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posted by ZoeyMalik28
(A/N Hope u enjoys this one too! It's nice to know u like the What Makes Him Beautiful story)

Harry's. P.O.V

I guess the party was a traumatic thing because Hanna won't get out of bed. She's been crying her hart-, hart out. She says she needs to talk to me,but in one day. She zei she'd probably stop crying at that time. Everytime Selena called,she'd throw the phone at the wall. Luckily,it was the home pagina phone. Ours were veilig in our pockets,blocking Selena's numbers. Hanna let me lay down volgende to her,to comfort her,and sleep on her bed with her.

"Harry,why did u lie to me? About Bella?" Hanna asked,her eyes searching over me

I spun around to face her on the bed,''I guess I was just afraid of your reaction"

"Afraid of my reaction?!" She laughed lightly,her laugh sounded like bells to me

I nodded,"Why do u say it like that?"

"Because I was afraid of your reaction about Zayn and I...." Hanna said,her face darkening a bit

"Babe,I can't stay mad at u forever. Your angelic face,those red lips I miss every single second,your eyes." I said,pushing a dirty blonde strand of her hair behind her ear

Hanna blushed,"Well,I guess that dag is today. Is there anything else you're hiding that you're afraid to kiss and tell?"

I smiled a bit,''Well,I haven't broken up with some American girl. I dated her for like 2 weeks and then I left L.A"

"Mhmm,interesting. Do u think your now ex would mind if I did this?" Hanna placed her red lips on mine. Our lips the moved in sync. I barely got her forgiveness so I wouldn't go out of hand with her.

"Guys,can I talk to you?" Selena zei from the doorway,Justin stood stubbornly volgende to her

Niall was having a freak attack about Justin being across his room,in his room's hall. Ah,Nialler.Liam was calming down Niall. Zayn was in the restroom,checking out his reflection. Louis was blocking the doorway from Selena.

"Who let her in here?!" I barked

Selena winced,"I'm really sorry"

"No,no. You're not! u lied straight through your teeth and zei none other than I'm sorry and not saying why u kissed Harry" Hanna snarled

Louis let Justin pass,but not Selena.

"You both know I'd never hurt you" Justin whispered

Hanna pulled him into a hug. Justin pulled back and we both nodded at each other.

"Justin,you can stay here. Niall has an extra bed in his room" Liam stated,pushing Selena a bit to get to Hanna's bed.

I nodded at Hanna as she mouthed,"You sure?"

Justin shrugged,"If it doesn't bother any of you,I'm fine"

Hanna's P.O.V

I'm glad Selena has to go back to her mom. Go back to living with her. Liam probably suggested Justin to stay here because half the people were still at the party,mansion. And were partying again. That party was going to be a story to bring up to Harry whenever we were angry at each other. If I got through this,Harry got through this. Harry is a strong person and I love him entirely for that. If it weren't for him,I would still be innocent Hanna,looking for a boy to be with.

-One uur later-

"JUSTIN!!!" Bella screeched,jumping at him.

Justin held out his arms,holding Bella close to him,"Bella,I really need your help" I heard him whimper

Aw,that's so cute. Ohh,maybe they should be together. Well,I shouldn't be doing the whole match maker thing right now especially since I almost lost Harry.

"Aw,babe. u missed me" Bella cooed,pecking his cheek,and then laughed

"S-selena and I broke up" Justin said

Bella then froze,"Why?"

"She was in a blonde wig at one of his concerts and s-she kissed Harry" I suceeded at saying out loud

"Hanna,Justin. I'm so sorry" Bella whispered silently

We both nodded

"Are u and know...together?" Bella asked,she was clearly remembering that they slept together

"Yes,we are. But there was something else that could've broken us apart" I responded,nudging Harry

"I lied to her about sleeping with you. She slept with Zayn and I. But she told me the truth unlike me.I told her i slept with a girl named Bella Delionder which wasn't my best choice since I could've lost Hana" Harry confessed

Bella had a tear streaming down her cheek,"If I could've told you,Hanna,I would"

"Bella,don't cry. It's fine" Justin said,pushing her dark brown wavy hair behind her ear.

"Bella,there's no need to cry" I said,kind of excited that Justin was caring for Bella.

Harry sighed,"I need to talk to Hanna alone. May we have a moment? And Selena,leave. Hanna doesn't want to talk to you. Justin doesn't either so just leave right now while u have the chance before Liam throws his aim at you"

Selena nodded sadly,"I'm sorry. I hope u could all forgive me at a time. If the time doesn't come,it's fine. Because I did something I wasn't supposed to and lied to u all. I'm sorry" She turned around and left

Zayn's P.O.V

If I could have one meer kiss from Hanna I would be the happiest person ever. Somehow this was turning into something I never wanted it to be. 3/5 loved Hanna Lloyd. Harry,Liam,and I. I can't believe I was saying that. But something that happened in that party changed how I felt about Hanna. I loved her as a friend and I thought we just had the sis/bromance thing going on. But when the party happened,everything changed. If I could just hold Hanna in my arms again,I would feel better. All of this was changing us and we all knew it. Hanna effected us all. She's giving me no choice,but to fall for her perfect beauty.

Liam's P.O.V

I didn't invite Justin to stay over to cause drama. But I sort of knew how Justin felt. When I broke up with this other girl named Brenda,I fell head over heels for her. But when she kissed Niall,I was hart-, hart broken and couldn't stand looking at her. But now that I see Hanna,she's completely different from Brenda. I felt I loved her and I don't know what has happened to me. Hanna has been changing this band. We were still the perverted boyband everyone loved,but in our real lives we were all worried about Hanna,our bestfriend. Our bestfriend for many years. Since we went to X-Factor. When we left her,we were heartbroken. We all knew Harry missed her the most,but in realization I realized I missed her alot. And we all couldn't live without Hanna,because she literally made our lives better.

Niall's P.O.V

I don't know what is up with Zayn and Liam. Everytime they see Hanna,they completely change and start being weird. It was weird to see especially since Harry was with her. They look at her with lust. It was something completely different from how Louis and I look at Hanna. But I know deep inside,Liam has loved her for years.
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