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The owner is oneeyejack. He got on for the first time in august 2006 and that also seems to be the last time he was on. I have a vraag should he own the spot if he's not even been on in 2 years!!!!! DEATHNOTE! should be the owner at least she would do something like change the banner i mean come on how long is that thing going to be up there?????? Well what do u think about it? Should the lazy, never gets on anymore, person own it of someone like deathnote who really could do some good?

{may i add he has no vrienden sooooo he must have never gotten on since the dag he started}

ps I am changeing my picture to the one with madara holding the brand what do u think?????
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This story is one of my first stories. If u like it, u can read meer of mine on Look under authors and type Natsumi-Inuzuka.

I sat on the bench, wondering where he was. He has never been this late. Well, at least I have Kiba to talk to. "I can't believe Naruto just stood me up like this." I exclaimed clutching Kiba's hand.

"When and if he does toon up, tell me because I am going to have to teach him how to treat a girl." Kiba zei pulling me in for a hug.

Just as I wrapped my arms around Kiba's neck, Naruto walked around the...
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