Rosie. yes
i walked to the car and goes in it looks out the window and mom started to drive whan i looked out it i saw playing childeren i wish i may play with them from mom and dad
whan my mom stoped to drive and walked out i saw boys and girls
from my age playing with a ball it would be so much fun if i can play with tham i saw somebody asking for the ball
Louis pov
zayn. here i´m here
louis. *shoots it to zayn*
harry. liam look out the ball is coming your way
liam. yeah i see it calm down harry
Lisa. *does a trick to get the ball*
Harry. nice trick lisa
Lisa. thank u harry
dave. *looks at rosie* hallo boys girls look at her in the car she is the rich girl
louis. so come lets continue she wont play with is because she is afraid
Liam. afraid for what than
Louis. for her clothes to become dirty
Harry: *laughs* good one louis
Dave. look she comes here
Rosie how dare u to say that to somebody u not know
liam. oooh u made her mad
Louis. so i like mad girls
Rosie. and i don´t like boys laughing because of that i will let u see what i can do
louis. ok liam let me in the goal
liam. ok louis it all yours *walks behind rosie*
rosie: *lays the ball for feet shoots and shoots in his man under its belly*
boys and girls all do hand for his mouth
louis. lays on the ground* ohh that was straight in my balls
Rosie. so that is what u all get when u say that about me *hears that her mother looking for her* have to go bye
all off tham saying bye

Rosie Pov
i got in the car and my mom yelled it me in the car trip back she said
Rosie why have u done that u know me and your dad don't like when u go play with people like tham
Rosie the volgende time i go u stay home
i zei nothing back because i can only think about haw fun it was and i really learnd that boy called louis that he better not talk about people that way when u don't know tham
i was happy because i learnd him something about rich girls
when i was home pagina i walked to my room snd think about how it would be to be free
and it would be great no better than great fantastic amazing it would be the live i want
i walked to my closet and looked at my clotes i only have dresses no pantsno tshirt only dresses
i walked to my window and looked out it
when i saw somebody standing outside i walked to the port,
hello mister can i help you.
yeah i look for family horan
i don't know that family sorry i said
its ok miss.
Rosie come inside again my mom said
i walked back inside and sat at the table
The volgende day
i waked up i walked to my mom and dads room and saw my mom and dad where sleeping
i walked out the door and walked to the port i did try to open it and it was open i thought strange its always cloesed but i did no longer think about that and as
fast as i can i did run away from my house
i walked in the wood it was so beautiful and than i bumped into someone
sorry i said
its alright are u ok
i smiled yeah i am
he gved me his hand so i can stand up
can i ask u something i said
of course if i can ask u one thing first.
no it was a joke u can go first.he zei with a smile on his face
thanks whats your name
my names niall. whats yours
thats a beautiful name
thank u yours is to
thank u so will u see the eiffeltower
yeah thats good but a other time ok
oh ok
but now its your time to ask
oh yeah where from are u coming
oh form there pointes a side
than your a rich girl i will bring u home pagina he grabt my hand door saying that
no no please i beg u i don't wanna go home pagina i wanna stay here with you
but u have to go home
i don't like to go home pagina i wanna be free
but u parents would be worried about you
yeah but please let me stay with u holds him
while ok than
when he zei that he showed me some beautiful places in the woods and i played with him
we did who was the firt on the other side of the gras and we did hide and seek and some other fun things
when it started to be dark outside he made a camp fire
so can u dance he said
a little
oh really can i see it
yeah i stood danced for him
he smiled and when i was done he danced with me and i felt like i did fly in the air
with butterflys around me and in me his eyes where so beautiful
and then we falled on the ground and he putting his lips on my lips and i felt amazing
like i did do something good for once
and after 5mins he stoped
and i don't know what it was what felt so amazing i just was sure that i wanted to be with him forever

Niall Pov
i knew it for sure i love her
she was so beautiful she has everything i like in a girl
she is my bloem this summer
so i kissed her
and when i kissed her i saw behind me the boys standing
harry. oooh niall is in love
louis. niall oh no not with her looked there way
louis be nice to her i said
louis. nice to her if i was u i would never let her shoot with a ball
why that
louis. bacause she had shoot a ball straight in my balls
so i love her just the way she is
really rosie zei standing up walking to me
yes i zei looking at her
so who do u know this boys rosie asked
this are my band mates i sing
o really nice how is your band called
one direction all the other boys said
nice name so can u maybe sing something for me
no no no louis zei turning away
liam harry and zayn. were wispering to him
ok than not if your scared to sing something u sing not
louis walked to rosie i and scared do not fit together
thats great than u can sing
yeah but i do not sing for girls like you
so i think all most every girl can shoot in your balls
but not every girl would do that but ok we will sing for you
i smiled and we sang what makes u beautiful
after we sang what makes u beautiful rosie clapped for us
thank u we said
rosie walked at me and kissed me
get a room louis said
i smiled and kissed her back
rosie stoped kissing and smiled at the boys u where very good
thank u liam harry and zayn said
rosie walked at louis who zei nothing and said
i'm sorry louis for shooting in your balls
it is good i'm over it now and if u two really love each other i won't stand in your way
thank u louis rosie zei and hugged him

Liam Pov
when louis and rosie had maked it good
we all walked back to our house
and when i was home pagina i walked to bed and sleeped
the volgende day
we all sat at the table
so do u boys always eat together rosie said
yes we do i said
when we where ready with eating we all boys played succer
and when we had a break i saw a beautiful girl i walked to her and i was trying to get her attention
she smiled and stoped walking hello i'm kayla who are u she said
i'm liam would u like to play succer with me and my friends
oh sorry but i can't play succer and i have to go i'm really busy
would u come at the succer place
yeah tomorrow how late
at 1 pm i said
yeah thats good i see u than

louis Pov
when i was playing succer i saw a gorgeous young lady i and she was looking
at me i did feel very happy and i wanted to toon her something but when i wanted it

wanted to do harry pecked my ball
and when i saw harry had my ball i looked the way the gwas but i did not see her anymore
i thought shit where is she
and i thought to late i lost her i pecked the ball from harry and when i was almost at the goal
and i did saw her again she smiled
i was running as fast as i could and i shooted the ball in the goal and i was so happy that i jumping around
and i bummed into the girl i liked
oh sorry sorry i said
its ok but whats your name your really good in succer u know
i stood up and i gived her my hand so she can stand up
my name is louis what is yours beautiful
she blushed and zei my name is ireen
thats a beautiful name
well thank u yours is to
thanx ireen
your welcome but i have to go
wait can i see u this evening
yes u can how late and where
what about here at 8 pm
thats good see u louis
yeah see u ireen
bye louis

harry Pov
i was running to the goal and when i shoot it it was miss
than i saw a girl coming in my direction and she zei can i try
i sid yes sure i get the ball and i layed it for the goal
she stepped three steps behind the ball
and runned to the ball and when she shoot it was in the goal
well done door the way whats your name
my name is dephny
wow i have naver heared such a beautiful name is yours
thank u what your name
mine is harry
nice nams she said
thanx so wanna play succer
yes she zei and she runned with the ball
and i runned behind her
when she was at the goal she shooted and it was in again
i walked at the middle and i zei wanna do who shoots now wins something she of he wants
thats good she saidd
i stared to run with the ball to the goal and when i was almost there she pecked
the ball and she runned to the other goal and she shooted in the goal
what do u want i said
i want to see u tomorrow
thats good how late
at 1 pm
thats good see u than
yeah see you

zayn pov
i saw all the guys talking to the girls and a smiled from my left ear to the right ear i was so happy for all of tham but sadly i know that they all have to say au revoir to each other of so as we in English say goodbye
so yeah i was thinking i would not do what they where doing so that i dont have to make a broken hart-, hart
but i was happy that they all where happy it just isn't for so long
i wanted to tell tham that but i can't they all would look to the ground and not be happy and i want them to be happy
so i decided not to tell tham that

writer pov
the days where great for the boys with a girlfriend sadly zayn knows what would happen
he wanted not to tell tham because they all seemed so happy and he not wanted to see them a other way that day
rosie had a amazing time she now know that niall is called horan so that man was looking to his familie
but she not was thinking about that man the only thing she can think about was she and niall having a great life
kayla and liam walked to the sea and talking about them selfs
louis and ireen where in the secret place in the wood where niall and louis where comming very much
harry and dephny where looking at the clouds laying on the grass
they all liked the datum and they all kissed on the cheek and they where bringing the girls home pagina but rosie not she was staying forever

niall´s pov
as i did wake up i went to rosie and also waked her up
sweetie wake up we gonna do something nice i said
rosie stood up and walked to the closet what do u want me to where she said
just something nice
i only have that one dress and i´m not gonna where it again i have to wash that
oke wait here i will come back i walked to a other closet and there i sawa beautiful dress with beautiful shoes i graped it and went back to rosie
wat about this link .(shoes link)
i gived it to her and i walked out the room when she was ready we went too downstairs
zayn looked at me zayn what are u doing here
its time niall and your the first i say this to he said
oh no rosie sorry i have to go and i will not be back till volgende year
what do i have to miss u for a jaar
yeah but after that jaar we would marrie and be happy a promise
u can stay here
no niall sorry but we are gonna verplaats somewhere else because some guy is looking for us my mom said
than u have to go with me
but i love u but i also dont want to go away from here
oh than u have to go back to your parents house
oh no than i wanna go with you
hallo lissy i zei
mister and miss horan u have to go he is coming
oh shit i have to leave to rosie i promise i make it good with you
oh i´m gonna go with you
oke rosie and i graped our stuff
and i run to the car than i saw the man my mom and dad where already away whitout there stuff they left i zitthing in the car
niall we have to go now zayn said
but please wait for rosie
niall we cant wait anny meer
so zayn started to drive and rosie came out of the house
and she run after the car i did open the window and looked her and zei
i will come back for you

Rosie Pov
when he zei that i did fall on the ground and i did cry also
noo niall please come back i zei but i did´t here me
when i sat there the man graped my hand and he wanted to talk about how bad the horan family was but i did´t listen they where sweet and niall was my boyfriend
he walked to his car he zei i could better step in his car so i did
when he was driving someting but i heared noting the only thing i heared in my head again and again is niall saying he will come back for me
when stoped he opend the door he graped my hand and we stood for a large gate
he pused on a botton and when someone opend the door a saw it was my mom
she hugged me and zei oh sweetie i´m so happy your back
and i zei yeah i´m to
mister thank u for bringing my little girl home pagina my husband will pay u
so my father payed him and he walked to his car and drived away
when i walked to the house my mother closed the door
my dad zei prinsess will u never do that to us we where very worried about you
i zei yeah i will never do it
when a maand was over i looked out the window i wonder how niall would make it
when the jaar was over i went to the gate my father zei if u dont walk away again u can go behind the gate so i promise him i would not do thet and i walked to the place we met and he came on a moter there he was my boyfriend
i hugged him
rosie he zei
yeah niall.
i have to again but i´m here to see if your good
i´m amazing but now i wanna go wiith you
oke but now kiss me so we kissed for 5 mins than he zei can u go and bring food for me
yes thats good i zei and i walked to my house
graped chips and went back to the place
but when i was there he was gone and i saw a paper note there i graped it and leting the chips fall i read the note and in there was

sweet rosie i love u very much and i´m so thqatb u can´t go witrh me i love u and
i will always think about u u are the most beautiful girl in the world
i will come back for u at this place about 6 month´s
i love u forever xxx from niall

when i read it all i cryed again and really hard
i went back at my house without the chips
i walked in and my dad closed the gate when he saw me walking to my room
i have to wait 6 other months for us to be forever together
so the first maand was really hard and i did not feel very well

Niall.s pov
i where with the boys all the time we where touring singing
i missed rosie i was thinking every seconde about and me
sadly the boys told me i would better not bring her with me the volgende time i would see her
they zei she will be not happy to be with here because i be away almost all the time
and the time well the time was fast over but then there was the dag we would met each other again
i walked to my motor and louis zei
so it will hurt u and she will be a little be like why did he go away but u do it to
make her happy we zei at the same time
so i did drive to the place and when I almost was there i thought shit i need a note for her
so i did write her a note with in it

sweet rosie i love u very much and i´m so thqatb u can´t go witrh me i love u and
i will always think about u u are the most beautiful girl in the world
i will come back for u at this place about 6 month´s
i love u forever xxx from niall

it took me 2 hours to write it because i thought what would i start with my dear but i thought that was much meer for liam to write in the note then i thought maybe lovely but that was meer for harry than i thought maybe my dear darling but that was meer how louis would start a note i was also thinking about beautiful rosie but that was meer for zayn to write in a note
but than a i was like yeah write sweet rosie
so with that done i did drive to the place
and when I was there I saw her standing there and she was so beautiful
so I gived her a hug
I zei things
To her when she answerd me with
But now I go with u I had to think what a would say
And when she zei that a thought rosie sorry butv u can´t go with me
If I would say it in her face she would be mad at me when she would read the note she will also be mad at me but I did choose for the note than I kissed her and after that
I asked her to please bring food because ithought she would be hungry to
She zei yeah and walked away I did give the note a place I did a small rock on it so it will I was sure she can read it
I did drive I stoped and did my motor in the bushes and I did hide behind a tree
And when I saw her coming back I thouth oh she will be mad she saw my note really fast
And she read it and when she was done she crying really hard
I graped my motor and walked till I thought I can drive on it
And I felt my hart-, hart was saying I did sometinng wrong but if I did bring her
To the boys the boys will be mad at and she will be not happy
But I still had that feeling I did something wrong