Awhile geleden I went to a Once con and I wanted to briefly share my experience. I was blessed to spend a whole weekend at the con. meer over it was the first convention I've ever attended, so it was a new experience.

When I first got there it was a bit confusing because the place it was held at was so big. But I found that pretty much all of the staff were really helpful and friendly. The first thing that happened was a welcome session with Michael and (I think) Gil. was an absolute joy he had so much dark humor I was dying lol. Some time later was the autograph session with those two actors. It was a pretty big thrill for me since I've only ever met singers. I got the chance to tell Gil that I loved his sense of humor. And he was like, "yeah I figured u guys could handle it we're all adults here...oh wait." :'D Michael was also super friendly he complimented my name and such, he was great to talk to, even though it was very brief.
Later that night was a karaoke and Beverly showed up. I didn't go up and sing myself but those who did, did amazing and it was cool to see Beverly and Lee singing too. That's when I got tired and called it in for the night.

My seconde dag was even better. The best actually. I mean how can u start a dag any better than with a panel featuring both Lana and Collin. As expected they were adorable together. Both of them just seemed so thrilled to be there. And thankfully no one asked any shipping questions--the kinds the usually cause some kind of ruse. I honestly can't even describe how happy I was when Lana first came out on stage. Other than an indistinguishable string of pterodactyl noises. Of course that part of my morning flew door really fast. The thing the flew door the fastest though was my foto with Lana. Cue meer internal pterodactyl noises. But I managed to ask her for a hug. It went door so quick and I was so stoked that I kinda don't even remember it clearly??? Other than a sense of pure and utter joy that Lana was hugging me. I think I almost cried maybe. After that was also kind of just a blur of happiness lol. I was walking around like ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ the rest of the day. But I think I went up for my Colin autograph session, I was very early (before my row was called) so I just hung out with others who arrived early. I talked to this older woman about her grand-daughter's cosplay. And then someone wanted to take a picture of me in my cosplay, which was very flattering because I didn't think that it was that great. But I'm glad someone liked it. After that I caught the tail end of the cosplay contest, every looked stunning. And I got to see the fanvid contest too. This fandom has a lot of talent to say the least. And then they had a seconde panel where Colin and Lana spoke solo. Colin was hilarious and fun, he kept giving everyone hugs lol. And Lana, she really liked getting off topic and every time a small child asked a vraag she would get super excited. It was so adorable. After that there was a big time gap and I was impatient for the volgende thing; autographs with Lee, Kegan, Karen(?) and Lana. Lee was cool, he talked with me about tattoos for a while. I don't quite remember what Karen and I talked about. But I do remember asking Kegan if the Blue Fairy costume was hard to walk in. Lana though. :'D Again it was way too short but I told her about my rabbit who was named after Regina. Basically after that it was time for bed and I kind of just lie there the whole night like ☆*✲゚*。(((´♡‿♡`+)))。*゚✲*☆ because that's it, that's all my brain could do.

My third dag was a blast as well. It started out with a panel with Bex, Victoria, and Jamie. They were super hilarious. Like legit, I was laughing the entire time. door now I don't remember a lot of the jokes, but I had written them down. It was basically them talking about how much they loved being evil and how they wanted a spin off of them all living together. After that I got a pic with Bex--it went door way too quick. When Bex got her solo panel she came out singing Wicked Always wins--which was cool. And no joke, right afterwards the brand alarm went off. After that Victoria and Jamie came back on stage. Once again, they were funny as hell. Jamie kept getting all of the vragen and so when Victoria finally got one she was like "ah ha! finally this one is mine!" And the entire time the pair was making dirty jokes and apologizing to children for forgetting that they were in the audience. After that, I was able to get the last few autographs from Beverly and Jamie. I don't remember what I talked with Beverly about but Jamie and I talked about how villains are totally the best.

As for interacting with fellow fans. It was truly amazing and (thank goodness) nothing like it is online. Over on tumblr there's so much hatred. Like all the CSers hate on Regina & SQ and the fans (and the reverse of course). Whereas at the con most of the people I happened to run into were hardcore Hook and CS fans but 75% liked Regina to of they didn't care for her but also hated the rift in the fandom.

globaal, algemene I had an amazing time and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to go to that convention.