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~ Leaving One Direction ‘ s house ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    It was getting late and violet and I had church tomorrow . Its 10 ; 25 . I went to go get violet in Harry ‘ s room . I saw them cuddling , it was adorable . I tapped her shoulder and she woke up . I told her it was time to go . She gently kissed Harry ‘ s cheek , left her number on his dresser , and left . Then we zei bye to Liam and Louis . Not Zayn though , we couldn’t find him . While I was going to say bye to Niall violet went to look for Zayn so she can say bye . She gave me the keys to the car so I can start it . Before Niall and I zei bye we had a short conversation .
Convo ;
“ I cant wait until tomorrow . “ he said
“ Me neither . “ I zei “ Good – bye Niall . “
“ Bye . “
    Before I left he gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and a hug . I got gans bumps all over . I zei bye again and went to start the car .

violet ‘ s P . O . V
    I was looking for Zayn . I checked his room , nothing . I wonder where he was . I spent about 3 minuten walking around the house looking for him . As I was walking I noticed someone on the balcony . It was Zayn . We started a conversation .
Convo ;
“ hallo . “ I said
“ Hi . “ he zei just staring at the sky
“ I came to say bye , Im about to leave . “
“ Ohh , well bye . “
“ Um , bye . “
    I gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek and left .

Zayn ‘ s P . O . V
    When she kissed my cheek , my hart-, hart dropped to my stomach . And when she left I had this huge smile on my face . I wanted to just see her again . She was so nice and beautiful . She was Harry ‘ s girl though … not mine , sadly . I would not want to ruin my best friend ‘ s relationship . If only she was mine .

Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    Violet dropped me off at my house . I got home pagina at 11 ; 25 p .m . I took my showered , brush my teeth , tried to go to sleep , but I just could . After church I will have the greatest time with Niall . Just him and I at the park . Nothing will go wrong as long as Im with him . He made me feel complete and so happy . He was funny , sweet , and very adorable . I wanted to be his and I wanted him to be mine , and mine only .
    When I woke up it was about 10 ; 55 a . m . Niall was going to text me what time to meet him at the park . I was so excited when I woke up . My parents noticed that I was in a good mood . When they questioned me I just zei I gonna meet up with a friend today . I was getting ready for church . It started at 12 ; 30 . I took a douche , curled my hair , and got dress . I wore a dressy white overhemd, shirt and black pants with flats, appartementen . I then had breakfast and went to church .

Niall ‘ s P . O . V
    I was very nervous about this datum with Stephanie . I had no idea what to wear of what we were gonna do there . I just want to be with her . She is so nice and a great person . I ‘ ll text her at around 1 ; 00 saying to meet me there at 1 ; 50 . I just couldn’t wait to see her again . I have feelings for her , and every dag they grow . She stal my hart-, hart , and she wouldn’t get out of my head . Another thing is that I wanna get her that purple dress . It would put a smile on her face , for sure . So I wrapped up the present and put “ To Steph , Love Niall “ . I just wanted her to be happy . I thought if I got her that dress , it would make her happy and make her smile . I just couldn’t wait .

Zayn ‘ s P . O . V
     I went to the mall to get that purple bracelet for her . When I went to the store , they had one meer in stock . Hopefully this one will fit her perfectly . I asked the cashier to inpakken, wrap it up for me . I didn’t know when to give it to her . I didn’t even know how she would get it . As long as she had it , I would be happy . Just to see her wear it .

~ Trying to make the chapters longer . Sorry if any mistakes ... ~
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