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Could Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers be a possible choice for a future main villain?

I love Rita Repulsa. She was my favoriete villain growing up. Loved her costume, loved her personality, loved she did magic. I personally would love to see the toon do their own version with her. Maybe like mix her with her Japanese counterpart where she loses her son because a monster (or in the Japanese version's case, a dinosaur) and she seeks vengeance and her goal is to resurrect her son. Plus I would really love to see the toon kinda go outside the fairy tale and disney characters and add some characters from other stories as well that also has magical characters.
Well Power Rangers are associated with Disney so it might be possible since OUAT includes characters from Fairy Tales, Legends and Disney. But I still think Diabolico of Mesogog would be excellent choices.
NeoNightclaw19 posted een jaar geleden
 beekee404 posted een jaar geleden
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SuperSoda117 said:
I'm not going to say no, but at this point it seems unlikely that they will incorporate Power Rangers characters. But u never know!
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posted een jaar geleden 
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