One Direction u KNOW YOUR A DIRECTIONER WHEN.............

JinelleS posted on Apr 28, 2012 at 06:33AM
-Just the thought of the boys makes you smile.
-You say goodbye to your 1D posters when you leave your room.
-Sometimes you forget you dont actually dont know the boys.
-When you spell something wrong and think "Classic Liam move"
-When you practise signing you name with the boys last names.
-You didnt believe in perfection til you saw One Direction.
-When you see a pigeon your automatically like KEVIN!!!!!.
-When you cant go a day without listening to 1Ds songs.
-They are know known as "My Boys" not One Direction.
-When you hear someone say "Youre insecure" you instantly think "Dont know what for"
-Instead of saying Hi you say "Vas Happenin!!!"
-You know the exact time difference between your country and the country 1D are in.
-When you have replaced "Who run the world, girls" with "Horan the world, Curls".
-You probably could sing WMYB backwards if you tried hard enough.
-You dont mind yelling out 1D related things.
-When you can tell if its actually Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis or Zayn tweeting not just their management.
-You love them all equally (But secretly still have a favourite).
-You dont mind when the boys have girlfriends but inside your secretly dying.

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