One Direction's Niall Horan has as much energy on the phone as he does when he's leaping on stage. From getting us with a bubbly ''Good to hear from you!'' to singing the melody of his gitaar part on ''Live While We're Young,'' his excitement for 1D's new album Take Me Home radiated through the phone line!

J-14: Why did u guys decide to do a seconde One Direction album this year?

Niall Horan: We wanted to keep the fans interested. They don't want to be listening to the same thing for two of three years. u want to keep giving them fresh, new music. If u look at the likes of Rihanna, she's got a single out every couple of months!

J-14: How was it writing songs as a band for the first time?

Niall: We wanted to get really involved. We'd sit in a room and someone would come up with an idea and we'd get cracking on it. We got this idea from the band McFly to just shout out ideas. If they don't work, they don't work - and u know u might get laughed at. But the sometimes you'll come up with an idea that makes sense and actually works!

J-14: Did any songs come from personal experiences?

Niall: There's one about the boys going on tour and like Louis, for example, leaving his girlfriend - he wrote a lot of the lyrics on it - she might have a doubt in her mind that he might not miss her, but the stempel, punch line is, ''Don't worry because I'll be back for you!''

J-14: So sweet! And what was it like filming the ''Live While We're Young'' video?

Niall: [In the pool scene,] they just picked me up and threw me in! But I didn't mind because we were just about to get in. I was just praying that I didn't have my phone in my pocket - and it wasn't! Also, we broke the Jeep! We had borrowed it from a farmer and he got really angry. He wasn't very impressed with us.

-All credit to J-14 magazine.-