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We all know one direction are very good singers and can peform in front of millions, but can they act? will we ever find them in a movie of will they become soap stars in later life? Of course I don't think they would be doing acting this early. They are only getting to grips with all the female attention! Louis and Zayn wanted to be drama teachers so they could be doing acting! As they have been on the x factor dancing a bit they are not shy to peform. Maybe they could ster in an all singing all dancing film. Well, I supose u will ahve to wait and see!
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One Direction give Matt Cardle’s number to 7,000 people
Posted on January 23, 2011 door Olly
Hello is that Matt Cardle? It is? YOU’RE SHIT *hangs up*

It’s lucky that One Direction’s Louis and Harry aren’t bad to look at because it appears that it’s not just One Direction they share, but one brain. On a twitcam earlier tonight (as in, moments ago) the boys decided to prank call X Factor winner and Miley Cyrus hater Matt Cardle. And then revealed his number to the whole world.
You see, Matt was too busy touching up someone’s paintwork and missed the call which went to his pop ster voicemail....
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