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I have made one of these before and since it's pretty late where I'm living I haven't got time to give explanations for why I find them pretty, so I'm just going to order them :)

6.Young Cora
9.Older Eva
10.Milah and/or Jack

Please no rude commentaren like saying people are "ugly" of anything like that, of I will meld the person who zei it :)

Side note:
If Amara wasn't here, and it was just OUAT Emma would probably be here, but there wasn't room for her, considering how gorgeous I find Amara.
posted by Evilregal14
Majority of u voted for Emma this time round.

So most of u know I dislike Emma now and it's not just because she kissed Hook. I will explain later in this article.

Well, she's the Savior for a start. I have a lot of respect for her, breaking the curse and saving everyone.
She is clearly quite dumb which I love about her too. Her dumbness can bring out the fun side in her, and she has some good one-liners.
I really enjoyed her back story episode to see what she used to be like. She was cool, calm and collected and I loved the glasses look on her! I really loved her before she moved...
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Just found this online about the writers intending to have Snow pregnant even if Ginnifer wasn't expecting.

Ginnifer Goodwin is pregnant and that is in the storyline for her character?

Horowitz said,

"We’ll deal with the realities of her pregnancy, but how we do it, we’re not ready to share. When u saw Snow share her secret about that, it was well before we knew Ginny was pregnant. We’re telling the story that we’ve been setting up since the beginning of the season."

He also added that having a child tends to attract chaos, so it definitely sounds like there will be a lot of drama surrounding that.

Not sure if I wasn't the only Oncer who didn't know this so I wanted to share it with u guys :D
posted by Diamond_Queen
I can't watch OUAT's episode until tomorrow :( so I was bored and decided to make an artikel with my opinion on characters. Warning: Just my opinion. Not serious at all xD and I practically criticize everyone.

Lets start with the most... evil villains... ever! Da-da-da!
The Red Queen: She' so terrible... that all the inhabitants seem pretty happy with her and don't have much complains. What she's doing to Alice is probably her first actual crime (apart from stealing before she became queen and slaping people when she feels like it). Has some teenage drama with Will eventhough she dumped him...
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So I’ve been working on this over the Hiatus, I started it like a maand geleden and decided to finish it today. I think that’s pretty good timing considering that today the Hiatus ends.
So, here’s why I like every character in OUAT. I do like every character in the toon (excluding: Blue Fairy and Nova). With an emphasis on the LIKE, some specific characters I love, but I LIKE pretty much all of them.
What makes a good character are these points:
-    The character is well developed: They have a good backstory and their character stays consistent* and at least somewhat realistic....
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posted by Alchemistlover
 My poor Regina you'll get Henry back don't worry :(
My poor Regina you'll get Henry back don't worry :(
hallo fellow Oncers it's me again trying to make an opinion artikel (does anyone even read them?lol) where i just talk about the episode usually i just do this when an episode is to big....to important to NOT talk about so here it goes.

Okay so first let's talk about Pan and Rumple. Now i'm sure most people know i thought he was a great villain and should have been handled in a completely manner but we got what we got. Oh boy did i hate him this episode i mean not love to hate him like usually do but LOATHE! Killing his most important and only support system was awful (sad really Felix got no...
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I expect this will get quite a bit of criticism, so a disclaimer before I start: it is not my intention to bash Neal. I'm trying not to find reasons which aren't there and if I saying anything untrue, feel free to correct me. Please don't complain if I say things u just don't like, but if I get something specifically canonically wrong, tell me so.

This post is me trying to articulate exactly why it is I'm not fond of Neal. I'm simply trying to just lay out what it is about him that irks me while being as objective and impartial as I can. Some of this post will overlap with other artikels and...
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Below is a lijst of my top, boven five favoriete episodes from Season One of "ONCE UPON A TIME". The series was created door Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz:

FIVE favoriete EPISODES OF "ONCE UPON A TIME" - Season One (2011-2012)

1. (1.18) "The Stable Boy" - This very interesting episode revealed the origins of the Evil Queen's antipathy toward Snow White. In the present, Mary Margaret Blanchard (aka Snow White) faces prosecution for Kathryn Nolan's alleged murder.

2. (1.07) "The hart-, hart Is a Lonely Hunter" - Sheriff Graham begins to remember his life as The Huntsman in the Enchanted Forest, while Emma Swan...
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posted by matchesrulezu
So I am new here and I thought that since I'm rather obsessed with OUaT at the moment, this might be a good way to say my hello! of maybe not because this can be a tender topic for some fans. So let's hope I'm not stepping out on the wrong foot. :')

Yes Ships

Emma and Hook: YES. This is a winning pair. I will probably end up posting an alternative artikel to post why...but I can't go too far into detail becauseI'matworkoops.

Regina and Robin: C'mon. Tinker zei that they're true loves. How could u not want them to find their soul mates?? Though, seriously, they would make an excellent couple...
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mostly everybody who watches once upon a time wonder who is the most prettiest babe. although it is zei that snow white is the fairest of them all this is my top, boven 10 once upon a time girls:

1:snow white/marymargret
3:regina/evil queen
4:emma swan/the saviour
8:the blue fairy
9:the roze fairy
10:cinderella's fairy mother

so that is my top, boven 10 hot once upon a timers but i was stugiling because i started to run out of people and im sorry but i couldn't have granny in my top, boven 10 sorry granny <..>

Recently, I watched Season One episode of ABC-TV's "ONCE UPON A TIME" called (1.07) "The hart-, hart Is a Lonely Hunter" for the seconde time and found myself confused over a matter regarding Snow White and her knowledge of Daniel's fate.

In one of the flashbacks for "The hart-, hart Is a Lonely Hunter", the Huntsman was commissioned door Regina aka the Evil Queen to take the recently orphaned Snow White into the woods, kill her and cut out her heart. Sensing the Huntsman's odd behavior, Snow tried to make a run for it. She realized that that she would not get very...
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posted by Princess-Yvonne
Magic has a price. This has been drilled into us for over a jaar now. All magic has a price. Regina knows this. Even as something that will help Henry with his nightmares is within reach she stops him from taking it. She knows it’s not free. Bonus points to her for not pulling her usual Scarlet O’hara ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow’ stuff. (She would have won MAJOR bonus points with me if she’d zei ‘whatever the cost is it’s mine, not Henry’s, but oh well.)

‘This one’s on me.’ Gold/Rum is always sooo careful about what he says when it’s about a deal (if only he’d...
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Graham's death was one of the most heart-breaking moments on OUAT. After watching the finale, I found it even meer so, and though I’ve always felt that he deserved a happy ending, I now believe it meer firmly than ever.

Let’s take a look at his life. He was abandoned to the wolves door this own parents. It is never revealed what age he was then of if he was even old enough for him to remember his parents when he got older. That is enough to make anyone bitter. Yet, he had a sense of honor that he apparently learned from the wolves.

Then one day, he gets sent door the Evil Queen to kill Snow White....
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posted by matchesrulezu
It has come to my attention that some people (SwanFire shippers, it usually seems) genuinely don't understand why the CaptainSwan ship even exists. And I just want to say, before I get started, that it is not my intention to start a ship war between CaptainSwan and SwanFire. The intention of this artikel is not to convert SwanFire shippers, but to help them understand where some CaptainSwan shippers might be coming from.

This artikel is not intended to speak on behalf of all CaptainSwan shippers because while we agree on the Emma x Hook relationship, we may not all be on the ship for the same...
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posted by Evilregal14
Okay, I love these three! They're funny, have sass and are interesting characters. I do believe that Cora loved Regina without her heart, as Adam zei that and he obviously knows since he is a producer. Why would he lie??
In season 1 I hated Regina and Cora so much. Like the saying goes "First impressions always count"! But in season 2 I realised I was totally wrong about them. I love them now, Regina is my seconde favoriete and Cora is my 5/6th favorite. They have such a cute relationship and even though Cora was a rubbish mother in season 1 she was a good mother in season 2. She comforted Regina,...
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So I always do this thing after I watch an episode, where I write down my 5 favoriete quotes in a Once Upon A Time notebook. I did it a few weeks geleden with my favoriete quotes up to episode 15, so I will carry on :)

3x16 "It's not easy being green"

1. "Out of my way munchkin!"- Zelena
2. "Not evil dear, wicked"- Zelena
3. "I've been waiting to meet u for a very long time"- Tink
4. "It'll take meer than a dart when I find her!"- Emma
5. "Our mother taught me one thing; never bring your hart-, hart to a witch fight!"- Regina

3x17 "The Jolly Roger"

1. "No, I'm a girl that turns into a fish!"- Ariel
2. "If we're...
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posted by XxLalasaysxX
Okay guys this is my first Once fanfiction so please forgive me if it isn't that good. Someone on instagram suggested I started writing fanfictions for this toon and I zei why not. With this being my first Once-shot (Get it?) I'd love any feedback of advice u guys have about. I just started writing it today. And literally just finished. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve

“So what exactly are we doing here?” David asked Emma while folding her arms.
“Henry loved Christmas back in New York so I wanted to make it better here.” Emma explained while adjusting the ornaments on the christmas tree.
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It was happening again. The loss of someone she loves dearly. She'd always be seconde best to everyone; Henry, Rumple, and now Robin.

Served her well for opening up to the man...

For opening up to anyone.

Much less a filthy thief. First he'd stolen her heart--figuratively speaking anyhow--physically she'd handed it right over, then he lost the God forsaken thing, then he got it back (held it lovingly in his hands), and then he broke it.

She should have known. But honestly how mad could be at the man. She probably would've done the same be it Dan who'd come back and wrapped his arms around her.

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posted by blue-eyes
Lana Parrilla and Josh Dallas on set of OUaT on Jan 18, 2013.

At the end of a take, Josh Dallas was lying on the ground in front of Mr. Gold’s and Lana Parrilla came out and started to playfully beat up and kick Josh. The two of them were laughing as she offered him a hand to stand up. Barbara Hershey also came out. The three of them didn’t know they had an audience watching them till Lana turned around with a surprised “Oh!”. They spent a few seconden to smile and wave before returning back to work. Michael Raymond James, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison were inside the shop.
posted by Epicurean
After today's episode we were able to learn the roots of Regina's anger. I really felt for her--she had a terribly evil mother who murdered her true love and forced her to marry a man who was revealed in past episodes to not love her and keep her locked away in the castle.

But still, it doesn't excuse anything Regina has done. Here are some of the things I can list, just off the top, boven of my head:
-Ripped out the Huntsman's heart; Killed Graham
-Seperated Hansel and Grettel from their father, after breaking her promise to help them find him.
-Seperating the Mad Hatter from his daughter
-Trapping everyone...
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