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 Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Made by: Vampire_Lover97
Here's a new fanfic I'm working on. I'll post the new "Secret Truth" parts on this weekend. Till then enjoy this one. <33

Victoria’s POV

“So, will u do it?” Simon asked with a begging face.
“No, thanks…” I answered without any feelings.
“Why, not?” He asked a bit annoyed.
“Because not!” I replied annoyed crossing my arms.
“You could get much money and even become famous for that video.” He tried to convince us.
“No, means no!” I almost yelled.
“But girls please!” He begged.
“We told u that we don’t want to be in your video!” I yelled and looked at the others.
“You would be perfect for that video.” He zei still irritated.
“We don’t want to…” Ashley zei a bit shy.
“Why, do u hate them?” He asked.
“No, the complete opposite. We love them.” zei Sofia, behind me.
“Then why don’t u play in their muziek video?” He asked confused and irritated.
“…because we’re too shy to face them.” Ashley added.
“They’re shy. I just don’t want to be near them.” I zei cheeky.
“That’s not a reason.” He tried to convince us again.
“Sorry, maybe someone else. See u later, Simon.” I zei waving him goodbye and then walking with the other girls away.

***In the hallway***
“He is cheeky.” Ashley zei smiling.
“I don’t want to be in their video.” I zei texting on my phone.
“Yeah we know. Let’s go get some coffee.” Sofia zei jumping around.
“Sure we just need to-” I was stopped because I crushed into something and fall down. I fall on my butt and it hurt, “What the…”
“I’m sorry let me help you.” I heard a voice in front of me.
“Can’t u look where you’re going?” I almost yelled, but then I opened my eyes and saw a not so unknown face smiling at me. My face got red. Not because I blushed I was freaking mad.
“No thanks.” I pushed his hand away from me and got up alone.
“I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking.” He smiled.
“I know u weren’t, but u should begin to.” I zei annoyed.
“Wow, I guess someone got up on the wrong leg.” He joked and I rolled my eyes.
“No, she just saw something disgusting today.” I added.
“What?” He looked at me.
“You…” I zei and walked away.
“You have to forgive her behavior. She is just a bit mad today.” Sofia smiled and looked at a brown haired boy and then blushed a bit and looked away.
“It’s ok. It just bothers me why she doesn’t like me.” He zei smiling.
“Well, she does-” I cut her off, “Sofia, Ashley come here. Let’s go.” I yelled.
“Sorry, we got to go. Bye-bye” Sofia waved and they both run after me.

3rd person’s POV
“They were cute.” A curled boy smiled.
“Yes, they are.”
“Hey Simon, were those the girls for the video.” A blond boy asked wondering.
“They were supposed to be…” He looked at them, “…but they won’t do it.”
“Why not?”
“I don’t know. They just told me that they don’t want to do it.” He replied.
“…but they would be perfect for the video.”
“I know.” Simon began, “We can find some other girls.”
“No, we want those, right boys?”
“Yes.” They all supported him.
“…But they zei that they don’t want to.” Simon looked skeptic at them.
“We’re 1D. We can do anything!” They zei confident.

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 Made also by: Vampire_Lover97
Made also by: Vampire_Lover97
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