One Direction Who wants a One Direction Imagine? (Long & Short)

lovee_liamm_ posted on Aug 09, 2013 at 08:30PM
Fill this out :

Your name ;
One Direction boy ;
Your personality ;
Your looks ; (eyes, hair, etc.)
Your hobbies ;
Anything else you want me to know about you ;
Relationship change ? ; *examples; gf to ex to gf again, gf to fiancé, fan to gf, idk anything else you can think of*
Where & When ;
Other ; (such as fight, tradegy, pregnancy oops)

Be Patient! :) I do all (:

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een jaar geleden lovee_liamm_ said…
Anyone?? OMG
een jaar geleden Amberla said…
big smile
Harry Styles
Sweet, funny, caring yet shy until you get to know me
Acting, singing and dancing
Good friends to lovers
On the beach under the stars
Comforts me because my fiancée dumped me
een jaar geleden MaryHoran20 said…
Zayn Malik
Blue eyes, Brown hair
Writing stories, Drawing,
gf to fiance
On the beach at sunset
Twitter hate
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