One dag I was going to say home pagina with my mom.I invited my vrienden over a while later.When they came to my house we played games (and one of them was truth of dare).
I picked a dare and one of my vrienden zei that I had to do the Bloody Mary challenge in the bathroom.So I got a candle.I turned off the lights,lit the candle and zei Bloody Mary's name three times.When I did that she appeared but vanished quickly.Then all of a sudden HARRY showed up in the mirror!!That made me really confused and a little nervous at the same time.
So I left the bathroom and told my vrienden about what happened.They didn't believe me so they did the challenge themselves.Once they did the whole Bloody Mary naming 3 times thing she appeared but then the same thing happened like before.She vanished quickly and Harry was in the mirror!
My vrienden was screaming in horror and ran from the bathroom.They asked "why was he in the mirror?!!"
I didn't know why I mean he's not a ghost.He's still around.So that left me and my vrienden in complete shock and confusion.So we decided not to do that again for a while.It was a "Bloody Harry mystery".

When I went to bed I started dreaming about Harry in the mirror.His red eyes looking at me.And the blood on his mouth!So far I was having a nightmare!
I felt really scared and my hart-, hart was pumping really fast.I didn't know what to do that night.I was pacing around in my room wondering about what happened to Harry.
I was on my computer in the morning and it zei "People Have Been Doing The Bloody Mary Challenge But Harry Styles Shows Up In Peoples Mirrors".The news was spreading and some people took down their mirrors.

To Be Continued....