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 Kisame Sushi
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I wonder wat color Kisame is? :3
posted by rusty746454
It was a sunny dag in fanpop and Rusty had decided to go for a walk. She decided to visit a couple of old friends.

"Hey giovannimtz!" Rusty waved her hand wildly trying to get her attention but it seemed that giovannimtz was yelling something about Lee while holding a Lee plushie.

"Note to self...."looks over to giovannimtz. "Get giovannimtz help....." she started to see her kissing the Lee plushie. "quickly!!!!"

She walked down the lane and bumped into someone, with such force she feel on her bottom. "O hallo Rusty whats up?" the person held out a hand for her. "you.....NARUTO SO HAD A WORSE LIFE...
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I hope u like it :)
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