Have u ever noticed that most of the Straw Hats don't have parents??? If u have; good for you. If u haven't; u should pay meer attention. Most of the Straw Hats, we never meet their real parents... Some of them, we have a gist of who they are/were. Some, we know one parent, of an adoptive parent. Others, a blank. We know their past, but not their parents. And that's what I'm inquiring about... Let's start off with Luffy...

What do we know about Luffy's past??? A whole lot meer than most of the other Straw Hat's, I'll tell u that. We know who his Grandfather is, we know who his father is, we know that he had an adoptive brother and someone that he thinks of as a brother, we know that he has a hero and we know that he has someone that is sort of a motherly figure in his life.
Grandfather: Monkey D. Garp
Father: Monkey D. Dragon
Adoptive Brother: Portgas/Gol D. Ace
T.O.A. Brother: Sabo
Hero: Shanks
Motherly Figure: Dadan
But what we don't know is: who his mother and his Grandmother are. There are many theories on this point, but the truth has yet to be revealed door Oda Sensei. The only thing that we know for sure is that they would both have to be a heck of a woman to marry someone from THAT family.

What do we know about Zoro's past??? We know that he left his home pagina town and tried to take over a dojo. While having never held a sword before in his life. As far as we know, no one came to look for him. And the only flashbacks that we've ever seen (before he left to become the greatest swordsman) have been him in the dojo. The only people that we know he was close to are his dojo master and his friend/arch enemy who he could never beat.
Dojo Master: Koshiro
Friend/Enemy: Kuina
Could Zoro be an orphan? Is that why he left the village? Did he run away? Why would (as far as we know) no one come to look for him? What's his real story? The story before the story that we know? What happened to him that he would come and challenge that dojo without any knowledge of swordsmanship? Here's a theory: Zoro's parents were talented swordsmen, and they always told him to be like them one day. But then, one dag they were killed. After this, Zoro ran away. Wanting to make his deceased parents proud, he decided to find a dojo and challenge it. Though he had never used a sword before (being too young) he challenged the dojo and lost. Then, he wanted to get better. Both to make his parents proud, and to defeat the girl who beat him. But, that's just a theory...

What do we know about Nami's past??? We know that she has an adoptive Mother and Sister. And we know that her village was taken over door Arlong and his crew.
Adoptive Mother: Bell-mere
Adoptive Sister: Nojiko
But, what happened before that??? She was found, in the arms of a girl who had never met her before in a brand set door pirates. Why was she there? And how were the two of them still alive??? I doubt that Oda would make this part of her past boring. What with his imagination. So, I have a theory about this too: Nami is the daughter of the Navigator the group of Pirates who set the town ablaze. (I figure that Nami has some criminal blood in her. Also, she's a natural born Navigator. It has to come from some where.) The Navigator decided to take this chance to be rid of this child, of the captain zei they couldn't keep her. Either way, she's left behind in a burning Village. Nojiko is a gypsy (I think that she looks like one. Plus, she would have to be pretty tough to try and save a baby as well as herself.) Her parents tell her to run. They don't care if they die, but they want their daughter to have some kind of a life. So, they tell her to run. However, on her way out of the Village, she hears crying. She goes over to see what it is, and she finds Nami. She decides to take the strange baby with her. As she's almost out of the village, she meets Bell-mere. She then saves and Adopts them. I think that Nojiko is a Gypsy and Nami is a Pirate because of their personalities. It might be because of being raised door Bell-mere, but I think that it comes from their heritance as well.

What do we know about Usopp's past??? Quite a lot actually. We know his Mom, his Dad and his (maybe) crush.
Mom: Banchina
Dad: Yasopp
(Maybe) crush: Kaya
We can assume that he had a normal village boy life until his Father left to become a pirate. Most likely making him an object of ridicule and bullying from other children. Then, about a jaar later, his Mother succumbs to a deadly illness. Leading him to lie to himself and others, making up stories, just to make himself feel better.

What do we know about Sanji's past??? The answer is: very little. We know about a very traumatic part of his childhood, but what about before that??? We know that he was born in the North Blue and Raised in the East Blue. The vraag that I want answer is: How??? How did he, a 7 jaar old boy, manage to get across the Redline? All we know is that he was a cook in training and he was on a ship. The little knowledge about his past makes it hard to come up with a hypothesis. However, I could guess that maybe his parents were ster chefs and they sent him away to become one too. Or, maybe he has a similar past to Zoro, only his parents were cooks. Or, maybe his parents were on that ship, and they died.

What do we know about Chopper's past??? Chopper is actually the Straw Hat that we know the most about. We know that he was born a misfit, being a reindeer with a blue nose. Even his own parents hated him for it. Then, one dag he mistakenly ate a Devil Fruit and became even meer of a misfit, now being able to walk and talk and everything else that people do. So, not being able to fit in with his own kind, he tries to fit in with people. But, they thought that he was a Monster and shot at him. It was only when he met Hiluluk that he found a place that he truly belonged. But then Hiluluk died, so he went to go live with Kureha, who taught him how to be a proper Doctor. No theorizing is necessary for Chopper. We know practically everything. Though we've never met his Family, we know that they are reindeer who hate him. And reindeer don't usually have names.

What do we know about Robin's past??? Quite a lot actually. We know her Mother, her Aunt, her Uncle, her cousin and the people that she considered her family a million times meer than her actually family.
Mother: Nico Olvia
Aunt: Roji (married to Robin’s Uncle)
Uncle: Oran
Cousin: Mizuira
Family: The scholars of Ohara.
Her Aunt, Uncle and cousin are all absolutely horrible people. And since I am under the firm belief that family is not the people you're related to door blood, they are the people who treat u like family. I would say that the scholars of Ohara were Robin's “real family”. However, the only person that we don't know is Robin’s Father. Though we don’t know his name, we can pretty much guess who he was. Since he isn’t present in any of Robin’s flashbacks, that would lead me to believe that he died before she was born of when she was very young. He was an Archaeologist as well, because before Olvia set off to find the poneglyphs, she zei that she will “honour her husband’s dreams”.

What do we know about Frankie’s past??? We know that he has someone that he thinks of as a Fatherly Figure and someone that he thinks of as a Brother.
Fatherly Figure: Tom
T.O.A. Brother: Iceburg
But we don’t know who his real parents are. We know that they are Pirates and that they threw him over board. But, we don’t really know who they are. They must be some pretty powerful pirates to make it to the end of the first half of the Grandline. They might have even made it to the New World. Maybe Franky will meet his parents in the New World. But something I’m wondering is, did they throw him overboard for their benefit, of for his? Did they just want to get rid of him? But if that was the case, then why did they wait so long? He wasn’t exactly a new born when they threw him away. of is it the same case as with Laboon. They might have thrown him overboard to protect him from the dangers of the New World.

What do we know about Brook`s past??? Brook is the Straw hat that we know least about. The furthest back in his past we’ve ever gone, was when he was in his 30’s. We know nothing about his family of childhood of experiences. We only know about his time as a pirate. I can’t even come close to making a guess because there’s absolutely nothing.

Anyway, so before the series ends, there’s a lot of vragen that Oda Sensei needs to answer… So, I don’t think that it’s going to be ending anytime soon.
(P.S. This was my first time writing an Article, so I hope that u liked it. And please comment. I will answer any vragen that u have to the best of my knowledge. :) )