One Direction Make a sentence Gamee!

Raeneloves1D posted on Aug 07, 2012 at 03:37PM
So the user Averielise made a game similar to this so i made my oun. All credit to her. so here we goo!

First Letter of your name
a-b: I kissed
c-d: I Licked
e-f: I punched
g-h:I lived with
i-j: I ate carrots with
k-l: I ate Nandos with
m-n: I tweeted
o-p: I pushed
q-r: I kicked
s-t: I tickled
u-v: I murdered
w-x: I went jogging with
y-z: i slapped

Eye Color

Fave Color
Purple: Coz i can
Pink: And i liked it
Blue: Coz he told me too
Orange: Coz God Told me to ;)
Black- Because i was hungry
Green- And got yelled at for it
Red- Coz i like carrots
Yellow-And Then Caroline Flack showed up....
Other- Coz im Sexy and i know itt

Tell me what you gott!!!

One Direction 11 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden DiamondYJ said…
I got:
I licked Niall coz he told me to. XDXDXDXD
een jaar geleden JesssxZ said…
I ate carrots with Liam and I liked it :)
een jaar geleden MJsValentine said…
I slapped Niall because I was hungry. xD
een jaar geleden Vamp_Fan_25 said…
I licked Louis coz I can xD
een jaar geleden Aphrodite100 said…
I tweeted Liam and got yelled at for it.
xD oops....sowwy...not ;D
een jaar geleden XxOneDeexX said…
I tickled Liam coz i can :D
een jaar geleden MaryHoran20 said…
I tweeted Louis coz I like carrots ;)
een jaar geleden Natbr said…
I tweeted Liam And i liked it
een jaar geleden Miraaa said…
I kissed Niall because I was hungry.
een jaar geleden Amberla said…
big smile
I tweeted Liam coz I can.
Yeah baby!
een jaar geleden randomgirl3000 said…
I licked Harry and got yelled at for it!
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