1. Glomp Kankuro and squeal “I wuv u big bwother!”
2. Go out with Keiko
3. Go out with Kaede
4. kruis his eyes and mumble “Chocolate monkeys are eating my brain…”
5. Fly around on his sand and do a little dance whil chanting “Me da Kazekage bitches ha-ha”
6. Ask Kiba to *butter his muffin*
7. Not die in Shippuuden
8. start talking like a prep
9. tryout for the Cheer team
10. Try to erase to rings around his eyes
11. become Orochimaru’s favoriete bitch
12. Try to bleach his hair door himself
13. decide that killing is not his purpose in life
14. Admit to himself that Temari is in fact his sister
15. Let Temari do his hair
16. ster in a Hollywood movie as a happy drunk
18. apologize for #17
19. Introduce Sakura as ‘Hag’
20. Support Sandcest
21. Break a bone
22. Get a paper cut
23. Get out his old teddy beer and hug it
24. Play pokeman Yellow version
25. Sprain his ankle
26. Trip over nothing
27. Sing about crap in the shower
28. rewrite Eldest for no reason
29. become superstitious
30. Play the dating game and lose
31. Hug a random kid because he used “please and thank you”
32. Lay in the gras and stargaze
33. Take life as it comes
34. Tell the whole Room exactly how badly he needs to pee
35. Drink a soda and say “Eek! I can feel the bubbles in intestines!”
36. Sleep
37. Go out for burgers with Kuranai
38. Call a the reject hotline and tell the women on the other end that she is a meany
39. Forgive me for writing this about him
40. kom bij his own fanclub
41. Say “Dude… I just dropped acid and watched Planet of the Apes… It was sweet. u should try it…
42. Fall in love with every single one of his fan girls at once
43. Give Kankuro a full girl’s makeup job
44. kom bij a Conga like to the Song “White Boy”
45. Do the Macarena
46. Think avondmaal man is the Hottest ever
47. Call Sasori a Poopoo Head
48. Start Saying “un…” at the end of every sentence
49. Type Temagaa on Google to see what it is
50. Make a quilt with all of his, Kankuro’s and Temari’s childhood memories
51. Get rid to the LOVE symbol on his head
52. Wear flowers in his hair and sing “The Sound of Music”
53. Ask Temari how he looks in her costume
54. Cosplay as Deidara
55. Steel the cookie from the cookie jar
56. Hug Sasuke because he feels bad about his curse mark
57. Say “Onee-San, Gaara needs a huggy”
58. Tell Keiko how Hot she looks in that badly matched outfit
59. kom bij the “Friends of Space” Organization
60. Yell “Holly Son Of A Bitch!”
61. Get lost in a sand box
62. Live on mango-, mango Street
63. Do “Jump On It” at Pioneer High School
64. Tell Naruto that their love affair isn’t going to work out like they thought it would
65. Make the monkey face
66. Throw a Sleep over with Sasuke, Neji, and Zaku
67. Tell somebody to bite his sand paper ass
68. Apologize for #67
69. Go a dag without killing anybody
70. Ask Sakura if she would like to read his new Sasunaru Fanfiction
71. kruis dress on Halloween
72. Eat sushi until he pukes
73. Throw a party when he gets his period
74. Tell his friend that the volgende time he touches his scetch book that he would beat him with it until he falls down dead
75. Stab himself and shout “I’m sooo frigen EMO!”
76. Find the love of his life
77. Insist that all of his vrienden call him Twinkle Toes
78. Ride survivor and scream
79. Break Dance
80. Tell the raccoon demon to shove it
81. Stop twitching and grunting
82. Live in a bachelor pad
83. Throw Linguini at the uithangbord and pronounce it garbage
84. Attempt to do Alchemy door clapping his hands
85. Say “Sorry, I only datum Homosapeins.”
86. Tell the Develop a new crush every Week
87. Point at Shippou and yell “FOX DEAMON!!!!!!” then run away screaming like a little girl
88. Turn into a vis with a wizard
89. Get high off of laughing gas
90. Try to set Shikamaru up with Temari
91. Regard Kaede as a close family friend
92. Fly with Peter Pan
93. Tell Harry Potter that he has angst issues
94. Get fat
95. Merry Leader-Sama
96. Tell Hidan to verplaats his hulst, holly ass
97. Become a Joshinist
98. Hand out fliers for “Save the children”
99. Neglect the people of SUNA
100. ride off into the sunset