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posted by renlillyren
“hey thats my spot”
Gaara turns round in a flash he thought he recognised that voice
A young girl of 19 stood at 5ft 8 her brunette hair tied back in a long pony tail that draped over the pale skin of her shoulder her ocean blue eyes framed with a thick black line stared at him with no expression as Gaara looked down her seeing her red sleeveless top, boven which ended at the top, boven of her ribcage then down her stomach to her hip were the sign for love was tattooed as a scar then to her black rok witch covered her 4 inches down her thigh too her fishnet shorts which stopped at the top...
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Naruto is best anime coz.other cartoons have not too much good story and naruto have always grate story and naruto makes handsome villains but other anime makes dirty and dirty face villains,
other animes:= hero,s are never die heros is ever stronger than villain .. hahahah
but naruto:yes villain can stronger than akatsuki...
well i think naruto is best anime in all of history.
what do u think?
posted by OTAKU77
It was a friday night. Sasuke just broke up with Sakura. It was raining. Sakura was at the park in the schommel, swing crying.
Yamato's POV
I was driving home pagina from an ANBU mission. As i rounded the corner I looked toward the park. I saw a figure sitting in the swing. So i pulled up to see who it was.
Sakura's POV
I saw some one pull up. I knew that car from some where, but that doesn't matter right now. I'm to upset, I don't want anyone to see me like this.The person got out of their car. I got up to leave, then i heard a voice call out to me.
"Wait Sakura."
It was captain Yamato.

Your so hypnotyzing
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posted by OTAKU77
1. itachi (º/_\º)™
2. pein (^::^)
3. deidara (^_\/)
4. kisame ((º-º))
5. random cute face! (ºωº)™
tell me what u think of leave me some of your own! hope u liked
dedicated to
and um at school and stuff do people give u crap about likeing naruto?its really rude and i also wanna know if im the only naruto fan who gets vicious when people diss naruto and i know its kinda random but i just wanna know (im also stalling to make the artikel longer lol) if so message me of commentaar of post on my page and dont forget to add me! i allways add back
posted by kakashi-sensei
Are u familiar with these sins? I read these first on link.

According to Jiraiya, "these are things that a shinobi must avoid. These are three things to stay away from!" Also called the three vices, these include alcohol, women, and money.

The unusual thing here is that Jiraiya, who was the one who told this to Naruto, actually committed these sins. Naruto saw two "nice young ladies" (as described door Jiraiya) beside the latter and it was zei that Jiraiya spent Naruto's savings.

Aren't those violations? Hahaha! Well, we can do nothing about that. Aside from the fact that these guys are fictional...
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posted by kakashi-sensei
Well this one's focus is much meer on the rules that may disqualify a ninja taking the exam.

Examiner link was the one who emphasized these rules, which are the following.

First, those that don’t make it to the tower,with both scrolls, within the limit.

Second, those who lose a teammate of those who have a teammate killed.

As a rule there is no quitting in the middle, u will be in the forest for five days.

And one meer rule, u must not look inside the scroll until u make it to the tower.
posted by Blazingstar
What the hell am I doing?Sakura thought to herself as she walked towards sasukes house.I'm crazy what am I going to say?she focased on a rock she was kicking while she thought about it.I can't just randomly come up and say hallo sasuke just wanna say I love you!no that would be weird."hey!HEY!Sakura !" naruto yelled as he came out of a ramen shop.just great Sakura thought.right when I am going to ask sasuke on a datum naruto shows up."so whatcha doin!"he practically yelled in her ear.sheesh he is so energetic."none of your business naruto.and shouldn't u be training on our dag off of going on...
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posted by Blazingstar
I'm going to do it! I'm going to ask Naruto out! Hinata thought as she walked down the streets of the leaf village.but what will I say?what if I mess up? What if he says no? She was so emerged in her thoughts she accidentally ran into someone."oh I'm so sorry.I didn't mean to-" she stuttered."hey there hinata!"kiba said."oh it's only you." she sighed in relief."is something wrong?"he asked."um...... No."she muttered instantly thinking about naruto."come on,I want to toon u something." he zei grabbing her hand. "o-ok"she stammered out.then they started running.they ran all the way to the...
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posted by Itachi_Boy
All Amazing and super text arts!

Happy new year!

Merry?* ? • ° ° ? ° ? •
•??Christmas? ?* ?
° ? ° ?°? * _?_____*?*°
° ? •?•° */______/~?° ° ?
° ? •?• ° | ?? |?| °And a happy new year:')
Hearts and love
Calculated heart

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posted by kakashi-sensei
1. Test takers start off holding the perfect score of 10 points. The test consists of 10 vragen and one point is subtracted from the initial total for every vraag answered incorrectly.

2. The test is a team event. Meaning that passing is determined door combining each team's total score.

3. Those caught cheating will lose 2 points on each offense.

4. Those that lose all their points during the exam (through cheating) and those that fail to answer any vragen correctly will fail along with their teammates.

PS: I got this link.
posted by kakashi-sensei
I skimmed through the artikels here in the link and thought that none of them was about my late father, link.

So I am writing this artikel to pay tribute to him. This artikel originally came from link, the Naruto Encyclopedia Wiki.

Here it goes:

Sakumo Hatake (はたけサクモ, Hatake Sakumo), also known as Konoha's White Fang (木ノ葉の白い牙, Konoha no Shiroi Kiba; English TV "White Fang of the Leaf"), was the father of Kakashi Hatake.


Sakumo was a famous and powerful ninja of Konohagakure who, during his life, had the same level of respect as the Sannin. His son, Kakashi,...
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posted by Itachi_Boy
this is my naruto text art! i make it in 5 days!!

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posted by Cantwait4book5

"I love only myself and fight only for myself. And as long as I think everybody exists to make me feel that way... the world is wonderful... a soul needs a purpose to live, and so I concluded that my purpose was to kill everyone besides myself. I felt alive... "

"People cannot win against their loneliness."

"Loneliness is this world's worst kind of pain. "

"The corpse's bitter, crimson tears flow, and mingle with the endless sand. Feeding the chaos within me, and making me stronger. "

"As long as there are people in this world to kill, I will not cease to exist."

"I took the life of the woman...
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Naruto Uzumaki is the titel character and main protagonist of the series. He is a genin from Konohagakure. He is also a member of Team Kakashi and the third jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox.


Naruto was born as the son of the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and the Nine-Tails' seconde jinchūriki, Kushina Uzumaki. Naruto's parents had named him after the main character of Jiraiya's first book, making the Sannin his godfather.[4]

Prior to Naruto's birth, his parents knew that the zeehond, seal that kept the Nine-Tails within Kushina would be in danger of breaking during childbirth. To...
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well this story is bace on my toon naruto mmmmm
i hope u like it

19 years geleden a baby girl was born,she was crused with fate, she would be killed of sold , every 20 years to save the land of fire.If she is not killed she will live on and on intil she is. Her big mama had hoped that her baby girl will have a better life than what crused for told.the baby girl was named Hinata,and was tained intil she was 5 because her father .he was upset that she bid not want to train so he wanted auther child to train and forget his little 5 jaar old for good.
years passed when the land of rain found out the...
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posted by TyreeYg
A couple of weeks geleden me and a couple of vrienden were sitting around watching an new naruto espisode and we seen a that avatar movie. When it dawned on us so of later like all great things it will get made into a movie. Well to get to the if they do make a real live action movie out of naruto, I don't want them to them to messy it up like they did with with Dragonball Z,the last airbender and so many meer before that do anybody remember super mario bros. The point I'm trying to get at is this I want to bring naruto to life and I know it's crazy but I wanted input form all the fans in the world...
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posted by aprilacne
Fifty minuten passed I couldn’t take it any meer I needed Hidan, I set the small box down and crawled out. I could hear people screaming in pain and agony; begging for mercy, I went back to my little crevice and grabbed the box and went upstairs. “All I want to know is why u came here. We did nothing to you!” I herd Pein command “We came here because of the child that u kidnapped!” the male with bloody blond hair said. Now Hidan got really mad, he picked the man up and threw him across the room. “KISS MY BEHIND!” he scoffed “Hidan.” Konan finally spoke up “What I said...
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posted by shadowcreature3
4 girls, kunoichi, were running at full speed towards a clearing in front of a huge mountain, ‘are we almost there’ zei temari a girl with 4 blond piggy tails ‘almost’ zei sakura a girl with shocking roze hair, there was also a girl with a panda bun hairstyle, her name was tenten and hinata a girl with long midnight blue hair and lavender eyes.
They reached the clearing and saw the guys getting their butts kicked, they were fighting what looked like giant stone soldiers, and they were the size of fully-grown men. Shikamaru was suddenly thrown at full force backwards into a boom and...
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posted by Twilightroxz11
 No hard feelings?
No hard feelings?
Sorry no hard feelings for Naruto and Sakura! I really sometimes like Sakura. So please no hard feelings, were all friends? (^-^') Remember this is just my opinion....

When exactly was it decided that NaruSaku was "the most likely couple"? Who says that - you? Well, sorry, I myself was shocked that there are even people who think that Narusaku could happen. Totally surprised door that. I can't see it happening. I don't know why, but I find it unnatural and even a bit disgusting.

At the beginning Sakura didn't do anything else than insult and ignore Naruto, she made fun of him. Not to mention...
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posted by Crazy_NarutoKid
I know that everybody has there different opinions on things and i dont mean to disrespect anyone.

But what I dont understand is how so many people think Sakura and Sasuke belong together..

Everyone knows that Sakura is totally in love with Sasuke.But,have we ever seen Sasuke return those feelings to her.No!!! we havent because Sasuke doesnt feel that way and i dont ever think he will.

and for those who have read the manga we all know what a dark place Sasuke is in and that he doesnt give a shit about anyone in konoha including Sakura.He tried to KILL her. KILL her as in wipe her off the face...
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