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jstar18 posted on Oct 20, 2010 at 08:11PM
The title explains itself. This is a place where you can make your own Devil Fruit. As we all know there are three types of Devil Fruit: Paramecia, Logia and Zoan. You can choose which ever one you want to make.

Here is an example for how you should make them.

Name of the fruit

Appearance (If the eater's appearance would change)


Those are the main guidelines. Now we know the weakness of Zoan Types, but Paramecia and Logia are different so if you make those ones then remember to put the weaknesses of their DF abilities. Like how Crocodile can be hit if doused with water or how Enel's lightning does nothing to rubber!

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een jaar geleden Ryuji013 said…
No-No fruit

Type: Logia
Appearance: An apple shaped fruit with a reflective surface making it seemingly transparent and with the usual swirled devil fruit pattern in white and a single black leaf stemming out from the top.

Power: The user has the ability to become space(Negative, Empty, Unused, Interdimmensional, and outer) (Ex: Allow things to pass through them, turn into nothingness and reappear somewhere else by taking the place of another collection of nothingness, absorbing it to strengthen themeself, using it as an extension of themself, turning them into matter and shaping it how he sees fit, and erasing or adding matter to himself to change his shape, appearance, race, or gender however he sees fit only requiring great attention to detail) and control space(Negative, Empty, Unused, Interdimmensional, and outer) however they see fit (EX: Erasing people into nothingness, draining nothingness from others to kill them by their atoms becoming compressed, crushing atoms with it, heading into other dimmensions with an interdimmensional bridge, breathing in outer space, levitation by making things weight empty space, controling matter by making space physical similar to ceasar draining the air from an area only creating space to push air aside, and manipulating the nothingness within others atoms.)

~~Weakness: Ceasars devil fruit can add gasses to an area limiting space and the areas where he can move about same for other Logia though the user can also turn into space so if there is a wall between a person and him solid, liquid, gaseous, the obstacle must first be eliminated before he can reach the other.
His ability alone could not break anything that contains no space between atoms making Aokiji(Kuzan) his worst nightmare and Akainu(Sakazuki) nothing significant.

~Note: The user can take the knowledge, skills, and devil fruits of others when he turns them to space and can also do many things similar to the Yami Yami no Mi only he turns everything into space not nothingness and can in turn take anything he has ever made into space and make it his own.
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Ryuuikari commented…
I don't get your weaknesses at all... unless you're in a vacuum (such as outer space) there are going to be gases, liquids and solids taking up ‘space’. So from what I can understand this fruit can do little to nothing on any planet with an atmosphere because of these states of matter limiting 'space'. Also I'm assuming that when u zei your Devil Fruit "could not break anything that contains no space between atoms" u meant it cannot break solids? Because Kuzan’s Devil Fruit produces ice and ice is a solid, therefore it has *less* space between atoms (there is ALWAYS space between adjacent atoms); this would then mean that you’ve somewhat contradicted what u zei earlier about gases limiting space... een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden blackpanther666 said…
Name: Daha Daha No Mi (Break Down fruit)

Type: Logia

Fruit appearance: Brown with circular spots and resembles a misshapen pear.

User appearance: No real changes, except that they can assume a intangible form of dirt, or a rock-hard defensive form of earth/rock.

Ability: This fruit is pretty typical of a Logia, in that the user can control the substance of earth/rock around them, which also includes any dirt and metals mixed up in the dirt and also any form of mineral, including rocks, gems and crystals. The user can also phase between the intangible form and the defensive form whenever they choose. The user can basically manipulate all of the above said substances in various different forms of offense and defense.

Cloud of rock-dust: This is more defensive, breaking down all of the rock and earth into fine particles around the user, and allowing it to congregate into a vast storm of dust/rock particle, which obscures the vision of their opponent.

Earthquake: This attack is purely based on offense, utilising the surroundings to cause a massive earthquake, not dissimilar to the offensive attack of the Gura Gura No Mi, except a lot less powerful and does not crack on contact with another human body, only with the actual earth material itself, hence th e difference between a Paramecia and a Logia.

Fists of steel: This attack allows the user to separate the metal out of the earth around them (any metallic substance in the Earth's crust can be used with this Logia) and allow it to surround their rams and fists, allowing them a devastating close-range offensive.
een jaar geleden blackpanther666 said…
Name: Insei-Insei No Mi (Meteor fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: The fruit is essentially similar to a bunch of grapes, except that said grapes are a fiery-red colour and have the typical swirls, a characteristic of the Devil's fruits.

Appearance of user: No change to user's appearance.

Ability: The Insei Insei No Mi is a Paramecia type which allows the user to turn their limbs into burning rocks, which represent typical meteors. However, this is just the general change they allow their body to undergo. The most terrifying ability of this fruit is that off being able to cause real-life meteor showers by firing an unlimited barrage of meteors into the air until they reach the atmosphere, which then heats them again as they re-enter the atmosphere. While this ability can be incredibly slow, in terms of creating a meteor shower, the burning rocks on their personage are more than enough to allow them a defense until that time. The rocks that the user's body can create are generally around 1,000 degrees Celsius and can heat up to around 7,000 - 8,000 degrees in temperature if they are used in the Meteor Shower ability, causing devastating damage.

Meteor Shower: The user fires a barrage of burning rocks into the atmosphere, which then re-enter and heat to the same degree that a real-life meteor would. These meteors cause a massive widesread area of damage, making it difficult to avoid.

Burning Shield: For a short period of time, the user can avoid large amounts of damage, by assuming a form where their body is completely covered by the burning rocks. This is the basic form of defense for the user and an easy attack to utilise in times of need, despite the fact that it can suck away a lot of the user's strength if sustaining the shield for long periods of time, like five minutes, or longer.

Cannon: Using their physical strength, the user can fire a barrage of burning rocks at the opponent, at a rate twice exceeding that of Meteor Shower, which is approximately 1,200 km/h. However ridiculous this may sound, the rocks can be avoided fairly easy using this attack, as they have a much smaller area of effect and only one rock can be fired at a time, though they can be fired one by one at the opponent.
Ryuuikari commented…
BOOM !! Headshot XP een jaar geleden
blackpanther666 commented…
^ Haha, yeah. I should have made that an attack, of something. een jaar geleden
blackpanther666 commented…
And, I now know that Fujitora's fruit can bring down meteors. Well, that sucks. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Ryuuikari said…
Name: Inba Inba no Mi (Invert-Invert Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Fruit appearance: It looks like a watermelon with zigzagged leaves sprouting from the bottom that has had its colours inverted to negative.

Special ability: The Inba Inba no Mi enables the user to invert things.

Strengths: The major strength is that the user can invert different things such as: inverting the colour of an object, living thing or person (including the user); inverting a person’s sense of direction meaning up and down, left and right as well as forward and backward are reversed; inverting a person’s eyesight so they see everything in negative as well as in reverse; inverting a person’s sense of movement so that attempting to move one body part results in the movement of another body part; inverting a person’s sense of morality; inverting a person’s strength of will. What feature is inverted is down to the user.

Weaknesses: The user must make contact with a person or object to be able to invert it. Also the user can only invert one feature on a person or object at one time.
The user of this fruit is also susceptible to the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Techniques: (the user would make their own up)
blackpanther666 commented…
Nice! This kinda reminds me of Shinji's Shikai a little bit, mostly with being able to invert their sense of direction! XD een jaar geleden
Ryuuikari commented…
A keen eye as always BP ! Shinji's shikai was the inspiration of this fruit XD een jaar geleden
blackpanther666 commented…
^ Lol, I just know too much about Bleach and One Piece. Haha. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Korside said…
Name: Grow Grow Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Fruit appearance: Is like an orange with red and purple spike growing from it

Ability: This user can make any item grow on their body and on any surface as many times as they like (apart from their own body parts, making it different to the hana hana no mi)

Strengths: This user can user weapons against the opponent, so the user can make a sword grow out of the opponent's body and slice them with it. The item can also grow out of the user's body, but their body parts cannot grow out of anything.

Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit weaknesses
Korside commented…
Forget to mention, the user can verplaats the object as well. If the user grows a gun, they can shoot it. If the user grows a sword, they can verplaats it. etc. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Korside said…
blackpanther666 commented…
Yo! een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Korside said…
Mirā Mirā no mi

Type: Paramacia

Appearance: This fruit is like a slice of melon but is yellow and black.

Ability: This user has the ability to manipulate mirrors anywhere, which will clone anything that touches them, apart from a full human, although it can transport parts of a human

Kagami no meiro (Maze of Mirrors): Allows the user to create a 'maze of mirrors', where direct hits will ounce off into another mirror and bonce of that and so on. This could act as a sheild against bullets or punches, as it could 'reflect' into opponents.

Me o tobasu (Fly Eye): This creates a diamond like mirror, which bullets would bounce off around 50 times in other directions. This would work well against armies.

Yowai mirā (Weak Mirror): This is a weak mirror and can be broken easily. If this was put into a person, there would be completely unharmed, and a hole would appear (this would grow back after)

the user can make up more
blackpanther666 commented…
This is pretty interesting. I like it! XD een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Cryogenic said…
Name: Dial-Dial no mi
Type: Paramecia

Abilities: Allows the user to use the powers of all the dials that have ever existed. The user is limited to only using the powers through the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet.

Strengths- of note the mere fact that the user will have the powers of the impact, axe and reject dials alone would give him/her an immense offensive and defensive prowess. Also the other dials such as vision and tone dial will give them great skills in intelligence gathering.

Weaknesses- with the nature of the dials the user will mainly rely on close combat meaning they will be vulnerable to most long and mid-ranged attacks. Also with the reject dial, unless the user has a great physique then it would mean using the power of that dial would cause injury to the user. Lastly with the exception of the impact, axe, reject, flash, tone, vision, breath, thunder and heat dials most of the others are useless.

Pretty much I can see this fruit beating most people except for some logia users.
een jaar geleden Protozoan said…
Name: Akuma Akuma no Mi (Devil's Devil Fruit)

Type: Mythical Zoan-Type

Abilities: The user is able to turn into a demonic being from hell. Like most zoan devil fruits the user can also turn into a hybrid-from of the demon and also be able to turn parts of the user's body into the demon. As said being a demon the user is immortal and is said to be able to resurrect and rise from the depths of hell. The main strength granted to the user is its ability to scare off other devil fruit user's power by just looking them into their eye and will be immediately get knocked unconscious despite how strong they are. After they have awaken, the person who have had their powers scared away from them will experience chills and shiver in fear. With more training the user can scare away even the souls of others whether they are a normal person or a devil fruit user. The body of the user can also turn into the flames of hell (amaterasu) which is a black coloured flame which is rumored to burn until the target is incinerated anfd could not be put out with any means. This also grants the user being immune to physical attacks similar to a logia-type user. The body of the demon is also said to be immune to haki based attacks. The flames created by the user is also said to be the purest flame directly from hell which means it is hotter than the flames of the sun. They also can manipulate the chains of hell to trap their opponents. Despite from that they share the same weakness as standard devil fruit user's.

Skill set: Hell Chain - borrow the chains of hell to trap or attack your opponents.
Hell Fire - creates a ball of burning fire and throw them at your opponents.
Burning Hell - stomp the ground causing the ground to crack and the flames of hell shall erupt from those cracks.
Sinisters of Hell - Create a clone of yourself from the flames which could be used either for protection or offensively. The clones could also be made to self-destruct causing insignificant damage to the foe.
Hell's Will - Summon the warrior of hell wielding a large katana covered by amaterasu to aid you in battle.
Amaterasu - Use the flames of hell to incinerate your opponent into dust.
Judgement - Jumps into the sky and punch the ground to create spikes covered by amaterasu to pierce and incinerate your opponents.
Demon Impact - By fully transforming yourself into the demon use a sword created from amaterasu which has now turn into a purple coloured flame with a black colour outline to pierce through even the mightiest defense.
Cryogenic commented…
Perfect opponent for this: Issho (Fugitora), Marine Admiral, also blind so this DF user can't look him in the eye. LOL :p oh also if he goes up against a fishman like, i don't know lets say Jimbei its all over een jaar geleden
Protozoan commented…
Even if the user die he can resurruct as many times as he wants and can even call in the Hell Gate to send the opponents who are defeated to hell, so yeah its like a win-win een jaar geleden
Cryogenic commented…
So if Jimbei sinks the guy's body into the ocean then what. Then Fujitora has access to kairoseki so yea. Simply put there are tons of variables in play here so if u would, stop trying to create invincible DF powers. Its already been zei that every DF power has another that is like their kryptonite. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden thecoolguy95 said…
Name:Tsuchi Tsuchi No Mi

English Name: Earth-Earth Fruit

Type: Logia

Appearance: The fruit is a metalllic grey color and looks like an orange with a single brown stem coming from the top and the traditional swirls on it.

Appearence of user : The user essentially looks the same but Once eaten the users entiire body is made up of solid rock including their internal organs.

Abilities: The user will be become and can control all forms of rock and allow the user to create almost impenitrable rock armor.


HammerFists: The user will generate a large amount of stone on both of his arms and form two hammer like fists. The can smash throguh pretty much anything.

Granite Blade: The user will shift the earth around their arm and form a razor sharp sword composed entirely out of granite and can cut throguh steel

GroundSpike: The user will cover his arm in a layer of rock and smash it against the the ground and cause a massive "bush" of spikes to erupt from the ground and impale anything that lands on them.

StoneShiled gauntlest: The user will form to massive gauntlets of solid, impenitrable rock on both their arms and can increase their strength to superhuman heigths

Golem Armor: The user will incase themselves in a suit of impenitrable rock armor and allows the user to walk under water because of its imense weight and is immune to bullets.

Giga Titan: More of a move tirggered by extreme ammounts of anger and stress the user will gather all the earth and rocks in the surrounding area and become a massive earth golem.

Earth Guardian: Strictly a last resort move, the user will encase himself and the surounding area in rock becoming a motionless statue, the immense wieght of the user and the petrefied area will cause it to sink into the sea.
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Cryogenic commented…
So this logia fruit, is the users body intangible? Because the earth is pretty f*cking hard to me. een jaar geleden
Ryuuikari commented…
This Logia would function in the same manner as the Hie Hie no Mi. While it isn't strictly gaseous of even a liquid, Earth is still an element so it qualifies. een jaar geleden
thecoolguy95 commented…
Well yes it would essentially function in the same way as Aokiji's Hie Hie no Mi een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Newgate01 said…
Name: Geru Geru no Mi

English Name: Gel Gel Fruit

Appearence: It is a blue mango with purple bumps on it.

Abilities: Allow user to control gel.


Gel Shot: Shoots a small amount of special gel.
-Heat Gel: A gel so hot it can melt a piece of titainium.
-Freese Gel: A gel that can freese any thing it touches.
-Explosion Gel: A gel that explodes 5 seconds after it comes in contact of something.

Gel Dragon: Turns user into a dragon made out of gel and gives him/her ability to fly, breeze special gel heat gel.

Muscle Gel: Inhances the strength of any buddy who rubs it on themself.

Judgement Gel: Makes it start to rain gel that will stick on your enemies causing one of the two things to happen.
1. The gel goes really heavy and your enemy collapses under their own wait.
2. The gel covers their whole body trapping them in a gel cocoon.
een jaar geleden thecoolguy95 said…
Name: Suchīru Suchīru no Mi

English Name: Steel-Steel Fruit

Appearance: A circular dark grey fruit with the traditional swirls on it

Type: Logia

Strengths: Once consumed the user will be able to create control and become metal, and is one of the very few devil fruits that can over come weakness of water for devil fruits by encasing the user's body in steelnand increases the users physical strength.

Weaknesses: The fruit however is very vulnerable to ice and magma. SInce metal can be melted by magma and frozen by ice as well as the standard devil fruit weakness.

Sorry this is so short but I realized a while after i made thius that it was too similar to the Supa Supa no Mi

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Ryuuikari commented…
Hate to break it to u but this Devil Fruit is remarkably similar to the Supa Supa no Mi which Daz Bones (Mr. 1) consumed... een jaar geleden
thecoolguy95 commented…
Yeah I already noticed how similar it is and I questioned as to why I even made this fruit een jaar geleden
Ryuuikari commented…
We've all been there :P een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Protozoan said…
Name: Chi Chi no Mi (Blood-Blood Devil Fruit)
Type: Rare Paramecia
Abilities: Able to manipulate the users blood to create weapons or be used as a defense. The user is also able to manipulate the blood of others. They can also control anything which has blood in it or on it in other words any type of blood can be used and controlled by the user. It can even manipulate the blood of Logia-Type devil fruit users even when they are in their elemental form. However, the unique abolity of this devil fruit is more blood = more power, this also grants the user an unlimited supply of blood and body fluid meaning they wont be thirst to death or die of dehydration. They are also able to instantly kill others by making their bodies explode because they are also made of blood.
Skill set: Bloody armamaent: Arm Blades - Creates a crescent shaped blade sprouting on the side of your arms which could cut through almost anything.
Divine cut - Rush through your opponent and creates and X shaped slash to the chest of your opponent.
Bloody armament: revolver - Shoots bullets made of blood from the point of your fingers, the bullets contain dangerous penetrating power.
Bloody armament: Nuclear fission - Creates a hollow shaped sphere and throws it at your opponent trapping them inside it.
Nuclear fission: Explode - Explodes the hollow shaped sphere.
Nuclear fission: Regenerate - Regenerate the person's blood who are inside the sphere.
Nuclear fission: Manipulate - Controls the blood of the person trapped inside it.
Blood Angle - Forms wings similar to an angles but instead they are made of blood.
Blood Angle: Shield Of Zeus - A shield which is said to be made from the heavens and unbreakable even when it is cut by the sword of Hades.
Blood Angle: Genesis - A holy ray of blood rains down from the sky killing anyone who are hit by it.
Blood Devil - Forms wings similar to a devils but instead they are made of blood.
Blood Devil : Sword Of Hades - A sword which is said to be made fromt the depths of hell and is able to cut through anything except for the shield of Zeus.
Blood Devil: Living Hell - Throws your sword to the ground which cause the ground to break and also sprouts blood magma which are said to be as hot as the flames from hell.
Equilibrium - Combines the two powers of the blood angle and blood devil to become one.
Equilibrium: Death Scythe - Summons two scythe-toting reapers to come down and destroy enemies.
Equilibrium: Ender - Combines the shield and sword to form a giant blade that instantly eliminates them.

Weakness: Must have blood to use their powers which means the user need to cut themselves for blood to flow to use their powers but skilled users are able to use their powers without cutting themselves to produce blood. Aside from that is the standard devil fruit weakness.

Cryogenic commented…
This one is too easy: Perfect opponents are Brook, Kuma (he's a cyborg now so no blood) and Franky (also a cyborg). The result for Brook and Franky I believe would be very hard but for Kuma, well that is pretty self-explanitory (Kuma wins). een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Ryuuikari said…
Name: Mushi Mushi no Mi (Ignore-Ignore Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Fruit appearance: The Mushi Mushi no Mi looks like bunch of red grapes, except the grapes appear as miniature pears.

Special ability: The Mushi Mushi no Mi bestows the user with full immunity towards all other Devil Fruits.

Strengths: The user is completely unaffected by the powers of all other Devil Fruits regardless of their effects; even the Yami Yami no Mi is not exempt from this Devil Fruit’s power. This also extends to the user being able to touch (and thus strike) Logia users in their intangible state and Paramecia users that can alter their body structure into liquid and gaseous substances, without consequence or backlash from their Devil Fruit power. Anyone in contact with the user is also rendered immune to Devil Fruit abilities.

Weaknesses: The Mushi Mushi no Mi does not negate Devil Fruit abilities but merely makes the user immune to them; this means the fruit offers no real additional protection against most Zoan users and some Paramecia users. Also due to the fruit’s power, the user cannot be directly healed or aided by a Devil Fruit power.
The user of this fruit is also susceptible to the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Techniques: (the user would create their own)
een jaar geleden Doflamingo said…
Name : Fast Fast fruit
Type : Paramecia

Abilities:allow user to run as fast as the speed of light

Weakness : haki and water

my favorite fruit from one piece is yami yami no mi and magma magma fruit
een jaar geleden Cryogenic said…
Name: Beast-Beast fruit (Model Chimera)

Type: Mythical Zoan

Appearance: multicolored star-fruit with large swirl

Abilities: it allows the user to transform into a chimera, a mythical Greek creature. It consists of two forms; the full transformation and a hybrid.

Strengths: gives the user a massive boost in physical strength and an impressive gain in size. The user is also able to breath fire and can freely control all 3 heads.

Weakness: hmmm... I don't know? Gan Fall riding his Pegasus maybe.
een jaar geleden Ryuuikari said…
Name: Uma Uma no Mi, Model: Unicorn (Horse-Horse Fruit, Model: Unicorn)
Type: (Mythical) Zoan
Fruit appearance: The fruit takes the appearance of a silver-coloured pear with a swirled horn protruding from the side.

Special ability: The Devil Fruit allows the user to turn into a unicorn hybrid and a full unicorn at will.

Strengths: The fruit endows the user with enhanced endurance and strength and greatly enhanced speed as well as perfect vision in low to nil light levels. The user also possesses the ability to purify a person or object of all evil, sin or corruption via touch with the tip of their horn.

Weaknesses: The user of this fruit is also susceptible to the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.

Techniques: (user would make their own)
een jaar geleden AsianWill31297 said…
Ganma Ganma no mi
Type: Rare Logia
Appearance: Reddish, greenish pineapple with white swirls
English Translation: gamma gamma fruit
Description: user gains the ability to create, manipulate, and become gamma radiation. Anyone who comes in a 5 meter radius are immediately infected with radiation poisoning.
1. H-Fist: play on H-bomb. Dangerous attack that gives the opponent radiation poisoning in the injured area
2. Atomic Hammer: a powerful kick that emits a large wave of gamma radiation
3. Nuclear Shot: user shoots a beam of gamma radiation
4. Nuclear Volley: user shoots multiple beams of gamma radiation
5. Atomic Hydra: user creates multiple dragon-like heads made of gamma radiation that give radiation poisoning to any who are "eaten" by them
6. H-Hug: a type of bear hug that gives the opponent immediate radiation poisoning
7. Gamma Touch: user is able to give radiation poisoning to anyone he/she touches
8. Gamma Wave: user produces a wave of gamma radiation
9. Gamma Tsunami: user produces a great wave of gamma radiation
10. Nuclear Giant: user becomes a giant made of gamma radiation
een jaar geleden thecoolguy95 said…
Name: Kuikku Kuikku no Mi

English name: Quick-Quick Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: A flat white, circular shaped fruit with a long single curling stem growing into the form of swirl with the traditional devil fruit swirls on it.

Abilities: When eaten the user will gain incredible almost inhuman speed and agility and will be able to run on water making the user a Quick Human.

Strengths: The fruit's major strength is that it gives the user inhuman speed and agility making them almost impossible to track and too difficult to hit with normal attacks. The user can even nullify their own water weakness by simply running over it.

Weakness: Because this fruit is mainly used for evading then it evidently lower the user's attack power greatly and may only be substantial if the user lands an attack while running.
een jaar geleden thecoolguy95 said…
Name: Nendo Neno no Mi

English Name: Clay-Clay Fruit

Type: Rare Logia

Appearance: an orange-brown oval shaped fruit with a curling stem and the traditional swirls on it.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The main strength of this fruit as with all other Logia fruits, is that it allows the user to create control and become clay. One unique aspect of this fruit is that it allows the user the switch from tangible to intangible in an instant. If an enemie punches the user, then he/she can simply turn into clay and allow that attack to sail through them, and then harden their clay-like body to trap oppenets.

Weakness: The only known weakness for this fruit is the standard devil fruit weakness.

List of Attacks:

Nendo Pistol: (literally meaning "Clay Pistol") The will cover his fist and arm in clay and snaps it forward in a stretching forward punch similar to Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol

Nendo shīrudo: (literally meaning "Clay Shield") The user extends their arm forward generating a large amount of clay on to ther arm and turning their fist into a very sturdy and nearly indestructible shield of clay

Nendo sāberu: (literally meaning "Clay Saber") The user will generate a large amount of clay from the palm of their hand and solidify it into a nearly indestructible and very sturdy sword made up of clay

Dai hanmā: (literally meaning "sledgehammer") The user will generate a huge amount of clay into their arms and hands and mold them into powerful sledgehammers and can be used to smash through virtually anything.

Kureigōremu: (literally meaning: "Clay Golem") The user will envelop their body in a suit of extremely heavy, hardened clay armor.

last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Sakelover112 said…
Name: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Snow Lion

Type: Mythical Zoan

Appearance: A pear with a stem that looks a thin tail of a snow lion.

Strength and Weaknesses: The user of the fruit can turn into a hybrid snow lion or a full snow lion. It grants them amazing strength and speed when in hybrid form and full form, respectivly, and increasing thier senses when in both forms. Mostly futile against ice, due to the snow lion's earth element. Standard Devil Fruit Weakness
last edited een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Cryogenic said…
Name: Enerugi-Enerugi no Mi (energy-energy fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: an apple, half of it being rotten and the other half completely ripe

Ability: allows the user to manipulate and redirect energy. what is meant by redirecting is that the user simply removes all the energy from an object or area, (note: the energy can be in any form; solar, nuclear, electric, light, etc.) and concentrates it into another object or area. this can essentially cause wide-scale explosions.

Strengths: the user can turn any object into a bomb and can also set off ranged explosions.

Weakness: because this is not a logia the user can be harmed by the explosions and excess energy. also, depending on how big an explosion the user wants, it can take several seconds or even minutes to redirect enough energy.

Apocalypse: the user picks up a multitude of small objects, stones or marbles, and infuses them with energy. he/she then throws them into the air and upon landing they explode.

Initial chaos: the user redirects enough energy to destroy a ship in a single explosion. it only takes 10 seconds to create and has a blast radius of 15 meters.

Heavens touch: the user takes the life energy from nearby trees to accelerate his healing to an inhuman, if not godly speed.

Fates End: the user spend 10 minutes concentrating energy to a single point. upon releasing the energy it goes nuclear, destroying everything for miles.

*note: all attacks can be infused with Haki, however they cannot be strengthened with it; it is only used so that the attack can harm logia DF users.
last edited een jaar geleden
wolfmaster3000 commented…
be interesting to watch this fruit against my Sen-Sen-No-Mi a Devil fruit in witch the user is composed of such Energy een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Monkey-d-Leo95 said…
Name: Gōsuto Gōsuto no Mi

English Name: Ghost-Ghost Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: A white bulb-shaped fruit the with the traditional swirls and a green stem and leaves at the top

Abilities: Once eaten the user will gain all the propperties of a ghost, including the ability to turn invisible, posssion, and the ability to walk through walls.

Weakness: This fruit makes the user very vulnerable to cold such as the Hie Hie no Mi

een jaar geleden Monkey-d-Leo95 said…
Name: Himei Himei no Mi

English Name: Shriek-Shriek Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Appearacne: A bulb-shaped fruit with a green stem and leaves on top and the traditonal swirls.

Strengths: The Shriek-Shreik Fruit allows the user emit extremely powerful, ear-splitting shrieks. In fact the shreik is so powerful that in can easily destroy serveral ships and level half a town, the sound waves are also visible.

Weakness: Since this fruit relies heavily on the user's throat and voice box then the user must keep their throat hydrated otherwise they could easily rupture their throat.

een jaar geleden onepiecefan1233 said…
Name: Konchū Konchū no mi model praying mantis

In human form the user is more alert to his or hers surrounding area and faster reflexes

In beast form the user is capable of flight and the size of a mantis and is much faster during flight

In hybrid form the user has sharp scythes and mandibles capable of cutting and ripping flesh off and is capable of flight
een jaar geleden onepiecefan1233 said…
Name: Suraimu Suraimu no mi

English name: slime slime fruit

Type logia

The slime fruit grants the user the ability to turn his or her body in to slime

Technics: slime hold: the user covers the target in quick hardening slime and traps them

Corrosive slime shot: the user shoots globs of corrosive slime that melt almost anything

Slime shield: the user creates a wall of hard slime to block almost anything

Corrosive slime whip: the user creates a whip out of corrosive slime

Quirks: the user is much more flexible and he or she is able to hide anything in their bodies and its completely immune to bullets,canon balls, swords and impact damage unless its haki
een jaar geleden Cryogenic said…
Name: Phase Phase Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Ability: allows the user to send his body into other dimensional plains. The users body is still basically visible in the 3rd dimensional plain. This makes the users body completely intangible, not even haki can be used against the user. The user can also leave portions of his body outside the 3rd dimensional plain while other portions remain in the 3rd dimensional plain. Example: the user makes the rest of his body intangible but leaves his fist tangible to be able to attack.

Strengths: Complete intangibility, ultimate defense; need I say more?

Weakness: Water and Kairoseki still affects the user as the energy they emit would technically be inter-dimensional. Also remaining in another dimensional plain for too long will shorten the users life-span.
Rate: 3 years after 30 secs and one month for every additional second after that.
Of greater risk is the fact that it takes 3 seconds before the user can shift back to another dimension. Explained: If the user enters another dimension to become intangible then re-enters the third dimension; s/he will need to wait 3 seconds before they can re-enter the other dimension again.

Note: this only works if the user stays in another dimensional plain for 30 consecutive seconds.

I think that this is clear. If anyone's confused about something just ask and I'll try to clarify it.
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een jaar geleden hiiamjello said…
Undo-Undo Fruit

Ability: user can eat to lose affects and power of his/her devil fruit, in return he can swim again and a copy of this and original devil fruit are made so if they change their mind they can turn their power on/off
een jaar geleden Riikaye said…
Mythical zoan- gargoyle

half form is your normal body but instead you have arms of stone with claws and legs as well

full gargoyle is a stone statue of a gargoyle that can't move but is extremely strong so basically a shield and a hide away because while in full form colour haki won't register you.
een jaar geleden Riikaye said…
Paramecia- cactus allows you to take on the basic structure of a cactus which includes not having to drink a lot of water

CACTUS BOMBS, you throw small cactus' into the ground and like mines when you you step on the small spikes erupt from the ground
CACTUS SHOT, your fingers shoot spines out like guns
CACTUS MELEE, your hands and legs can turn into cactus' with spines
CACTUS SPINES, causes spines to erupt from your back like a shield
LIVING CACTUS, allows you to become a cactus monster like basil Hawkins straw monster but more cactus-y
een jaar geleden Riikaye said…
i just posted like 2 things and their gone
een jaar geleden Ryuuikari said…
Name: Juten Juten no Mi (Fill-Fill Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Fruit appearance: It is a cylindrical light blue fruit, around the size of a melon, with dark blue squiggles all over it. It has a leafy green stem.

Special ability: The Juten Juten no Mi allows the user to generate an infinite supply of anything.

Strengths: There are endless applications for this fruit that can be used on any object or person (including the user). Examples would be: causing a vehicle to never run out of fuel, causing a gun to have unlimited ammunition, cause a canteen to never run out of water, the user holding their breath indefinitely by making their lungs never run out of air, the user never get tired by giving themselves unlimited stamina/energy etc.

Weaknesses: The user must be in contact with the person or object for this Devil Fruit’s ability to take effect; as soon as contact is lost, the object or person returns to having their limited supply.
The user of this fruit is also susceptible to the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.
een jaar geleden AsianWill31297 said…
Name: Seiryu Seiryu no mi

English translation: Azure Azure fruit

Type: Mythical Zoan type

Fruit appearance: blue, gold, and white swirled dragon fruit

User's appearance:

Normal form- eye pupils become sky blue, user's clothes choice will consist mostly of the colors blue, gold and white, nails become sharp enough to cut through diamond.

Hybrid form- user can turn certain body parts into chinese dragon parts (like Marco). Ex. can turn bottom half of body into legs and tail of chinese or western dragon, can turn arm into a dragon head and neck, can grow blue dragon wings, can turn skin into blue scales.

Beast form- user becomes a blue western or chinese dragon (based on preference) that exerts small bolts of lightning from it's body.

Abilities: the user has the ability to generate electricity from his/her hands and use them as projectiles against foes. Due to diamond-like skin, the user is considered invincible to many enemies. The razor sharp claws allow the user to cut or break through objects that are weaker than or as hard as diamond. The user can fly as high as a bird when he/she grows the wings of a western dragon or the claws of a chinese dragon. Since dragons are able to move freely with little air resistance, the user will also be able to move faster and hit harder than regular humans. The user has the senses of a dragon, making him/her deadlier than humans.

-super strength
-tough skin
-sharp fingers
-enhanced senses

-Sea water
-Sea prism stone
een jaar geleden Cryogenic said…
Name: Fear Fear Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Abilities: allows the user to see into someones mind and exploit their biggest fear. The user can then manipulate the space around them to create an illusion of the person's fear. The user then feeds off the fear to temporarily become stronger. This fruit can also directly affect another person. Example: if the user's opponent's biggest fear is being weak, the ability will directly affect the person's body causing them to become weak.

Strengths: Can easily overpower people who are easily scared and because the user can feed off that fear then they can fight against stronger opponents.

Weakness: People who don't fear anything, water and kairoseki.
een jaar geleden MrJohNy said…
Name: Ele Ele no mi


Abilities: the user can control the 4 elements(water,fire,wind,earth)

Weakness: The weakness tha have all the fruits and the user can't use to elements in the same time
een jaar geleden Ryuuikari said…
Name: Togu Togu no Mi (Toggle-Toggle Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Fruit appearance: It looks like a black and white striped cucumber with a zigzagged stem protruding from the top. The skin peels away like a banana to reveal silvery fleshy fruit underneath.

Special ability: The Togu Togu no Mi allows the user to switch things on or off at will.

Strengths: The user can switch various mechanical, technological and biological mechanisms and functions on or off at will. This enables the user to do things such as switching on part of a machine to increase its performance, giving someone a heart attack by switching off the function of their heart or making a gun misfire by switching off its firing function; it even enables the user to switch other Devil Fruit powers on and off.
To switch something on the user says the object name(s) and then snaps their fingers on their left hand; to switch something off the user says the object name(s) and then snaps their fingers on their right hand. This method does not work on sentient beings.

Weaknesses: For this Devil Fruit's power to work on a person, the user has to physically them. In addition, only the most recent person the user has touched is susceptible to this Devil Fruit’s ability. This Devil Fruit is inferior to the Yami Yami no Mi (i.e. it can't switch it off).
The user of this fruit is also susceptible to the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.
een jaar geleden silverexorcist said…
Potaru Potaru no Mi (Portal Portal Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Appearance: There is no change to the user unless the ability is used directly on themselves so that they can be in to places at once, or to affect their body parts, such as their fists, head, or limbs.

Abilities: This fruit grants the user the ability to create portals out of anything circular, regardless of its size or dimensions. A plate, a disc, or even a rock; so long as it is circular, they turn into a portal that connects to another portal created out of another circular object. Any and all mater that enters through a portal will instantly find themselves coming out of the other portal, as the two portals share an ‘entrance:exit’ relationship, much like both sides of a doorway. Put another way, anything that enters through a portal will ‘teleport’ to the other portal.

There isn’t a limit to how many portals are made, so long as there is an abundance of round/circular objects, and the user can decide which portal the matter exits from. Otherwise, it is always random. These portals are impossible to perceive—one would only see the round/circular object being used to support the portal. When an object is used to create the portal, the portal can expand and be manipulated by the user freely in a telekinetic fashion, but the moment the power is release, the object is returned to its original spot in its original size instantly.

Weaknesses: The range is limited; the user can’t create portals out of objects out of the user’s range of sight. Consequently, if a portal that has already been created is hidden from the user’s range of sight, the power is cut off. This power cannot, in any way, harm any matter that passes through it and the number of existing portals is always greater than or equal to two; the user cannot create a single portal, as it would be like creating an entrance without an exit.
blackpanther666 commented…
Nice one, Exorcist. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden shinaito said…
Make Make Fruit


Appearance: no changes to the user

Abilities: The fruit lets the user make any weapon he can think of as long as the weapon is touching his body.

Strengths:The weapon can be any size or shape as long as the user can see the weapon in his mind then he can make it. The weapon don't have to be normal for example the user can make wings made out of blades come out of his back. the user can make a weapon called teleport mark on this enemies which lets him create weapons on or inside the enemies body.

Weaknesses: the user will need to see an image in his head before making the weapon and the weapon will need to be touching any part his body.(unless the Teleport mark is on the enemy) The user will need to touch the enemy so that he can put the mark on the enemy.
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Greyawsome4 commented…
This devil fruit sounds awesome! The ability to create is a power of a god! een jaar geleden
blackpanther666 commented…
^ Not with this fruit, though... I feel as though u didn't really read, of understand, this fruit... However, I think this fruit is very intriguing. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Greyawsome4 said…
Name: Ora-Ora no Mi
Type: Paramicia

Able to create an aura (ora) through out your body to increase your bodies abilities almost twenty times. It can increase your body's strength, toughness, speed, senses and reaction speed. This means haki abilities and six powers aren't needed but if used along with this ability can increase its' power/abilities.
een jaar geleden Greyawsome4 said…
Name: Nyūtoraru-Nyūtoraru no Mi
Type: Paramecia

If the user is even close to another user of a devil fruit then that user's powers are neutralised. The devil fruit black beard has does a similar ability but with this devil fruit power his abilities would be neutralised before his neutralising ability can take affect. The user of this fruit would also be able to fight against those who used logia devil fruits since their ability to avoid attacks would be neutralised. Along with six powers and/or haki abilities the user would be well equipped against devil fruit users.
Cryogenic commented…
so other than neutralizing devil fruits its rather useless. This would be great for people like Garp though. een jaar geleden
blackpanther666 commented…
Why do u keep saying things about 'six' powers...? een jaar geleden
blackpanther666 commented…
I can only assume u are talking about Rokushiki... well, am I correct? een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden Greyawsome4 said…
Name: Sasori-Sasori no Mi
Type: Zoan

As usual with grant the user the ability to turn into an half scorpion (sasori) form and a large fully scorpion form with increased strength. Toughness is also increased due to exoskeleton. Also, normally most scorpions have the ability to withstand high and low temperatures due to the fact that in deserts it boiling during day and freezing during night. They can hold there breath for hours due to floods which can happen near rivers in a desert and they can withstand certain amounts of radiation due to there being lots of radiation emitted from the sun in a desert. These abilities of a scorpion are gained with this devil fruit! Also, being eight limbed creature not only would the half human form have the stinging tail but four more limbs added to the body (these could be more arms) as well as at least one arm with a massive scorpion claw. Just imagine this power combined with six powers and haki! :D
een jaar geleden Cryogenic said…
Name: Chance Chance Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Abilities: The user must first challenge his opponent to a 'game' if the opponent agrees then the fruits effect will begin. The fruit alters reality in an area binding those within the area to follow the 'rules' of the game. The rules may be official rules or even made up, but all participants must agree to the rules beforehand or the effect is void. One rule remains the same though: "there can only be one winner, all the losers' lives are forfeit." This includes the user if he/she loses. Also once the game is initiated no one is allowed to leave the area until it is over, if someone tries to leave they will be considered a loser and will die. There can also be no draws, as such all games that may end in a draw will result in every participant dying if a draw does in fact occur. Spectators who are unwilling to participate or have not agreed to participate will be forcibly pushed out of the area before the game starts.

Strengths: I find no strength here other that the fact that if the user can excel in every known game then he/she would probably never lose, hence will be able to kill anyone.

Weakness: There is always a chance that the user may lose a game. If the user does lose he/she dies. Their opponent must accept the match and all the rules for the fruit to take effect.
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een jaar geleden davaba19 said…
Name: Flat Flat fruit
Type: Paramecia
Abilities: 1. Can become flat and bend their body like origami
2.Can turn other people and objects flat rendering them useless
3. the user can bend their body like origami and will be able to use the abilities of that object (for example if the user transforms into a paper airplane form they can actually fly as if they were a plane)
4. when flat can attach themselves to surfaces like walls and floors. (the user can also attach themselves to another persons body like a tattoo and control them)
Weakness: when flat the user cannot attack like a normal person.( cannot punch someone)
the user move in certain forms. ( the user couldn't move if he was a sword but could move if he took the form of an origami pinwheel shuriken)
moves: flat origami pinwheel shuriken (turns flat and transforms into an origami shuriken to attack).
Flat origami airplane
partnered flat origami katana sword
flat origami paper crane
flat transformation attack
blackpanther666 commented…
This is an interesting fruit, my friend. Very well done! een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden BloodEaltz said…
Name: Kitsune no Mi (Spirit Fox Fruit)
Type: Mythical Zoan Fruit
Appearance of the Three Transformations:

1.This is the form after the eater eat the fruit. The eyes of the user turn red. His hair grow long and turn shinning yellow. Three fox tails grow him.

2. The second stage of the devil fruit. The teeths and nails become K9 and longer. The skin become yellow fur, fox ears grow on his head and his feet become paws. He has now 6 tails. White sparks can be seen on his paws and his tail tips.

3. The last form of the transformation. The eater is now a giant fox with flowing gold coloured fur. His teeths and claws are now sharp like katanas. His last three tails grow him. Flames replace now the sparks.

In the first form he can ran as fast as a ferrari.
In the middle form the user has his speed and jumps 5 feet in the air.
And in his final transformation, the user can run at the speed of sound and throught the sky.he can transform into a statue for a short time and shot fire from his tail like a gatling gun. The senses and strenght get increased.

User: Inari
Nick Name: Fox Girl
Age: 18 (after time skip)
Height: 5'2
Weight: 90 lb
Rank: Vice-captain of the "Suprise" pirates
Bounty: 110.000.000- berry
Ship. The Floating Present

Inari is pale, has short black hair and soulless red eyes. She wears a grey coat with a collar that hid her mouth and nose, pants with a chessboard-style, no shoes but one black and one white glove.

She never talks only with her captain or when it's importent. She tries to avoid battles but when it's not working she fights until she dies. She has a father complex for the captain and when you offend him you get punished.

Her family died at the war in alabasta. She lived some years one the street until her captain found her from there on he cared for her and gave her the devil fruit for the enty in his crew. Her dream is to become the perfect daughter for her captain and to protect the crew.
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blackpanther666 commented…
Did u really have to include a character? This forum is for DF abilities, not characters... it astounds me how people have such trouble figuring this out. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden leo13218 said…
name :element element fruit (yoso yoso no mi)
type : logia
abilities : the user of this fruit can control the elements of his body according to his preference regarding the levels the forms and the expression of each element separated or in compinations so it requires knowledge about chemistry mainly and about the surrondings since the user could also control elements that he or she come in contact with even elements of other devil fruit users when he touches or get touched by them .

weakness : against haki , sea stone and water also the user can only use those elements that he shares with those of the earth (those in the periodic table) most of them are expressed in the human body .

een jaar geleden blackpanther666 said…
Name: Zapu Zapu No Mi (Zap Zap fruit)

Type: Paramecia

This devil's fruit allows the user's body to conduct and generate electricity. The DF is Paramecia, so there is no intangibility, nor absolute control of electricity... also, there is no control over lightning, but the eater can conduct through their body, providing they are struck, or can handle such high voltages.


Electric Eel: When struck by an attack, the user's body releases a large amount of electricity, upon contact with the opponent's attack, or body.

Current: User can direct currents of electricity with his body.

Battery: User can store an electrical charge, up to 10,000 volts.

Weakness: Sea stone, ocean, logia-type fruits, haki and any attack or ability than is unable to conduct electricity.
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een jaar geleden blackpanther666 said…
Name: Hou Hou No Mi: Mohan Fuzei (Gun Gun fruit: Model Air)

Type: Paramecia

The Hou Hou No Mi: Mohan Fuzei is a model of the Gun Gun fruit, which allows the user to fire highly compressed air from his fingertips. The fingertips can become metallic, with openings to fire the air from, whenever the user wishes to use their power. The whole arm of the user is modified (from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers) into a heavy Tungsten HA185 grade with Ni-Fe binder alloy, capable of resisting radiation and up to 2 million lbf. The inside of the modified arm has a vacumn/compression device, capable of sucking in large amounts of compressed air. The nozzle has a piece to change the settings of the amount of air released, as well as adjusting the pressure fired, in lbf (pounds force).


Gorogoro-shotto: ('Scattershot') The user fires multiple shots of air bullets which have the effect of scatter shotgun shots, comparative to each bullet having 80,000 lbf.

Magure-shotto:('Lucky shot') A passive ability for the user of the Hou Hou No Mi. This can bypass certain restrictions on the DF, like the velocity of the air bullets and being able to exert pressure on contact of any object, or organism. It is passive,because the ability activates once every ten air bullets, being the lucky bullet, so to speak, excluding special abilities, like Tama Goro Goro and Toroburushotto.

Toroburu-shotto: Another special ability, which is the second most powerful Shot, in terms of force (exceeding 500,000 lbf) of the Hou Hou No Mi.

Kouseido-shotto: ('High Precision Shot') This is essentially the Hou Hou No Mi equivalent of a sniper shot, which operates around the basis of high accuracy/precision and from an extended range of up to 5.6 km (9 seconds time in which opponent could potentially dodge, if they were aware of attack, either by kenbunshoku Haki, or adaptive instinct from familiarity of ability. This ability is the only other ability to exceed 400 m/s, travelling at 600 m/s.

Kyosei: ('Big shot') The most powerful ability in terms of force. This can fire one shot at maximum 2,000,000 lbf. This requires all of the remaining air in the arm, whether it is full, or not (the less air, the weaker the shot, can fluctuate between 100,000 lbfs and 2,000,000 lbfs).

Apuro-chishotto: ('Approach shot') A melee shot, or rather, a close combat shot. The user swings their arm in an arc and releases the air in one large shot, using a variable amount of air each time.

Tentou-shotto: ('Counter shot') A shot that is released automatically, whenever the arm is used for defense, particularly when the arm is defending against katana close-combat attacks.

Gekitai-shotto: ('Repel shot') This can be used to repel cannonballs and bullets, or any objects with similar properties and size travelling towards the user at velocity.

Amugan: ('Arm gun') The whole arm is used like Shigan, except more powerful at range and even more so in close combat. This is a Rokushiki developed technique for the user to potentially use.

Weakness: Logia-users, sea stone, salt water and kenbunshoku Haki.
een jaar geleden wolfmaster3000 said…
My revised Hai-Hai-No mi

Name Hai Hai No Mi ( Ash-Ash Fruit )

Type : Logia

Apperance : No change to the user other then when they start to activate there power they seem to look charred or Flakey.

Ability : The user is made up of And can Produce Ash or Burnt matter / Sulfer as such the user has a strong Advantage aginst the Magu Magu No mi, Smogu-Smogu-No Mi & the Mera-Mera-No-Mi. The can Also heat up and Burn his or her victims upon Contact or Prolonged exposure. The user can also suffocate the or produce lack of air due to the Burnt matter they are made up of. The Hai-Hai-No-Mi is among one of the more deadly Devil furits.
een jaar geleden wolfmaster3000 said…
This is a revised and more updated version of my Space Space Fruit found on I think it's page 6 or 4

Name : Ma-Ma-No-Mi (Space-Spcace Fruit )

Type: Paramcia

Apperance : No Change to the user

Ability: The user of this fruit is able to control the Gravity around them or an object or a certain area ( 10 foot Circular Raiduis ). The user is able to Decrease or increase The presure within a certain area or around his or her self or on a object. The user can also Increase or Decrease the weight of an object HE OR SHE |S TOUCHING. Be that as it may even though the user can control Gravity he or she is still rather Vulnerable to alot I.E but not limited to All type of Haki, Sea Prisim stone And most Weapons. But this fruit is siad to be the Brother or sister to the Gura Gura No MI
blackpanther666 commented…
Isn't this much too similar to the Yami Yami No Mi, which controlls gravity? Plus, I made a Space Space fruit ages ago... on page 4, yours was on page six... they were different, but u should probably avoid the gravity thing as a Devil's fruit mian ability... I felt bad just having a small extent of gravity control with the Butsuri Butsuri No Mi. een jaar geleden
wolfmaster3000 commented…
No unfortuantely this ability would be meer of a Fujitora -_- witch urks me because Fujitora wasn't around when I had this Idea een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Doki-Doki-No-Mi ( Anger-Anger Fruit )

Type : Paramcia

Apperance: When the User activates his Fruit power his skin becomes a tomato Red / Organe color

Ability : This fruit fuctions muhc like the Mera-Mera-No mi but rather then the Love Around the user give them strength. This fruit allows the user to Manifest his or her Rage to physical form. That being said. The user can Increase his or her Muscle Mass to an extent (not like Urouge , More like the Hulk ). The user doesn't gain any noticeable size but his or her strength greatly increases this also includes the speed of the user. The user's Skin also becomes tougher as in bullets don't pierce the skin of the user as easy neither do blades.

Weakness : Armaments Haki, the user it's self (as rage is blind ), Sea Prisim stone
blackpanther666 commented…
Interesting. I like this one! Can it turn the user green, too? xD een jaar geleden