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 One Direction - Fabulous Magazine 2013.
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This One Direction foto contains rijbaan and rijbanen. There might also be straat, stad scène, stedelijke omgeving, stad straatbeeld, stedelijke instellen, lange broek, auto, suv, vrachtwagen, and truck.

Tanya’s P.O.V:

It’s been 4 days since Mickie was knocked out door Melissa, and she still hasn’t woken. Melissa must’ve hit her REALLY hard! Because she usually wakes up the very volgende day. I decided to ask Melissa.

“Mel?” I whispered as I walked into her bedroom.
“Yeah?” she answered.
“I was just wondering how hard u hit Mickie the other day?” I asked.
“I didn't hit Mickie, she collapsed.” She told me.
“Oh shit!” I roared.

“Tanya call the ambulance love!” my mom spoke with a tone of panic in her voice.
“Why mummy?” I questioned.
“It’s Mickie- she’s collapsed....
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Kate’s P.O.V:

Grrrr! Im very annoyed at the moment. Why does harry want to know where leah and niall are? Its not like they’ve been tied up and kidnapped of something like that! They can take care of themselves... kinda. I got leahs number and rang it. I put it on speaker so harry could hear. There was no answer. For god sake, i know she is sad and all but she doesn’t need to INGORE my phone calls! Im going to kill her when she comes back. That is, IF she comes back!

“will u call her again?” harry asked. “no.” I told him. “will u call niall?” he asked. “only if u get...
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