*He was born on December 24th 1991 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

*He's a Capricorn.

*If Louis had superpowers, he would FLY...

*He is a fan of girls who eat carrots...maybe because they can see in the dark meer clearly?!

*When Louis was younger, he wanted to work on a farm.

*Louis is dating a Manchester universiteit girl, Eleanor Carden.

*Louis has passed his driving test.

*Louis' favoriete color is DARK red.

*Louis supports Manchester Football Club. Just like Harry and Zayn.

*Louis got dressed up as a carrot in the X Factor Live sjees, gig in Nottingham 2011!!

*If Louis had a son, he'd call him Leo of Lucas.

*He loves to party!!

*He is a giver, NOT a taker!

*Louis' least favoriete food is baked beans.

*It takes OVER 30 minuten to get him ready and especially do his hair!

*He is the oldest of all the 1D members. 1/5, basically.