Hi I am georgia my vrienden call me georgie the story started like this there was a poster saying ' ONE DIRECTION LIVE TOUR AT ST SOPHIA HIGH SCHOOL!! TONIGHT!!' my friend maggie and I were going we arived my friend disapeared into the crowd I was screaming i finally got to see them it was to crowded I went on top, boven of the playground i was wearing my t-shirt that zei all the 1D names on it some bullies came up they grabbed my book I tried to escape but there was to many there was a song I really liked i danced headspin i used my feet to kick them It worked I did the helicoper to trip them they ran away "GIRL ON top, boven OF PLAYGROUND!" niall zei i looked It was love at first sight " come down here to dance!" he yelled " for us please!!" I went down they thought I was really good the fans crowded them I wasn't seen I walked of " hallo girl can u do..... were are you!" louis zei he ran over to niall"shes not here were is she!" louis zei the fans left the boys looked confused they saw a note that zei 'sorry i was disterbing u boys I have left 'cause i felt like I wasn't doing anything i didnt want to put love 'cause yeah georgia (georgie!) ' I discised my self "howdy boys how was the party! i dressed up like the principals secretary "it was good but niall lost his true love!" harry zei niall head hung i was about to leave when niall zei " to cheer me up can u dance for me please!" "okay" i danced and danced my discise came of "HAY GEORGIE WAIT!" liam yelled I ran and ran it was a dead end " i dont wanna hurt u i have super powers!" I zei "like what!" zayn zei " dont tell me I didnt warm you!" I zei i kicked them all in the crutch " sorry sorry sorry sorry sorrry!"" I zei i jumped of the walls "dont come near me" I cried with joy and ran away " thank u dude could u have chosen another fan instead she is firce" louis zei "NO! she is way prettier" niall zei "never ever ever I am going to find her !"