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I saw a car pull up right in front of us. I see a guy I reconise, Tim. He jumps out of his car and walks towards us.
"Hey whats happened?"

"House burnt down" Eclipse says to Tim.

"Yeah I can see that. Anyone hurt?"

"Two people dies, Louis and Willow. Louis tried to save Willow, nearly made it. But the house exploded when they reached the door" I say getting meer tears coming to my eyes.

"Oh, Well. Was at the train station. Liam and Alyssa got a bit skished" Tim said.

"Are they dead" Perrie asks looking a bit shocked.

"Yeah. Died cuddling each other" Tim said.

"Wait so we've lost Liam , Alyssa, Louis, Willow, and little Niall. All in One Day!!!" I say.
posted by nialler4life
Jo’s POV

“Yo, Jo come on!” zei my friend, Sarah.
“I’m coming,” I responded. We were waiting at the mall for our two other friends, Dylan and Sam. They were supposed to meet us in front of the water fontein in five minuten and so far we hadn’t seen them.
“Maybe Sam dragged Dylan to get some chow?” I inferred.
“Whatever, that blouse is mine!” exclaimed Sarah. She then took off in the direction of the blouse.
“Wait up!” shouted a familiar voice.
“Dylan, Sam! Where have u been?”
“Apparently, Sam wanted to get some Chick-fil-A before we came,” Dylan said, rolling...
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These are the characters for my new (and first ever fanfic) Only You.

Jo- Jo is the main character. She is the softie of her group of vrienden but she doesn't go down without a fight. She has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. She has a hip-hop look and NEVER wears skirts. Her usual look is a tank top, boven of tee, a hoodie, one of her badges (the new era ones), and skinny jeans.

Sarah- one of Jo's best friends. She is the girly girl and is clearly into fashion. She came from California and is never seen leaving the house without jewelry of a hair accessory. She has long blond hair and is the tallest...
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Hello there! This is my first one-shot thing, and I'm new to fanpop. I did originally post this on Wattpad, but I wanted to see what people thought on here :) The idea of a songfic was from another auteur on Wattpad :) This one-shot is based off a Taylor snel, swift song, which is 'Come Back...Be Here.' Thank u for reading! And let me know what u think :)
You zei it in a simple way, 4 a.m. the seconde day; how strange that I don't know u at all.

{June 18, 2012}

I woke up with the sunlight streaming through the windows, making the first thing I see barely anything at all. I had to...
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posted by sophiahs
As I walk down the aisle with our daughters in front of me putting the flowers out, I thought about the dag that made this all happen. October 10th 2013 was the dag of my life, where it all began. I can't write about that dag not because it would take a couple 100s of pages to explain it in detail. Today my wedding with Harry Styles, a guy 4 years older than me, and our vrienden and family, and our 2 little girls, Willow and Darcey. The girls are 3 and 5 years old and have the role of being the bloem girls. My vrienden Alyssa and Jessica are both married, Jessica is pregnant and married to Niall...
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I walk along the straat in my dumb school uniform carrying my folder covered with pictures of them. volgende week is a signing. I'm sure to be noticed door them there. If I get in early enough.

I get a text from Michaela. She loves Niall. She has blue eyes and blond hair just like him. I read the text "Go to the mid park NOW". It states.

"Why" I reply to the text.
I get a quick reply simply stating, "1D" I run down the straat to my house. Drop my bag in just at the door. I go to my bedroom and get on shorts and my One Direction T-shirt. Put on my 1D halsketting, ketting and my running sneakers. I sprinted out of...
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posted by erinlabadie
Dani: Mum!!! Amy smacked me!!!
Erin: Amy stop dani u stop to
Amy: fine
Brandon: running around the house like a psycho-
Zayn: am off to work bye see u later! - kisses Erin and leaves to work -
Brandon: WOOO!
Dani: SHUT UP!
Brandon: cries -
Erin: Dani go to your room !
Dani: awww but
Erin: NOW!
Dani: goes to room-
Brad: mommy me hungry!
Amy: me to mom make tacos!!!
Erin: makes tacos-
- 2 hours later -
Zayn: am Back
Kids: yay dads back!!!
Dani: come down stairs- yay..
Erin: gives the kids there food - Yay your back - hugs zayn-
Zayn: yeah! - hugs Erin-
Amy: MOM!
Erin: WHAT!
Amy: Dani called me a donkey!!!
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posted by erinlabadie
Zayn: Ello Love Vas happin?
Erin: hi Zayn nothing really how are you?
Zayn: am good so want to do any thing like go to the movies?
Erin: sure i guess what movie?
Zayn: i don't know
Erin: yeah me either
Zayn: of we could go to the mall
Erin: yeah
Zayn: drives to the mall- where here!
Erin: yay
Zayn and Erin: walks in the mall holding hands -
Zayn: so what store?
Erin: i don't know its up to u i guess
Zayn: walks in to a store-
Erin: follows zayn-
Zayn: sees Niall and thalia- hi
Erin: Hi thalia and Niall
Thalia: hallo Erin and Zayn
Niall: hi zayn and Erin
Erin: whats up thalia?
Thalia: nothing
Niall: ugg am hungry...
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posted by LiamLover87132
Liam: hallo babe sup?

Me; Not much wanna see a movie?

Liam: Sure anything for my fav girl!

Me aww thanks <3


Liam: What movie?

Me: I don't care

Liam: Okay lets go to this one.


Me: What movie is this?

Liam: Just watch.

Me: Okay.

*movie playing*

Liam talking on movie: Jeana will u marry me?

Actual me : YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THE END!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope u liked it! Please fan if have not already1 I might make another one soon!
posted by 1Dluver12
Julli’s POV
I froze when I saw them. Niall must’ve noticed because he shook me and I looked him in the eye’s. My eye’s wear tearing up as fear washed over me.
“ What is it?” He asked me worried. I was at a loss for word’s.
“ Julli, u have to tell me what’s wrong.” he told me. I took a deep breath.
“ T-t, m-my p-p-p-parent’s are here.” I zei to him, still looking at them, hoping for them not to notice me. Shock over took his face.
“ Oh god, come on!” He zei pulling me away. We found the other’s at a little table, not to far away. I still couldn’t speak. Harry...
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posted by sophiahs
I loved cooked breakfast meer than anything, to bad we are both still lying in bed bed, naked, together, hugging each other. Today we are staying at home, with our children at Annes and us being on work leave. Well we aren't really on work leave because we both work at home.
"Are u awake snug bug" I heard Harry whisper to me.

"Yes I am, yesterday was the best dag of my life thanks to you"

"And thanks to you" Harry hugged tighter, and started to kiss me on my neck.

"I love u so much", I say in a lovey dobey way and turn over to face him.

"I love u more" Saying that Harry moved closer to me....
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- u have over 100 pictures of them on your phone and on your wall

- u kiss them on your uithangbord every night

- u tell your vrienden facts about them all the time

- u have to look at your twitter page every minuut to see updates

- u don't have a time when they are not on your mind

- Everything else in the owrld doesn't seem to matter to u but One Direction

- The only muziek on your phone is One Direction muziek

- u memorize all of thier lyrics

- u spend hours listening to thier songs and watching thier videos on YouTube

-You can't leave a store until u find the magazines with them in it

- u see your favoriete one the tv of hear them on the radio and u start to melt

- u hear a song on the radio and u tell all the people aroound u to shut up

- u spend every penny u have on One Direction Merch.

posted by fiestagirl12345
Saphire's P.O.V

i woke up and rushed over to my bathroom. i jumped in the douche smiling the whole time i was soo excited for the pool party.. i got out brushed teeth,hair, and did a pony-tail i put on a white tagtop and jeen shorts. i decided to choose a zebra print bikinie and white flip-flops. Ally i call of ally she hates allision well ally chose a white tye-dyed bikinie and a roze tank-top with white shorts and black flip flops and hair down. when we were done i rushed downstairs checked in the mirror and grabbed a water and headed...
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I'm in so much pain. My legs are crushed and my baby. My Niall, is gone. I'm holding him but he died. When we crashed the row of seats I'm in, and behind all broke and fell forward. My head smashed into the chair in front of mine. Niall's head smashed against it to. But it killed him. I'm letting go of him, to get myself out of this death trap. I twist my self out of my zitplaats, stoel and onto the aisle beside me. My legs scream out in pain but I keep on going. I need to get round to Jessica and Niall. They are alive but also hurt like I am. I decide going back over the...
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posted by hellomia
Abusive. If I was asked to describe my life in one word, that would be it. My mom died when I was around ten. I'm sixteen now and I live with my dad. I can't even call him my dad anymore after all these years. When my mom passed away, he never got over it. So, whatever anger he has inside of him, he takes it out on me. He is an abusive parent, and ever since mom died, he has beat me countless times. Luckily, I have never had to go to the hospital for it and I hope I never will. He is a drinker as well which makes it much worse for both of us. He tends to drink when he's upset. He gets mixed...
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Zayn and Perrie: Have one child and another one coming. Living together, married.

Eclipse- Married to Tim, Baby on the way.

Harry and Sophia- Back together, Sophia pregnant again. Darcey still healthy. Living in London still. New house mansion just out of town.

Jessica and Niall- Have another child. A girl called Kat. Peeta healthy.

Edwin: Still in New Zealand and making meer movie. (In chapter 7)

Alyssa, Douglas, Liam, Little Niall, Louis, and Willow: Up in Heaven living peacefully.

Niall was fine from the scalpel. It didn't damage anything and all healed up nicely.


Authors Note: I've enjoyed writing this story so much. Thank u for reading it. I'm writing another story now. About the band and a fan girl called Eclipse and her best friend Mikaela. Main characters are different to the ones in this story But may have the same story. Well bye, hope u enjoyed this story. BYE

Sophia xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
We are sitting on the street. I've lost my boyfriend Louis, and Harry lost his daughter Willow.

"Harry, do u want me to ring Sophia" I ask.

"No thanks, I'll do it" Harry reply's.

"Ok", Harry reaches into his pocket and rang Sophia. He hangs up after 30 seconds.

"Whats wrong" I ask.

"No answer. I'll try Jess." He rings Jessica this time with success.

"Hey Jessica, it's Harry. Hows the flight"


"Well the plane crashed. Me, Niall, Sophia, and Peeta are ok. Me and Sophia have crushed legs. But otherwise fine, fine. How about...
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Authors Note: hallo just letting u know that there is only a few meer chapters left, so please read and tell me what u think about this story. I will give u a sneak peak at my volgende story soon..


We hear all the sirens. First helicopters then all the vehicles, brand Engines, Ambulances, and even police cars, and 2 big buses.

We've only just found out who was flying the plane. It was out friend Douglas. He would be dead though. The whole front of Plane is in the ground. The end snapped off just after we reached the fence. Niall's holding Peeta while me and Sophia...
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Liam had me pinned to the ground, on the train track. Alyssa screamed at us to get off the track. I see why now. The train speeds towards us. The adrenaline rush gave me strength to push off Liam and get out of the way of the train. Liam trips over. I see Alyssa start to run over. She jumps down onto the tracks, and sprints over to Liam. The screech of the train brakes blew my ear drums, I fall to the ground, crap, cramp. My legs get cramp in them but only minorly. I look back at Liam and Alyssa. He's been caught, trapped, stuck to the track. Alyssa trying to...
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I'm in my wardrobe, the black smoke seeping in under the doors. I hear someone calling my name, Louis. I try and shout back, but my lungs have already had enough. The heat fro the brand is making me thirsty. My throat is to dry. I see my life flash before my eyes. Then it all goes black.


The flames engulf me, I'm in the hallway making my way toward Willows bedroom. I open her door to find no flames but only the deep dark black smoke clog up the space. I open the wardrobe door and I get a fright. Willow, falls onto the ground at my feet....
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