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 naruto group shot
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Many people think that MAsashi Kishimoto(writer of naruto) made it seem in the naruto series that shikimaru and Temari should be together. Although Many other people believe that Shikamaru and Ino make a better couple. Why though?? Just because they are on the same team doesnt mean u defy the laws of physics people! One thing that shika and temari have in common is that they are both really great strategists. On the Other hand Ino and Shikamaru are kinda iffy. 1st.SHIKA HATES HER! Mostly because ino is just like shikas mom, LOUD, Annoying and bossy. VERY bossy.Second reason why Temashika is real: Temari pretty much completes him and vice-versa. She needs to relax he needs to pomp up.
But Shika doesnt have any compatible qualities with ino at all. So when u see pix of Skia and Ino On a picnic of something on a fanart website, Remember this artical.
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