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once upon a time
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Once upon a time- time line
This is to make sense of when things happened in the FairyTaleWorld (FTW) and when they happen in StoryBrooke (SB). I would love suggestions to keep up the time line. BTC: Before the curse, ATC: After the Curse
?BTC: Sleeping Beauty and Malificent have there story/fight
?BTC: Jiminy is forced door parents to steal from audiences
?BTC: Jiminy gets iconic umbrella from Geppetto (child)
?BTC: Jiminy gives stash of something to Rumple (not captured) and gets potion in return
?BTC: Jiminy turns Geppetto's parents into wooden dolls.
?BTC: Jiminy is turned into a cricket to watch...
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Once Upon a Time 6x08 "I'll Be Your Mirror" - Curses, it's what the Evil Queen does best. And volgende Sunday, she will create her most destructive spell yet.
once upon a time
season 6
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once upon a time
captain hook
killian jones
peter pan
season 3
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New trailer and cast interviews.
once upon a time
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