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Well. We're not really sure where to start with this one... We all knew that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson shared a special kind of love. Their bromantic passion is so strong that they've already created Larry Stylinson out of their intense feelings for each other. It's full on.

This we knew. We didn't expect Louis to start revealing the meer intimate details of their relationship this early on though. We thought maybe he'd wait until Harry cheated on him with a footballer and Louis could cash in with a kiss 'n' tell.
of story of willy whacking, as this seems to be.
"Harry likes to pull his trousers down," Louis told Celebs On Sunday.

"You do Harry, you're always getting your bum out.

"I've been asleep before and Harry has hit me round the head with his penis.

"It actually wrapped around my whole face. Who wouldn't be envious of that?"
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Full name: Liam James Payne
Birthdate: August 29, 1993
Favorite color: Purple.
Favorite movie: Toy stoy 1, 2, and 3.
Favorite food: Chocolate.
Favorite animal: Turtles.
Favorite song: Happy birthday.
Siblings: Two sisters, Ruth and Nicola.
Parents: Karen and Geoff.
Worst fear: Spoons.
Eye color: Brown.
Height: 5'10"
Shoe size: 10 (UK)
Birth place: Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

How One Direction came to be...

Liam James Payne auditioned for the X-factor when he was 14 years old. He didn't win. Two years later, he auditioned for the X-Factor again and made it quit far. He auditioned alone. He was voted off....
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u knew One Direction through your best friend Eleanor Calder.

And ever since u met them, you've spent most of your time with El and them.

So one dag u all planned on playing 'Truth of Dare'.

Eleanor knew that u had some soft spot for Liam.

So she planned to get u both together.

She asked Liam, "Truth of dare?"

He replied saying, "Dare"

"Okay, u have to go out on a datum with Christine."

"What?" Liam said.


"Okay. Fine. I'm taking her out tomorrow evening," he said.

Louis winked at Eleanor knowing what she was planning.

"Nah, buddy. You're taking her out now!"

"But... but..." he said....
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