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posted by glittergirl42

"Watch out for the nine-tails!"

"Captain Yasashi!"

Shouts filled the air. Desperately trying to save the village, the numerous ninja of the hidden leaf of all ranks battled their mighty foe: the Nine-Tailed demon fox. The fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, watched as his troops dwindled away before his eyes. His job was to protect the Village Hidden in the Leaves and all its inhabitants, even if it meant his own life. He had to do something fast.

He racked his brain for a way of stopping it. He could create powerful sealing jutsus, but the demon's spirit would need a host. Who could...
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posted by Blazingstar
I'm going to do it! I'm going to ask Naruto out! Hinata thought as she walked down the streets of the leaf village.but what will I say?what if I mess up? What if he says no? She was so emerged in her thoughts she accidentally ran into someone."oh I'm so sorry.I didn't mean to-" she stuttered."hey there hinata!"kiba said."oh it's only you." she sighed in relief."is something wrong?"he asked."um...... No."she muttered instantly thinking about naruto."come on,I want to toon u something." he zei grabbing her hand. "o-ok"she stammered out.then they started running.they ran all the way to the...
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posted by OTAKU77
1. itachi (º/_\º)™
2. pein (^::^)
3. deidara (^_\/)
4. kisame ((º-º))
5. random cute face! (ºωº)™
tell me what u think of leave me some of your own! hope u liked
dedicated to
and um at school and stuff do people give u crap about likeing naruto?its really rude and i also wanna know if im the only naruto fan who gets vicious when people diss naruto and i know its kinda random but i just wanna know (im also stalling to make the artikel longer lol) if so message me of commentaar of post on my page and dont forget to add me! i allways add back
They had just converted the busje, van into a mansion.They were at the Takaswami Campsite/Park.Itachi was pushing Diedara and Tobi in those baby swingy thingies."Yay!Higher,'Tachi,HIGHER!"Diedara screamed in delightfulness.He giggled.Just then,Diedara's mood changed."I WANT OUTTTTT!!!!!I WANT NEJI TO schommel, swing MEEEEEE!!!!!" Diedara screamed and cried."Why are u so grumpy all of a sudden?You were just having fun."Itachi said.Diedara cried and cried.Itachi took him out of the baby swing."PUT ME DOWNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"Diedara screamed and cried.Neji ran over to them."Do...
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Me and Aimi were still explaining our selves when, the ultimate fangirl herself(behind Aimi), Sakura appeared and got jealous that Sasuke found us interesting.
"What, do u think your doing with my Sasuke-kun!", she snapped at us.
"None of your bee's wax.", Aimi said.
"Oh, really!", Sakura yelled.
"Yes, because Sakura, Sasuke is not your's and we were having a conversation first AND he like us better than you, so shut it!", I said.Aimi's tail locked with mine.
[Gaara:How does that look? Me: u should Know! Gaara:Just tell me! Me:Fine!It's like holding hands except with tails!SEE, EASY! Gaara:...
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posted by deathchick9
One dag at evil childrens preschool it was the first dag of preschool all the evil children went to the play ground on the the norther part
"But I don't wanna go to school mama there are ugly children there." Itachi winded
"I'll buy u a new hair care product if u go."
On the south side of the play ground
"But kids are going to make fun of me un." Deidara complained to his dad
"I don't give a damn boy...girl...thing I'm not sure what u are."
On the east side
"Oh Jashin!I'm not going to this damn place father!" Hidan exclaimed
"Don't swear at me boy!"
"I'll do whatever I...
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posted by rusty746454
Uchiha Sasuke (Sasuke Uchiha in the English anime) is a character in the manga and anime Naruto.

A Genin level Ninja, Sasuke is the natural genius offspring of the once powerful Uchiha Clan. One of the most outstanding clans in Konohagakure, the Uchiha Family was known for its Bloodline ability, the Sharingan, and formed much of the Konohagakure's village police force. Sasuke along with his brother Itachi are the only two known remaining survivors of the clan.    
Early Childhood
The seconde son of a Konohagakure police captain, Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older...
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posted by rusty746454
Naruto has been up to his usual mischief again. This time he’s wanted for defacing the faces of the Mt Rushmore-like rock carvings of the Hokage above the village. Naruto manages to fool his pursuers door camouflaging himself door a nearby fence and almost gets away cleanly until Iruka Sensei shows up and scares the heck out of him.

After dragging Naruto back to class, Iruka wants to know why he is now playing pranks instead of attending class. After all, he’s already failed the last two graduation exams. Iruka then declares that they will be having an exam on “Hengo no Jutsu” (Transformation...
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Hey, guys. Just letting u know that I'm quitting Fanpop. I guess it's good news for some of you. I had a lot of fun on fanpop and I really love Fanpop. I remember that when I first kom bij Fanpop, I thought it was boring because I had no vrienden and I don't know what to do. That was until I met these cool people.

rusty746454 - u were really nice to me and u probably don't know that u were my first friend (not fan) I've ever had on fanpop. Thanks for being nice to me.

cici746454 - Love your icons! lol You're one of my best vrienden on fanpop. Thanks for being my friend. And thanks for creating...
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I know lots of people who hate the first series of Naruto because of all the fillers. I think the fillers are pretty cool and it is awesome that most are after the manga arcs. The fillers are loved door some people who are a fan of kiba of neji and their teams. The anime producers were doing us a favor door making episodes where some characters get meer screen time such as kiba, shino, hinata, neji, rock lee, tenten. For an example the episode
kiba's long time showed meer about his past and about his family it was a very sad episode. My point is the fillers aren't so bad.
Me and Neji walked home pagina hand in hand, ready to be filled with hugs and apologies.We step inside and theres Hinata with flowers and saying how sorry she was she couldn't help.
"What did I tell u before I fell unconscious?", Ii asked.
"I know, I know.", she said.
"Apparently, u don't.", I teased.
"Sorry, but u not being here made me feel bad", she admitted.
"Don't be, it wasn't your fault, I should have been meer careful.", I smiled.
~Hinata's P.O.V~
how can she smile like that when, she is hurt and not have a care.
"I know this may sound weird, but how come your so calm?", I asked.
"Because, ninjas...
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posted by kpopluver4life
 team kakashi
team kakashi
Team Kakashi, also known as Team 7, is a team led door Kakashi Hatake and was formed after the members became genin. The members were selected in order to balance out their talents. Naruto, the worst student in his graduating class, would benefit from Sakura's intelligence and Sasuke's proficiency with ninja skills. Sakura would similarly benefit from her meer battle-capable team-mates, whereas Sasuke would benefit from being forced to work with others.

It was later revealed that Kakashi was chosen specifically to be the leader of Team 7 because of Naruto and Sasuke. Kakashi's duty, in addition...
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posted by deathchick9
One dag in Kanoha Lee was going to see Sakura when he saw Gaara His jaw dropped.
"Y-Y-You!!??" Lee screamed
"......Oh hallo your uhhh.......A guy right?" Gaara replied
"M-My name is Rock lee!"
Sakura ran over and hugged Gaara.
"Gaara-kun!" Sakura shouted.
Lee's hart-, hart dropped
"I missed you." Sakura zei happily
"Same here" Gaara zei and started to blush
"What did u do to Sakura-chan?!" Lee cried
"Nothing...Creep" Gaara zei coldly
Gaara and Sakura walked away hand in hand
"Neji Ten-Ten!" Lee yelled in distress
Lee ran to the training ground Neji and Ten-Ten were just sitting there.
"Guys Gaara...
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posted by DestinyGirl
So sorry about the long update! Thx so much for the lovely comments, I adore them!:D Some of the dialogue is from a direct Naruto episode, which I do not own!
Let the reading begin!

Ch. 5: Dreams

The volgende few
days passed door in a breeze, and Naruto and Hikari found themselves falling into a scheduled pattern: Get ready, meet up, go to the academy, have a few classes, when going outside they always fall into their group and start chatting away until the exercise is done, then it's normally always a group lunch (except when it's those rare days and everyone pairs off to themselves, usually Naruto...
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Read the beschrijving :P


Snowy’s POV:

I was walking down the corridor, when Hiro came out, I literally ran up to him

“HIRO!” I grinned, waving at him madly
“Hey.” He smiled

“Cherise is here!” I zei happily

He burst through the gym door

“CHERISE IS HERE?!” He yelled, causing Cherise to do her final flip and fall on her neck

“Ouch, God OMG ROCKET?!” Cherise smiled, looking up at him.

I ran to Cherise, so did Kiba, Naruto and Sasuke, and some other first years.

“Oh my god, Cherise.” Kiba said

Kiba turned to Me and Hiro.

“Lift her up, kay? One.. Two,...
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posted by glittergirl42
 Naruto, tonen his bravery on a mission.
Naruto, showing his bravery on a mission.
I have watched many animes and read many mangas, but Naruto is door far one of my favorites. I have only watched the anime, but even so, I am struck door how truly amazing the toon is.
It follows the story of a young orphan boy named Naruto Uzamaki, who, being alone in the world, is very mischeivous and pranks the village of Konoha, a hidden ninja village, to get attention. However, everyone hates him and calls him a monster and he doesn't know why. He is very bad at jutsus, so no one acknowledges him. His dream is to become Hokage, the strongest ninja, and have everyone in the village take notice...
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 "Dont Look Back,Never Make The Same Mistake Twice"
"Dont Look Back,Never Make The Same Mistake Twice"
Ok,Im just a msger,so dont shoot the messanger!K? Good... hidanfan told me to post this do to the fact that she swore she wouldnt come on the Naruto spot... So... here it is,,, hidanfan's words and all :

"Hi...Jessy,Please do tell everyone that Im not going back to the anime spot for reasons.... That, Ive learned leasons,... All from my good vrienden here on fanpop... like:
Keep the Loyal vrienden Youve made close to you...
Never Give in to anyone who hurts you...
Dont make the SAME Mistake twice
Have a reason for doing something
Never back down from a promise you've made...

The last one,,I havent kept...
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posted by DestinyGirl
Hi all, I'm back from the holiday!:D Thx so much for those who read and commented, it really let's me know that BW is being read and liked! ^_^ Now, in this chappie Hikari meets Hinata and Sakura! Let the reading begin!!!

Ch. 3: Bloodlines and Dreams

A week had
passed and Naruto and Hikari were always eager for each school day. Either Naruto would go to Hikari's house so they could walk together, of Hikari would go to Naruto's house and they would walk together from there — just whoever woke up and got ready first. Sometimes they would meet each other half-way and then laugh about it as they...
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posted by sicelyarien
Oh Naruto never before have I seen u like this. Never before in such a way. Never before so full of hate,...the hate.... now over flowing incasing your body, oh Naruto. I hear a monsterous scream leave your mouth is it you, is it u naruto? u sound, u look as if u are in pain. I fill with rage, how dare the white haired boy call u a are not. How dare he call u pathetic.I whant to hurt him, I want to blame him, I hear u scream onece more, and I know, I can not blame anybody but myself.

This is my fault, asking him to save sasuke.... was i sooo week, and all i did was...
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Brandt's POV

"39...40...41" I grunted as I hung from a boom branch door my legs and pulling my body up. The mission today had been simple so we all separated to do different things. I had decided to do some exercises to build my body. Once I hit 45 I dropped down and started doing push ups.

"Sorry not disturbing u am I?" Aiko says walking up with a basket of clothes. It reminded that this clearing was behind their house.

I shook my head and stood up doing some random stretches "No I just came here to unwind after all those missions."

She smiled and started hanging the clothes up to dry. Just watching...
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