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posted by blue-eyes
Lana Parrilla and Josh Dallas on set of OUaT on Jan 18, 2013.

At the end of a take, Josh Dallas was lying on the ground in front of Mr. Gold’s and Lana Parrilla came out and started to playfully beat up and kick Josh. The two of them were laughing as she offered him a hand to stand up. Barbara Hershey also came out. The three of them didn’t know they had an audience watching them till Lana turned around with a surprised “Oh!”. They spent a few seconden to smile and wave before returning back to work. Michael Raymond James, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison were inside the shop.
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The fresh blanket of snow found a sparkling crystalline appearance under the moonbeams that seeped through the boom branches. It was dark.

Regina dug her hands into the snow, face twisted into a pained grimace. She was panting heavily (each exhale releasing a new trail of smoke) trying to regain control…mostly over her breathing.

Every bone in her body groaned when she moved. Every muscle straining and screeching…particularly her abs. She dragged herself along the ground seeking out the nearest boom to lean against. Breathing was becoming an agony...
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