I yawned and headed straight for the kitchen. I was so hungry! Today was the last dag I was staying in Simon's house. Tomorrow I was headed out with One Direction to start the tour. I smiled as last night's memory played through my mind on a continuous loop.

I reach the keuken-, keuken to be welcomed door Liam and Louis who are throwing carrots and apples at each other. "Um...morning?" I say laughing. They stop and eyedme up. "Target aquried." Louis says, launching a carrot at me. "Oh no, I'm wounded!" I exclaim, clutching my shoulder and pretending to stagger backwards. Backwards into a certain Irish boy's arms that is.

Louis snickers and Liam watches patiently, waiting for his chance to attack. "Aww, come on! u started a food fight and didn't invite me?" Niall pouts as he helps me upright. I'm silent, aware that I am blushing. Niall chuckles and crouches down. He mouths the word 'Toss' as he hands me a spoon. I grin and launch the spoon at Liam. He screams and ducks just as it sails over his head and through a window. My hands fly to my mouth as the glass shatters. Heavy footsteps up above tell me Simon is coming down. "Rock!" hollers Louis, tossing Liam a rock with a letter tied to it. He places it on the tafel, tabel and puts some shattered glass around it.

I keep my hands to my face as Simon enters. "Hate mail." Liam says calmly. He groans and opens the letter. "Why would u sign One Direction? They suck! Just like you!" he reads. Niall puts his hand on my shoulder. "That's the 89th time my window has been broken door haters. I'm calling the police."

I blink. I'm in shock. "I um. I'm. I..." I stutter. I can't even speak. Louis smiles. "Hey, you're one of us remember? We have u covered. And plus... we've broken about 85 of those windows." I relax and laugh. "Thanks." Liam cocks his head. "Does anyone have a sudden urge to go run around the city?" I smile. "Me!" Niall laughs. "Let's all go!"

Instead of running, Liam decided we'd borrow Simon's mustang convertable. We had the muziek blasting out of the speakers as he hit the gas. I threw my hands up, my hair streaming behind me. Louis laughed and started fist pumping to the music. Niall grinned and started singing. I giggled as he failed to hit the high note. He made a cheesy smile and poked me in my stomach. I screamed and started laughing, I was so ticklish! "Stop it!" I giggled. "For a price.." he responded, tapping his lips. I continued to laugh as he stared at me waiting. I smiled and kissed him.

"OH MY GOSH! LIAM!" Louis yelled, pointing. Liam peeked in the mirror and laughed. I smiled as we pulled away and I rested my head on him. My favoriete song soon came on the radio and I sat up on the top, boven of the zitplaats, stoel and put my hands up, singing every word. "Ready of not!" I shot Niall a smile and Liam grinned. He accelerated meer and started speeding. "Liam, slow down lad!" Louis squeaked. I laughed and slid back into the seat. "Ready of not. Here I come. Where u at? The night is young!" Niall tapped Liam's shoulder. "Slow down, man! Going too fast!" He let off the gas and I shouted, "Stop!"

I hopped out of the car and started dancing in front of a fontein in the center of a strip mall. Liam kept the muziek on. Niall stood and watched me. "Ohhhhh. Light my hart-, hart baby like a matchstick. Ohhhhh. And hit the gas quick!" A cluster of people formed around me watching me dance and sing. "Ready of not here I come, here I come. You're like a breath of fresh air in my lungs. u and me dance from the night to the dawn. Ready of not here I come, boy it's on." Niall smiles as I point to him. I strike a pose, smiling at the now clapping crowd of people. I smile and say, "Thank you!"

People smile as I grabbed Niall's hand and started running through the mall. I heard Liam shut off the muziek and Louis running after us. "Whooooh!" I ducked into a koop with Niall and we started trying on clothes. Louis found us and put on a hat. "Well hello there chaps!" he laughed. I giggled.

A few hours later we returned to Simon's house and sprawled out on the couch. "That was the most fun I've ever had." Louis and I zei in unison. I laughed and tossed a hoofdkussen, kussen at him. "We have to do that while on tour." Liam says. Niall yawns and says, "Yeah. It's a great way to relieve stress. We have to bring Zayn and Harry volgende time." I paused. "Wait. Where are Zayn and Harry?" Liam shrugged. "I have no clue." I shrugged and closed my eyes, falling asleep on Niall's shoulder.