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uchihaline141 posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 03:23AM
Name: Eachigo Uchiha
Age: 22
Kenki Genki: Ultimate Sharingan
Appearence: About 6'7 has Black hair and always wears a black cloke.
Village: Village Of The Long(Dragon)(Village Ff The Dragon)
Bio: Eachigo has been in the akatski for 5 months and already has deafeted everyone there ecxept Sukaki(suki)(He is terribly afraid that she will preform "Mind Attack Jutsu" on him.) They are realy good friends though. He has a Justu Called Sharingan that is far more advanced. When used his eyes turn white red and black in the shape of Madara's sharingan.
History: Eachigo is the son of Madara Uchiha causing him to have an amazing sharingan. When he was born a demond was attacking the village it was the 10 TAILED WOLF! Of course the only option was to seal it in the newest born child. Eachigo was the only choice. Sealed inside him Eachigo became a very strong fighter and never lost against anyone. During the war his parents were attacked Madara got away and thought his son was dead. Eachigo's mother didnt make it though she was killed by the hidden mist. Eachigo hid until the leader of the battle entered his house then he jumped out... The leader was Kisame Eachigo used his "ADVANCED" Sharingan to paralyse him. It worked but only for a moment. Kisame grabed him by the neck. He blacked out when he woke up Kisame was gone and everyone else was on the ground dead. Suddenly he felt a sharp loss of power Kisame had struck him with his sword. When he came to he was in a strange dark place. It was the Akatski hideout(at this time he was 18.) He wasnt in the Akatski yet he had to train the first test was for him to capture an old man named Teson. When he caught the old man he was rewarded for it. He had to beat his cousin... SASUKE! He Did(Takeing the name Itachi as a temarary labele just for this battle) He fought Sasuke in TANZAKU TOWN(P.S. he used a transformation jutsu.) Then he was allowed he was now 22 and is the strongest one there.(Again he hasnt challenged Suki since they are good friends plus he doesnt want to feel the power of her Mind Attack Jutsu.) He was also ambushed by Oruchimaru and now has a curse mark.
Jutsu: Fear Ripper( a genjutsu that puts the opponent through months and months of torture that actually happens in 5 min.)

Dark Sharingan(AKA Advanced Sharingan)( Lets user see the future and moves that the opponent will even do before they think of them.

Summoning Jutsu: Fang(Summons a wolf with an Skull mask on(shape of a wolfs skull duh)

Forbiden Jutsu: Wolf Call( Created by Eachigo he calls upon the power of the 10 tailed wolf.

Curse Mark: Activate( Activates curse mark,the curse mark looks like stage one curse mark for sasuke but its final stage)

Combonation Transformation(Curse mark and 10 tailed wolf both activate at once increasing strength by 1000.)

Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bombs!(Duh)

Black Flaming Lightning Blade(Amaterasu combined with Chidori in users hand)

Dark Coffin(User summons a coffin that opens and a huge black hand grabs the opponent and sucks them into a dark void better if using Fear Ripper.)

Chain Void(A ball of chain wraps around opponent and rips them to shreds.)

Forbidden jutsu: Bone crush(Chains stab into opponent and wrap around his/her bones with a move of the fing all the bones in the body will be broke)

Rebirth Jutsu(user make opponent die and be born again and forget everything that just happend)

Bloodangan( A rasangan Made of BLOOD!)

Final Blow: Death(User sends chains to rap around opponent then uses water style: Water Dragon Jutsu finaly uses Black flaming Chidori to electricute opponent then the chains tighten and crush the vital body parts and he is burnt by Black flames)

Time paralisys jutsu( user taps opponent and time stops in a huge circle all around him the chains rip into the gorund and hit the opponent square in the back finaly he drains all there memories, chakra, and strength.)

NOW make YOUR character(PS You Have To Include The Stuff I Included OR Include Some Bonus Stuff!)
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een jaar geleden h2h1z said…
dude u kinda need 2 tone it down some cuz he's like impossible 2 kill from wat i c but i make a character any way
een jaar geleden h2h1z said…
age:also unknown appears to be 14
appearance: 5'9" medium build
Kenki Genki:copy cat(can copy ANY Kenki Genki or jutsu he sees)
Village: hidden by death (most all villagers die by age 25, only those with high chakra levels live past that age, low child birth rate, as many are stillbirths)
bio: was thought to be a stillbirth he was put in the crematory to be turned 2 ashes like all other stillbirths. They turned the fire on and left to attend to other matters. As they left the baby started 2 move, he didn't cry and didn't feel any pain. He crawled out of the furnace and began to grow until he was big enough to walk. He saw the babies that were 2 be burnt 2 ashes and knew he had the power 2 prevent that. He infused his chakra with the babies and in doing so returned them to life and aging them to a suitable age. They became his loyal subjects and he was their protector, they left the village. He grew slower than they grew so he lived through them, their eyes were his eyes, as he was still growing in mind as well as in body. He found that he could give them power if they were in danger, the power to fight, as he had seen others do. As they grew, he saw many battles and wars. He learned all he could about the world and found it disgusting how humans would fight over such small things, as power and land. in order to change the world he would need to know all there was to know. He sent his subjects out to learn any and all they could about the humans and discovered that they had a power called "chakra" but only so many people knew how to use it. He knew he must master all the forms of "chakra." So he send his subjects to learn. As they learned the were pronounced ninja, the leader/jonin, assigned to each subject and their group (known as squads), they learned incredibly fast and amazed their squad leaders. Soon after each became chunins(sorry im not good at spelling), they were sent into battle, as another war began. Although he tried to save them all the died 1 by 1 in battle, no bodies were recovered, as they had been turned 2 ash as they would have been if he had not saved them. This only fueled his rage at humanity. Although they had died they seemed to return to him, he could feel them as all they learned and all they experienced entered his body, this drove him to the brink of insanity, but as they came to him, he found a way to keep himself under control. He, though being the dominate personality, became one of the many to inhabit his body. They change personalities as the battle called for it, each having a specialization. Soon after his sanity was regained the AKATSUKI sought him out. As they explained their intentions, he decided he had nothing better to do so he joined them.
jutsus: as they has learned may i will only list the favorites
fire: fiery death: a move much like grand fire ball justu but as the opponent moves away it slows and once the enemy is at a "safe" distance, a whip of flame bursts from the ground right under the enemy
water: water senbon: throws up a river of water and seems to be playing in it but all the droplets of water stay in the air, once i look up at the enemy they shoot at him/her as senbon, once they enter their body they spike out and freeze
air: not much can be done with air so...
earth: the sound of grinding earth is the only warning of this jutsu, sand shoots up from the ground and turns in to a weapon of the users choosing
lightning: electricity flows between the fingers of the user, as he rubs his hands together the power increases. The electricity flows to the user's feet and fingers.
summoning: (can only be done with the chiugan) what appears to be just an orb, just an inch wide, what ever it touches melts and surrounds the orb, making it bigger.
Kenki Genki: most well known: sharingan, rinnigan, beakugan. and the lesser known chiugan, few live after seeing it and all who do live can't tell of its power, as they have all gone insane. It drains the viewer of their will to live, greater opponents can resist this, so it casts them in to a state of bliss so far that their minds are no longer in this world, but the next(the after life with their dead friends and family).
He him had no training but his servants lived in every village.
yet only he can use chiugan.
een jaar geleden uchihaline141 said…
well dude i made him to be the best fighter in the aktsuki so ya and your guy is crazy all he talks about is insanity i thing i jus went insane! LOL
een jaar geleden xXnejihyuugaXx said…
een jaar geleden uchihaline141 said…
NINJA ART: ADVAED SHARINGAN (It was levled up now itputs you n a enjutsu that make you kill yourself peope who survive cant evr speak walk move or even blink again unless i alow them still lets me see moves efore you hink of them)
een jaar geleden h2h1z said…
if only there was a naruto rp for god-modders. we would own at it
een jaar geleden uchihaline141 said…
he has mastered a few untold jutsu such as FORBIDDEN JUSU:Blood Clone Jutsu!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Mongegenkoyou(BAD SPELLING) Sharingan
The blood clones dont die until i decide its there time they can take as much damage as possible
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een jaar geleden animefangirlz said…
wanna hear mine
Name:naya hishatie
parents:jiraya&tsunade(not really married i know)
history:she was always fussed over because she is the daughter of the 5th she became a rebel.
body:gets looks from mother.she was an early bloomer.
jutsus:summons toads and snails like mom and dad,can pick pocket anyone at the speed of light,and can control a persons actions like ino can.
school wise:she failed the final exam more than naruto.she joined at age 16.been in for 2 years.she was chosen by itachi, and was teamed up him and kisame.all the other akatsuki are "nice" to her.konan and her are best friends.she has been "used" by the boys all the time.mostly itachi.(if i think of anything else i'll tell you all)
een jaar geleden knockout said…
My character is Knockout: Knockout is a unsual person nobody really thought of this but He is from the plantet Mars He has a 1 tailed demon sealed inside him he uses for back up planes incase of low chacra he uses it. Knockout has 5 outher siblings named mew 1 mew 2 mew 3 mew 4 mew 5 mew 6 mew 7 out of all those mew 7 is his only sister mew 6 is his real name. As knockout was growing up ( 12 ) almost all of his outher sibling was dead ( mew 1 mew 2 mew 3 mew 5 ) All thats left is mew 4 and mew 7. mew 3 dyied when he was 16. Knockout came down to earth and came to the leaf to the leaf village and did missions with becaome friends with naruto and sakura P.S. Knockout has a giant crush over in my dreams Knockout marrys Sakura. And Week and months past and naruto was wondering was knockout was. One day he came back attacking the leaf he never betrayed them. But he did it for no reason. But naruto Garra Tamari Kanakuru tenten neji rock lee Hinata choji shicamaru kakashi sensi ect. They all attacked the killed knockout 10x but he came back each time and they soon realized that they were dealing with somebody that had a raingon but his is called the ultimate raingon because when came down after pain was dead he sucked the juice out of all there eyes (The paths of pain) And got the ultimate raingon. He has 12 paths with specific jitsues
1st path Air, 2nd path Ice/water, 3rd path rock, 4th path fire 5th path Black fire, 6th path war, 7th path shadow, 8th path light 9th path Dark, 10 path Illusion, Shartigon and Ultimate raingon mixed, 12 path Exsactley the same as knockout and evrey path combined
Knockout one day kills Madara Madara kill 11 paths and almost killed the 12 path but he won Madaras plan failed!!!
Knockout lived his life he never seen mew 7 mew 4 again intil he was 30 and when he married Sakura and has a kid 2x stronger then he was not evil at all Both Knockout and his son would always spare mercey to alot of people They didnt even really like killing people Without the Akatsuki Knockout would have never been has strong but Knockout as well has a anouther sibling called tapout That is all I have alot more but to much to type

These jitsues are awsome you need imagination to do this here they are


Saturns Rings,
Milkey Way shurticans
, Jupiters Gas
, Star its a hand old star just smaller then a real star you will most likley die in 1 hit with this,
Blackhole sucks then in space turns into a astroids and land exsactly where he was standing before.
Big Bang Bing Bang is where knockout forms a giant star 100x bigger then (Star the jitsu) And he explodes it to make sure he kills his enemy
Clan Akasuki
Part evil
loves space
Village Planettary Planet+tary incase you dont know how to read it out to be sure ;)
een jaar geleden kolchao said…
oh good, god modders huh? well then:
name: chuck norris
guess i dont need anything else then?
een jaar geleden kolchao said…
so: a frustrated uchiha, an overpowered kakashi reject copy, an over matured teenager (i like it ;)) and a martian who thinks he's freeza.

ahem, sorry for my terrible temper but it has been a terrible day and im very angry (so dont take this the wrong way!), besides, i never liked god modes...
een jaar geleden sonicdoctorwho said…
Here's mine:
Name: Yamika Miyimoto
Rank: Jonin
Chakra Nature(s): Wind, Water, Lightning,Ice
Weight: prefers to keep it a secret
Village: leaf

Yamika is an only child who was born during a war. Her mother died while protecting her. She loved the Leaf village and never wanted anything to happen to it. But her father forced her to join the Akatsuki. When she Disagreed, her father threatened to kill her.
So Yamika joined The Akatsuki. Yamika is very shy and irritable, and prefers to be alone, she has a secret crush on Kabuto. She still plans on leaving the Akatsuki, but she keeps remembering that her father will kill her if she leaves, so she stayed in the Akatsuki. Her jutsus are:
Rasen wind Shuriken
Ice pillar jutsu: (Same as wood pillar jutsu only with ice)
Lightning style: Thunder Storm (Yamika temporarily parylizes the opponent, then it starts to rain really hard and tons of lightning bolts electrocute the opponent)
Water style: Water Prison jutsu
Water style: Water dragon Jutsu
Shadow clone Jutsu
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een jaar geleden 633 said…
name; tamshi uzumaki age;16 rank; jonin village;rain power;two tailed fox, rain,& lighting Tamshi was misorble & pour. the only people who loved her was her brother,tanaru. Tamshi's mom was sick when she was born.Her dad hated to get sick, so he dumped her without her knowing he ment it.She thought he cheated on her .Tamshi never let things hanging.She was a revenger.She decided to go rouge and kill her father.The next day she joined the akatsukis. When Tamshi finds her dad,her mother is with him.Her dad was taking to get healed by tsunade.her dad told the truth but Tamshi didnt buy it .but her father got away,but oneday she will kill him
een jaar geleden BLAMargera123 said…
Name: "Ghost" Uchiha
Age: Unknown
Kenki Genki: Nightmare Sharingan
Appearance: wears black ninja sandals with bandages around his shins, black pants black shirt with sleeves torn, has bandages around his arms, has a small piece of the akatsuki robe torn off and wrapped around his waist, has a piece of cloth around his face and head to keep his identity anonymous but has a slit in the cloth for him to look out of, and he carries a green bag carrying a sword and an infant child that is too an uchiha.
Village: Village hidden in the Dark
Bio: Ghost's childhood is a mystery. but he was a very powerful uchiha he carried the nightmare sharingan a sharingan that can make anyone go mad with fear, he got the name Ghost because once he was on a mission with a team they all died in an ambush once ghost seen his teammates dead he didnt even flinch he just walked away, one day ghost was walking a forest he heard crying he sprinted to the cries to see a baby with 6 six wolves dead by the childs' side. ghost looked at the child to see it had a already awakened its sharingan he wrapped the infant with the akatsuki robe and walked off. now ghost works for the akatsuki left anonymous to everyone...


Forbidden Art: Mind Tear - the user uses a type of hand sign that tears a piece of sanity from the enemy.

Dark Art: Hoja Blanka (White Blade)-the user take his hand an creates a white katana made of chakra.

Nightmare Sharingan: Tormenting Ending - anyone who gazes into the nightmare sharingan will see there biggest and most tormenting fear, the enemy is left without making a move.

een jaar geleden uchihaline141 said…
ghost sounds like he is heartless good the akstuki will need someone like him to replace kakakzu he had 5 (*-*) all of these characters rule exept chuck norris
een jaar geleden uchihaline141 said…
ps: just because of 633 (wich was really good) you cant say they just joined they had to be recruited ot found!!!!
een jaar geleden Annedax said…
Wat is wrong with u ppl. Dont u get tired?
een jaar geleden dwatne said…
Name: Ginzu Dacihi(great wisdom)

Nickname: The Charka Wizard (because of his strong yet massive-amount of charka some say was more than most past kage he was able to learn and perform different jutsus, as well as some saying that he could perform jutsu over and over back to back without getting tired. he perfected his Earth, Water, Lighting, and Shadow clone jutsus to the point that hitting or casting a jutsu on them wouldn't dispose of them unless it was a life threatening blow or when they used up the charka they have stored in them. They can also used the most of the jutsus of the element that was use to make the clones other than the shadow clones which can use most of the jutsus that the person who cast the clones knows thats not a clone jutsu but can casts some of the high level ones also only about three. He also perfected his clone jutsus to the pont that a sharigan not even a mangekyo sharigan could tell the different when sometimes fighting one of the his element style clones or his shadow clones.

Gender: Dark skin man with brown eyes about 6'3'' skinny but ripped with dreadlocks wearing a long black hooded robe with two white stripes across the hood going down the back, and a navy blue shirt with black pants and black shoes with his hidden cloud head band around his neck and his hidden mist head band around his arm.

Born: May 7

Age: Died at age 28 (over 40 years ago) making him 68 yrs old if still alive

Personality: Calm and Laid back/ kind of lazy at times/quiet-yet talkative among friends / extremely-high awareness

Villages: Hidden Mist Village-Tatsuya clan & Hidden Cloud Village-Dacihi clan
Rank: Genin/Missin-nin Rank: Jouin/Missin-nin

Abilities: The blood line ability of the Dacihi clan allowing him to access over 35% of his brain and allowing him to activate the two parts of the brain that increases his charka strength and stamina(during the 2nd Great Ninja War) , and his body reflexes and senses( which can negate the illusion affect of the sharigan and Mongekyou Sharingan) which had activated when his mother dies. Also The blood line abilities of the Tatsuya-clan allow him to also use the elements earth, water, and fire together.

Parents: Mother(Athena Tatsuya) age 28 (when ginzu was born ) was the daughter of the 1st Mizukage and was a jonin with near-sage level skills whose clan was a blood line user of the hidden mist village Tatsuya-clan who were able to use earth, water, and fire element jutsus just like the 1st mizukage. Also had a child with a hidden cloud male and ginzu( who was born 2yrs before the 1st Mizukage untimely death) when turned 7yrs old she took him and became a missin-nin after learning the village was planing to kill ginzu( after realizing he was not a pure blood line member of the clan and that she had dishonor the whole clan by letting him live) and was planing to get rid of her blood-line clan Before leaving she manage to steal 4 out of 12 special jutsus from the hidden mist village. Teaching ginzu until she died at age 39 ( in the hidden rice village) when he was 11 during a fight with the Second Mizukage and some elite jonin from the hidden mist in which to get the stolen scrolls back(they found only two). Before her death she told him where to go to find where his Father live.

Father: Takuma Dacihi( the 3rd cousin to the 2nd Raikage and old-mentor to the 3rd Raikage ) age 32 a Elite-Jonin who blood line Dacihi-clan was wipe out (and died 3 yrs after ginzu was born) who were able to access up to 40% of their mind increasing only two random parts of their brain allowing them to activate the part that greatly increases their charka strenght and stamina, and the part that controls the senses allow the user to never be caught in a genjutsu and to have great reflexes or any other parts of the brain. No one in the clan could access over 28% of their brain nor access the part that increases their charka strenght and stamina for about four decades before the clan was wipe out. Once you activate the two parts of the brain it can never be undone and over time it leaves the user physically/mentally weak if not physically and mentally healthy enough to withstand it. Which is the reason why no one in the clan has ever past the aged of 35 some not living past 14yrs of age, because some would go brain-dead among once being able to activate two parts of the brain, while most only live from 1 to 8 yrs depending on how far they push themselves.

Late-Bio: Ginzu fought during the 2nd Great Ninja War at age 15 as a hidden cloud memeber(he came to the village at age 11, 6 months after his mom died) against two hyuuga members and Uchiha members as well as ninjas from the leaf, earth, and mist villages, which earn him his nickname because ninjas and even the Uchiha & hyuuga-clan members couldn't tell the different between his clone at times and that it seems he could never run out of charka. With the help of two of his closest friends and step brother while as a hidden cloud member. When he turn 20ys old he and his step-brother and friends left the village becoming missin-nin. They travel to other villages learning different jutsu and soon recruited other members to their newly created team called Ninjas Of The Burning Crescent in order to achieve peace among all nations, by age 23 he had eight members:

Strength(raw power):7>9
Charka level:10>12
Stamina(Charka Amount):10
Sealing Knowledge:7>8
Rating:84% > 93%(sage mode)

*Water Style:
-Water Clone Jutsu
-Water Whip Jutsu
-Violent Water Wave Jutsu
-Black Cloud Jutsu
-Grand Water Fall Jutsu
-Water Pistol Technique(known to the 1st & 2nd Mizukage)/Stolen Scroll by Athena
-Water Encampment Wall Jutsu
-Water Collision Destruction Jutsu(known to the 1st and 2nd Mizukage & 2nd Hokage)

*Fire Style:
-Mist Waltz Jutsu
-Mythical Fire Phoenix Jutsu
-Cloud-Style: Great Flame Slash
-Blazing Fire-Chain Containment Jutsu(known to the daughter of the 1st mizukage)
-Fire Dragon Flame Bomb Jutsu

*Earth style:
-Earth Clone Jutsu
-Mud Wall Jutsu
-Mud Flow River Jutsu
-Earthen Rising Spears Jutsu
-Fist Rock Jutsu
-Weighted Boulder Jutsu(known to the 2nd and 3rd Tsuchikage/stolen scroll by the Diamond-skin golem)

*Lighting Style:
-Lighting Clone Jutsu
-Lighting Palm Jutsu

*Lava Element:
-Melting Spectre Jutsu
-Magma Pit Jutsu(blood-line ability of the Tatsuya-clan)

-Caustic Lime Congealing Jutsu

*Ninja Art:
-Gigantic Ninja Star Projectiles

*Summoning Jutsu:
-Glokek: Sage of the Arc Angels(the sage of the arc angels is said to be the most powerful sage of them all and that he was once the Rikudō Sennin second best summoning.) Giving the user the abilities to negate all summoning jutsus and making all other sage bow to him and increases the users jutsu powers by 50%(but increases it by 100% if they possess the rinnegan), also making them numb to pain for 6mins, tho he can only stay in sage mode for 6 mins. the sage of the Arc angels was given the ability to store all the charka from a person making it their own upon them crossing over to the other world by the Rikudō Sennin..The Sage of the Arc angel is said to have everlasting charka store up in him, and for those 6 mins the person can do an unlimited amount of jutsu no matter the cost of charka. but will leave them with no charka and near death after those 6 mins.(Unless they have very-powerful rinnegan eyes)

-Sage Art: Dagger of the six-sage(A dagger that is said to have once been used by the Rikudō Sennin himself, that was giving to thee Arc Angels as a offering and token of loyalty and as a request that they not keep his charka store up in them but keep it else where and give it only to the one who possess strong rinnegan eyes and has a clear mind. The dagger is the size of a sword and can severe the charka flow of the one it cuts and can severe one's soul if stab, while its hilt can deflect most element jutsu, the dagger it self, will kill the user who doesn't possess the strong rinnegan eyes 1mins after use.

*Hidden Jutsu:
-Shadow Clone Jutsu(only two clones)

-Fire Element-Sage Art: Grand Fire Dragon Flame Explosion

-Earth Element-Sage Art: Ultra Weighted Boulder( the user can increase the field of the area of the jutsu turning anything in a 1/4 of a mile raito into stone without touching it)

-Boil Element: Vapor Cloud(blood-line ability of the Tatsuya-clan) The user creates a cloud in the sky that vaporize the moisture and oxygen in the air, about a quarter of a mile near the user, the enemy will start to lose oxygen and die from the carbon dioxide that is left in the air.

-Lava Element-Sage Art: Great Meteor Shower( the user creates small boulder- like meteorites with magma in it fallin from the earth atmosphere crashing within a 1/2 mile ratio at the speed of mach 4 with a temperature of +160 degrees).

*Forbidden Jutsu:
-Water Element : Sub-Tonic Water Dragon creates a frozen wasteland with his fearsome roar/Stolen scroll by Athena ( the user summons a gigantic water-ice dragon thats forms instantly from the sky and shoots a super-fast, water blast( that temperature is -160 degrees) that has massive ice forming in it. If a person, even the user gets caught in it. It will completely freeze them and can cause dangerous blizzards to occur witin 1 mile of the blast).

-Lava Element: Volcanic Sub-core Destruction/Stolen Scroll by Athena (known to the 1st Mizukage)can manipulate the magma-core within the planet and making it rise, causing it to burst out of the ground it has a low to great area reach and can instantly wipe out about a 3miles ratio in 1min. But can kill the user cause the caster body temperature can reach over +200 degree causin them to melt.

*Sealing Jutsu:
-Water Element: 7th trigram Water Boarding Seal

-Sage Art: Demonic Charka Seal(Seal away 100% of the charka of the person it's use on for 6mins but also seal ways the caster charka for 10 mins after the 6 mins).
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een jaar geleden wolfmaster3000 said…
-sighs- here it goes

Name : Zane Uchiha

Age : 18

Height : 6'1

weight : 220LBS

Muscle build : Meduim

Rank : Jouin / Missing nin

Affinity : formely hidden leaf, Formly Otogukre,Akatsuki

Kekeigenkai : Sharingan, Mongekyou Sharingan. Eternal, Rinnegan ( yes i'm going there ) , Wood release .

Nature type : Wind, water , fire , earth, lighting, Lava, Ice , Yin, Yang & yin&yang Release.

weapon : Kunai, Shuriken, Wire, Daggers, Demon wind shuirken, Metorite Katana

Justu :

Wind Rlease Gallaint wind formation

Wind Rlease High pressure air bulllet
Wind Rlease High pressure air bullet Barrage

Fire Rlease Scorching Dragon formation
Fire Rlease Gorly Flame bullet
Fire Rlease grand Fire Ball justu
Fire Rlease Erasing leaf Formation
Earth Rlease Earth Reconstruction Formation
Earth Rlease Earth Dragon flow divide
Earth Rlease Flowing Mud Trap
Earth style Earth Barrier formation
Earth Rlease Rock Clone
Earth Rlease Mud Clone
Earth Rlease Dark swamp
Earth Rlease Diamond Impalement Formation
Earth Rlease Diamond Dust Bullets
Earth Rlease Rock Armor
Water Rlease Sacred water mirror
Water Rlease Whirlpool formation
Water Rlease Water Dragon bullet
Water Rlease Tripple headed Water Dragon Barrage
Water Rlease Mighty Wave formation
Water Rlease Water Cannon Technic
Lighting Blade
Lighting Cutter
Lighting Rlease Flowing Chidori River
Lighting Rlease Scared Blow of the Thunder god
Lighting Rlease Lighting sword formation
Lighting Rlease Thunder God Halbard Formation
Lighting Rlease Extended Chidori Spear
Lighting Rlease Chidori Spear
Human path
Petra path
Anima path
Narraka Path
Outter Path
Deva Path
Recreation of all things

this list goes on ...i'm sure you all get the point

stats :

Taijustu : 10

Ninjustu : 10

Chakara : unknown
Genjustu : 8

Historey : when Zane was first born into the Uchiha clan the members new he was meant for greatness as he was born with really chakara. that Rivaled the legendary tailed beasts. by the time Zane was 1 his father begun his training as his father started training him he noticed Zane could pick up on things faster . by the time Zane was 5 he was Graduated from the ninja Acdeamy and greatly known as a Prodgey amongest Uchiha and people everyone had thought that Zane was meant for greatness he was trained by and later studied under the white snake orochimaru when Orochimaru left the village , Zane trained under Lord Hiruzen Sarutobi. After the night of the massacare Zane had tooken his brothers eye's and had gotten his eternal he trained for a while with bandages on teaching himself how to do anythings such as sense Chakara. Zane now age of 15, Betrayed hidden Leaf however he didn't go to the Akatsuki Right away but went to Akatsuki when Sasuke would of betrayed Khonaha , after of witch his movements were unkown . he at somepoint Gained Vast Knowledge on many Justu and awakend his Rinnegan.

een jaar geleden Kirai33 said…
Abilities:He has the power to move at lee's eight gates:but only five, by only activating the neogan.The neogan is an anicent eye that is an prototype of the nyakugan it has half of the power of the neogan but the speed is immpossible to bare even though the nyakugan is an advanced version of neogan it is weaker in most of the weldiers excepet kyuketsuki.Some of his other abillities include stoping time for a limited a time.
born: doesn't matter to the leader of the akatsuki as long as your and s+ rank mission and you past a test.
Stats:Taijustu:87%Ninjustu:41%Genjustu:0% Chakara: 462 stronger than the regular ninja.
Weapon:Inferno sword.
Rank:anbu/hokage for 3mins.
parents:he doesn't think he have any.
Bio:He is an illegall clan that was kicked out of the center of the sand village and the leaf village they were kicked out because they were a threat to the sand and the leaf the leaf were the main reason why they kicked us out because everybody who walked from the leaf to the sand or back they always seemed to never retured but it wasn't my clan's fault they liked our underground hideout.I think the villages were jelouis,Now i will destroy the leaf and sand. WHILE AT IT I'll KILL THE HOKAGE!!!
een jaar geleden dwatne said…
Clan: Ninjas of the Burning Crescent

*Keiichi Iwao



Village: Hidden Rock Village

Rank: missin-nin/jonin/sage-level

Bio: Known as the Earth's Diamond-Skin Golem cause of his ability to do mid to very high-level earth jutsu, and that he was able to manipulation diamonds that were deep within the earth and use it in his earth jutsu making him extremely tough like diamonds, some saying that it was the complete ultimate defense in his village.

Charka level:9>10
Charka Stamina:7>8
Rating: 77% > 84%(sage-mode)

Earth Styles:
-Earth Dome Prison
-Double Suicide Decapitation
-Rock clone
-Earth Shift Core
-Diamond Earth Wall
-Weighted Rock
-Ultra Added Weighted Rock
-Ultra Rock Harden

Sealing Jutsu
-Golem Tomb Sealing

Summoning Jutsu
-Bak: The Sage Golem King

Forbidden Jutsu
-Earth Style: Corpse Soil

Hidden Jutsu
-Earth Element: Multi-Diamond Rock Clone

-Earth Element-Sage Art: Stone Corrosion

-Earth Element-Sage Art: A Thousand Diamond Spheres

-Dust Element-Sage Art: Sub-Base Separation Technique

*Kin Hajime

Gender: Male

Age: 48(Died)

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Rank: missin-nin/elite-jonin/near-kage level

Bio: Known as the Under-Water Sea Serpent of the Mist and blood-line user of the hajime-clan known cause of his ability to do boil and steam element jutsus as well as extremely-high levels of water style jutsus , and being able to stay under water and never need air.

Charka level:8>9
Charka Stamina:8>9
Rating: 78% > 82%( full power)

Water Style:
-Water Whip
-Multi-Water Clone
-Water Fang Projectiles
-Bursting Water Collision Waves
-Water Depth Explosion
-Water Serpent Strike
-Grand Water Fall
-Water Manipulation(blood-line to hajime-clan)
-Water Encampment Wall
-Devastating Twin Serpent Aqua Blast

Ninja Arts
-Genjutsu style: Water Prison Illusion

Hidden Jutsu
-Water Style: Grand Destruction Torrent

-Steam Element: Toxic Vapor Smoke(blood-line to the hajime-clan) user can produce a poisonous steam from their mouth that blinds an enemy as well as killin off most of their senses and slowly dehydrates them.

Forbidden Jutsu
-Boil Element: Water Vapor Pressure( Blood-line to the Hajime-clan) the user can touch any part of his opponents body and can cause the water in their body to evaporate instantly in that part leaving it non-mobile, but can kill if touch on the head or chest.

*Ume Chou

Gender: Female

Age: 29(died)

Village-Hidden Water Fall

Rank: missin-nin/past-jinchuuriki

Bio: Known as the Hidden Waterfall's Crimson Butterfly cause of her powerful summoning jutsu of a Gigantic Butterfly with razor sharp wings and her ability to do extremely-high level wind element jutsus, some say she was once the 7-tails jinchuuriki who survive after having it remove cause she couldn't control it.

Charka level:9>10
Charka Stamina:9
Rating: 78% >86% (sage mode)

Wind Style:
-Beast Wave
-Dust cloud
-Razor Wind
-Vacuum Sphere
-Great Wind Vacuum
-Pressure Damage
-Cosmic Aerial Blast

Summoning Jutsu
-Kame: Sage Queen of the Sky

Hidden Jutsu
-Genjutsu Style: Butterfly Illusion

-Water Element-Sage Art: Water Depth Explosion

-Wind Style-Sage Art: Ultra Razor Wind Tornado( the user creates a devastating Tornado that moves at 260 miles a hour that can completely destroy a major village in only seconds)

-Wind Style-Sage Art: Universal Pressure Crush

Sealing Jutsu:
-Sage Art: Butterfly Cocoon

*Shamare Gorou


Age: 34(died)

Village: Hidden Cloud

Rank: missin-nin/chunin/sage

Bio: The descendant of the Takeshi-clan(great-grandson of the 1st Raikage) Known as the Enrage Beast Of The Cloud cause of his excessively-aggressive anger and that once he's mad he couldn't be stop. He just gets stronger and faster, as well as the ability to do mid to very-high levels of fire and lighting element jutsus.

Charka level:8
Charka Stamina:10
Rating: 72% > 89%(sage mode)

Fire Style:
-Cloud Style: Fire Spit
-Cloud Style: Fire Fists
-Fire Dragon Flame Projectiles
-Flaming Beast Torch
-Great Fireball

Lighting Style:
-Lighting Clone
-Cloud Style: Lighting Feet
-Raging Flash Beast
-Lighting Armor lv 2
-False Darkness

Summoning Jutsu
-Sion: Sage of the Black Gomit Beast

Hidden Jutsu
-Fire Style-Sage Art: Blazing Fire Spit

-Lighting Style-Sage Art: Roaring Black Panther

-Lighting Style-Sage Art: Ultra Black Thunder Vortex

Forbidden Jutsu:
-Sage Art: Enraged Twin Thunder Beast Explosion( the user creates three black lighting clone beast of him self that attacks with the user. Half of the user body is cover in flames while the other half is cover in black lighting he can just brush up against its opponent and completely numb that area or burn them bad, while the clone will collide and blow up on impact)

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een jaar geleden akutsuki10 said…
kekai genkai: tino
clan: kian
name: kem kian
gender: male
age: 32
village: Th hidden mist village
rank: missin nin as strong as the 4th satoosa
bio: He is known to spy for the akutsuki has been caught doing it but kills anyone besides akutsuki members that is if they make him angry.
stats:attack:7 attack points defence:7 defencepoints speed: 7 speed points chakra:800 chakra points
type: dark
dark magic
dark crystal
(other stuff it would take too long too explain)
apearance: black akutsuki coat everything except one white dot in the middle of his coat
sealing jutsu: soul trap
summoning jutsu: ninja crow
hidden jutsu: dark void
forbidden jutsu: dark release henchmen

een jaar geleden nexeus said…
Name: Tekken Uchiha
Height: 7.0
Jutsu: fire style, sacred fire
Sharingan: cursed
Bio: Tekken is a ninja that was the son of Itachi, the rest of his past is unknown
Forbidden Justu: unable to die, but he wants to die because of his sharingan is cursed
Summoning Jutsu: The Tree of Life, it is able to suck the life out of others
hope you like this
een jaar geleden frosttakahashi said…
i have an idea :D try making NON-gog modded characters
een jaar geleden uchihaline141 said…
nexeus im kinda dissapointed. A character shouldent be able to die he has to have a weak spot or something also forbidden jutsu: unable to die is a weird name. imagine it. "FORBIDDEN JUTSU: unable to DIE!" "hehe what kinda jutsu name is that?'
een jaar geleden Independent777 said…
Weight:215 lbs
Weapon: DragonEdge( Double Bladed sword similar to Darth Maul's weapon)
Abilities: Power of Darkness and Regeneration.
Strength: Darkness
Weakness: Light
Species: Vampire (Pure-blood)

Story: I am a vampire from America and I am currently an assassin for a living. I'm the first vampire to join the Akatsuki. I have no chakra abilities nor Kekkai-genkai...I only have the powers of Darkness. It gives me the ability to create,control,and consume on others. I can often regenerate if I'm injured. I also use DragonEdge my double bladed sword to assassinate my targets. What I seek so far is to be the best Akatsuki there is and mostly carnage.I'm the only Akatsuki member that doesn't need a partner...I work alone.

 Name:Independent Age:1,790(21) Height:6'1 Weight:215 lbs Weapon: DragonEdge( Double Bladed sword
een jaar geleden akatsukigir14 said…
Name: Mari Kiyoshi
Birthday: February 11
Eye Color:Red
rank:S-class missing ninja
academy grad: 6
Affiliation :Akatsuki
Blood type: AB
Nature Type: Water and Wind
Height: 5"7
Kekki Genkai: Rinnegan (Can activate it when wanted)

Stong Points: Ninjutsu,Medical Ninjutsu,Taijutsu
Weak Points: Genjutsu (Knowledge of genjutsu is very weak)

Appearance: Mari has long red-brown hair that is to the waist with red eyes and is fair skinned.Wears dark blue ninja pants,common ninja sandals,Flak jacket,and Akatsuki cloak.

Personality: Mari is Quiet and Reserved,But when angered she has quite the temper.She is a loner and loves to be around water.

Bio: Mari grew up in Konoha but her family was killed by rouge-ninja when she was little.Mari was an Anbu Operative but she disliked Konoha because they shunned her because she was different so she left with itachi the night he killed his family.

Water Release: Waterdragon bullet technique
Lighting beast running technique
Water Clone technique
Mystical Pam technique
Six paths of pain
Summoning technique (Wolves)
Chidori (But not as strong as Itachi's)
Wind Release: Rasenshuriken
Water Prison Technique
Body Flicker technique
Uses Katana and Bow and arrows at times
een jaar geleden Angel-of-Light said…
First of All Uchialine, Did You Watch The Anime or Read Any of The Manga? If You Did, You Would Know That There Are Only Two Uchia's, Itachi And Sasuke, And Itachi Died, So, If You Want To Be An Uchia, Place This Forum 20, 40, Years In The Future, Were All Known Characters Aren't At Their Prime Anymore, Naruto Became Hokage, Hinata Married Naruto, Kind of Shape It Like That, With The Possibilities Coming Before Self Lust.
een jaar geleden jazzim99 said…
now for my character
jutsu-wind hurricane,lightning cyclone
keke genkai-2- style, 2.daimond style
bio- he is the decendent of the sage of 2 paths and the jinchuriki of the nine tail lion.
apperence- black long hair,kinda luks like madara
een jaar geleden Bleach0123 said…
Shinichirou Tokizane
Age: 26
Height: 182 cm
Weight:: 265 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair: Black
Scars: No
Kekkei Genkai: Steel Release; Time Release
Appearance: He is very tall, has black hair, and is very muscular.
History: He was a talented prodigy and graduated the same year as Kakashi Hatake. He was exiled from Konohagakure for conducting illegal research on kinjutsu and for experimenting with human bodies. He escaped by using his bloodline limit technique: Time Release. 3 years later he was spotted in an Akatsuki uniform by the ANBU. He joined the Akatsuki in hopes to overthrow its leader and launch another shinobi war and try to obtain world domination. He later decides to scrap this plan because he hasn't had a chance to do so for 5 years. Currently he is secretly waiting to destroy the Akatsuki during the Fourth Shinobi World War and return to the village. Not much is known about his battle style as he has only used 2 jutsu's in all his battles, winning with 1 hit. He is able to use his Time Release to defend, dodge, and escape while using Steel Release for offensive purposes.
Time Release:
It allows for "time adjustment" that can only stagnate the time which has passed and accelerate time in the future rather than something more advanced like "time modification", which has the ability to reverse cause and effect and change the past. The major problem is that the practitioner needs to consider the size of the Bounded Field and the scope of time that needs to be modified. The amount of chakra required varies on the size of the Bounded Field.
Time Release: Jikan Kasoku Jutsu:
This jutsu allows him to separate the passage of time inside a designated space from the "flow of time" in the outside world. It speeds up his blood flow, hemoglobin metabolism, and muscle movement all at the same time. Using this brief burst of speed, he can use his own physical skills and reaction speed at a level far above human limitations. It allows for split second evasion in front of an enemy, and its power of mobility can make for one of his greatest defenses. Not only that, but he can stop time in an area and for a limited amount of time.
Variants: Jikan Henko Niju Kasoku Jutsu, Jikan Henko Mei Kasoku Justu, Jikan Henko Shibai Kasoku Jutsu
Variants of this jutsu allows him to speed up time at different speeds.
Jikan Todokoru: This is the opposite of Jikan Kasoku. Instead of speeding up time, it slows it down.
Variants: Jikan Henko Niju Todokoru Jutsu, Jikan Henko Mei Todokoru Justu, Jikan Henko Shibai Todokoru Jutsu
Steel Release: An advanced nature kekkei genkai that can be used to make one's body virtually indestructible by turning it into black steel. Tokizane, however has further developed this to a point where he use existing metals in his surroundings for offensive and defensive purposes, molding metals into different shapes and sizes.
Steel Release: Kaiten Yūdokuna Sansei no Hari o Torimaku sen no Jutsu:
This is a lethal jutsu that requires 13 hand seals to activate. Upon activation, countless spinning needles that measure 7 inches long with a coating of highly corrosive toxic acid, surrounds the opponent(s) and drills into their bodies resulting in their death.
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een jaar geleden Rinnegan123 said…
Name: Zernai Uzumaki
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Village: Village Of Sacred Shadows
Hair: White
Skin: Medium-Brown Complexion
BIrthday: October 30th
Blood Type:AB
Kekkei Genkai: Rinnegan

Clan: Half Uzumaki/ Half Kirimarno


Personality: Funny, Calm, Hard-Worker, Very Flirty, Kills anything that stands in his way
Kirimarno is an ancient clan that was wiped by the Kaguya Clan due to it's immense power. Kaguya which had more people and led by Kaguya Ootsutsuki. Kirimarno posses the ability Electrifying Madness Technique which can make the user to manipulate , control any force of Electricity. Causing Storms, Tornadoes. Another ability which causes them to Transport as fast as light. This clan is like Lighting (It Strikes So Fast, faster than the blink of an eye) 20 times faster than Minato(AKA Konoha's Yellow Flash).

Summoning: Gedo Dragon
Weapon; Duel-Bladed Scythe (A.K.A. Twin Paths Of Hell)

Bio: Father's Family(Kirimarno) killed his mother due to her possession of the rinnegan. Abandon and left alone. Young Zernai struggled to survive so he turned to the life of crime which he has been arrested over at least 20 times. Graduated his academy at age 7. Joined the local Shadow Black ops team but quickly left due to lack of his team power. Left the village at age 10 to begin his killing spree on his father's family. Kirimarno had made a promise to avenge his mother's death and kill everyone who is related to his father including the Infamous 7 (An Apache of criminals who stand at nothing for Global Domination led By Zernai's father and Zernari's Brothers and Sisters). And learn how to master his eyes of the rinnegan.

Abilities: Ocular Technique: Moves so fast causes an illusion to the person's he fighting
Six Paths Of Zenari
Gravitational Pull: Can move anything he desires with his hand
Lakari: Similar to chidroi but with two hands and a absolute power of lighting
Devil's Flick: A massive swing from his scythe which causes the opponents to repeats it's death over and over

Lighting Style:
Dragon Lighting Breath
Lighting Whip
Push Of Electric
Infamous Light

Kirimarno Awakening:

A complete half human, half lighting dragon demon. causes many storms to appear. Power so strong the whole earth can sense his chakara . So Fast causes time to slow down. His eyes turn into a flashing blue Rinnegan. Stronger than ten tails. In mode where he cannot control his actions and kills anything that has a soul in it.

Ultimate Jutsus:
City Of Lights: Causes a Lighting Storm that strikes his opponents till there exstience are burnt to dust.

Lakari: In ultimate form you must RUN!!!!!! similar to chidori but on steroids. Kills the opponents if struck, no escape

Gedo Dragon Chakra Burst:
Huge Blast of all natural chakra Burst coming at you at once

Ocular Seeing:
Put's them in a Infinite Tsuknomi for Eternity

Demon Swing:
An attack from his scythe which shreds the body from inside out


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·11 maanden geleden AnimeTalk said…
Name:Zeref Al Ghul
Village: Village Hidden In The Mountains
Hair Type: White And Little Spiky
Skin Tone:White

Kekkei Genkai:Sharigan-Byakugan-Rinnegan-Medusa Eyes-Ghoul Eyes

Summons-Musa The Dragon Of Light And Peace-Acnologia The Dragon Of Darkness And Death And More
Weapons: Has A Special Jutsu That Allows Him To Switch Between Weapons In Other Dimensions Call Requip

Mastery In Ty And Gen Jutsu Also Jutsu

Jutsu-Avatar Doesn't Need Hand Signs To Do All Elements Fire,Water,Earth,Air,Lightning,Ice,Poison,­Lig­ht,­Dar­k,I­ron­,Et­c..­.

Special Jutsu: Fire Style:Focus Blast,O Mighty Push,Phoenix Blade,Elemental Destrution,Tail Beast Bomb,Etc...

Bio: Was born in the village hidden in the mountains and had no friends not because he had a tailed beast in side of him it just because but it didnt hurt him not to have any friends when he got older about 12 he was allowed to go into the blackops and denied but sooner join.Also training to use all elements and the dark and lights art buys lots of legendary weapon and puts them in different dimensions he soon finds out he's immortal but to be continued.