%^^%&*&*()*&(*& WHAT IS WRONG WITH u u LITTLE *&*&@$^%R^#@^(*()&&%$%$%^&*()&)(*^%@$^^%^&*(&*)()*!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bm:.....shut it...*portal opens up and cici and minato come out hugging and cuddleing*
Bm:OH COMON!ANOTHER COUPLE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!?*faints from not breathing*
Hidan: oh comon!Im not helpin' her...*walks away*
Rusty:CICI!!:D*rusty hugs cici*
Rusty:Ohh..Sorry Minato..
Cici:Minato,your soo cute >^_^< *cici and minato kiss*
Bm:*i get up* WTF?!*i faint*
Rusty:Is she ok?...*i get up*
Bm:no im not!..*i go back to being fainted*
Deidara:Yep,yea!...*deidra kicks me*
*i gain conciousness from being faint so many times and gab deidara's leg and pull him,he ands up falling..on his back*
Deidara:WTF Beast!?
Bm:haha!!!!!you got pwned!*i get up and kick deidara* thats for kicking me!*i follow hidan and hide behind him*
Hidan:Oh yes,hide behind me!Its never a hug!Or a kiss!..
Bm:*i kiss hidan*Stop complaniing ok?
Hidan:K..*he blushes*
Minato:aww..How cute...if only i could kill hidan..
Cici:what did he do?
Minato:I lost to him in poker..
Cici:Lol Minato!*cici and minato kiss*
Madara:hehe..lost to that retard in poker,kinda sad...
Rusty:Ehh..not really,i think he cheats...*madara puts an arm around rusty's waist*
Bm:whats with all of the ethems today??*hidan hugs me*
Hidan:i dunno..it just gets everyone's attention..*I cuddle up to hidan*
Rusty:aww!Man...She's right..alot of couples..*madara kisses rusty*
Madara:i guess..but i disagree...hehe^_^
Otaku:Everywhere i go..I leave romance in the air:D must be my job...*itachi and Otaku kiss*

Ugh!!!!This concludes this lonnnggg one, and,,IVE GOTTA STOP WITH ALL THESE COUPLE THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rusty's Madara-San
My hidan-sama..so smexy O_O i didn't type dat!!!