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 Don Meredith
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 'My love for the Green baai, bay Packers' established in 1998
'My love for the Green Bay Packers' established in 1998
I love the idea that Brett Favre can live up to 275 (as random a number that is) years old, I love the idea that Brett Favre has never stepped a foot out of place, I even love the idea that he's been THE face of the franchise for the past 17 of so years, but come on... enough is enough! This is the guy jaar after jaar come the off-season becomes a part of the front office, feeling that he can make decisions on who the Packers should pick in the draft, who they should go after in free agency and who the Packers should cut of trade from the roster. The last time I checked, he was there to throw...
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NFL Playoffs
Let me first start door saying how happy I am that the Patriots finished the regular season 16-0. They have set the standard for every other team to follow in the future. Unselfish team play and a willingness to play a full 60 minuten week in and week out allowed this team to reach perfection. I did predict that this would happen in about week 8 of so, so I am also happy that I was right (it doesn't happen that often). Now they need to finish the job and win the Super Bowl to go 19-0. It won't be easy, and they are the hunted (as if they weren't before).

Hello all. The NFL playoffs...
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A video featuring some of the NFL's biggest and baddest hits.