Once Upon A Time Mary Margaret is so annoying,

rumple33 posted on Feb 11, 2018 at 10:18PM
She is the most annoying character in the whole show. First off , they couldn't find some one else to play the role of snow white. After all, she is suppose to be the fairest of them all. No offense to Ginnifer Goodwin, but your no where near the fairest of them all. First that pixie cut, and then those eyebrows uh uh.Then she wanted to claim that Regina had hatred for her because she was prettier than her. Like excuse me, have you seen Regina. She is gorgeous! However, her appearance does not bother me but her personality does. First of all, you had no business messing around with a married man. She didn't even know that was Charming at first. But no she went and messed around with another women's husband. All she does is preach and preach and preach about being good, but must i remind you how many lives you and charming took just to find each other. Those soldiers had a family! But its okay when you do it. She was okay at first, but lord she acted like she was so innocent like SHUT UP! As soon as she finds out Emma is her daughter she wants to be all motherly, like take it slow. Snow/MM do not know weather they want to be good or evil. And oh my god if I have to see one more scene of younger snow white acting like daddy's little brat I will literally find her and choke her. Snow does not know who she is. That's what i respect about the evil queen. She accepts that shes evil and oh my lord does anybody mention how bad ass she is. SHe knows how to make an entrance for sure. And lets not forget how she is a strong independent female while MM wants her husband to do everything for her.At the end of the day Regina loves her child with all of her heart and Emma cannot just step in and swoop him away like that. Like bye baby you knew him for like 5 minutes. And she fights so hard for something she wants, she will not stop at nothing. And boy look at her dresses. I would love to borrow something from her wardrobe. All she wanted is to be loved. Regina if my favorite Character and Snow is my least.

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