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Okay, some of u may be wondering.. Hasn't Dawn won this already?! No, she hasn't! ;) Which shows how much this is deserved. Dawn who is this amazing person, contributer and the creator of our favoriete Forum. <3 Congrats hun, u deserve it! Love ya =] ♥

1. Are Brooke and Lucas your favoriete all time couple?
Well i have three. Brooke and Lucas, Jake and Peyton and Chuck and Blair i honestly cant choose between them three i love them all!

2. Knowing that they are not end game.. What reason still pushes u to love them? What makes u love for them tick? =)
Well to me they will always be...
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Ok, so a BL fan requested that I write an overview of Leyton's storyline from A to Z. Since I've already written many commentaren on this topic, I compiled some of them together and added from there. I'll probably pas aan it from time to time if I missed something of if someone thinks I should add something. I incorporated some quotes/scenarios to back up my claims of just why I love leyton. This is their story:

Season 1

Though they came from two different worlds, they were incredibly alike. The moment they first locked eyes, Peyton fell in love with Lucas Scott and his life had meaning from then on...
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posted by chellyp86
BLP Triangle: My Opinion
Before I start I just want to clarify that I love all three characters. I do not put the blame on any one particular character. I think that each of them are at fault at some point. If u do not like my opinion of disagree with me please don’t argue just don’t read. Thanks.

Season 1
We all know that Lucas likes Peyton it is shown from the very beginning, but she seems not interested in him at all. She is an infatuation to him because face it u can’t like someone u don’t know. He doesn’t know Brooke yet because she wasn’t in the pilot. We see Peyton/Lucas...
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posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
The moment that changed it all…the moment that Peyton confessed her love for Lucas to Brooke, his girl friend, and her best friend. I realized after back and forth, Leyton vs Brucas, debate between myself and equally passionate and respectful LPer, Abs07, just how significant that moment is to me as a Brucaser, but even meer so as a OTH fan. It disgusted me so much that I had been blaming Peyton, and even Leyton for it ever since. Why do I hate this moment meer than anything? meer than Leyton’s affair in Season 1…even Brooke breaking up with Lucas in 4.01? Well, I hate it for what it...
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OK, so the dream involved a lot of playful banter (eg. "Lucas Davis"). I think that Brucas will always love each other on a certain [lower] level, but they'll never revisit the relationship that was doomed from the start. With that said, the dream itself was luke's subconscious/heart/whatever-u-wanna-call-it picturing his life if he were to marry brooke. The dream itself was meer metaphorical and I think a lot of people took it literally (luke didn't think his life with brooke would literally be that way - dreams are never literal).
For example, the flowers...
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First of all, let me clarify that I like both Brucas and Leyton..I am neutral when it comes to that subject.. I just wanted to rant. This is about why OTH is making me angry.

1. I am tired of the repeating storylines.

a.Seriously how long are they going to continue the Lucas/Peyton/Brooke love driehoek thing..once was enough. People get hurt and lives get destroyed.
b. Haley catches Lucas twice kissing Peyton while he has a girlfriend. Both times she gave him this big speech..blah last time i checked Haley kissed Chris Keller TWICE while she was MARRIED.
c. They always make Nathan out to be the...
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posted by lish_oth
So Rachel is set to return and so is Owen..back for round 2 with Brooke...I hope she finds love..I haven't heard to much from what girl Lucas invites, but the hints were that it was Lindsay and she turns him down and then another bron hints that it was Peyton...they say that Lucas was so moved and finally realized his feelings for Peyton and that Lindsay is not for him...but who knows...the first episode is to air Sept we have to wait the summer ladies!!!!!!!!!! least it's not volgende jaar lol! Rumour also has it that Brooke gets the surprise of her life...I'm hoping it's Angie and that they realize she was happier with Brooke...hence she cried when Brooke gave her to the lady at the airport. When I have meer information I will add to this...oh yah! Nathan is suppose to have a big shock something to deal with Haley's muziek and his basketbal info on Skillz and Deb and also nothing on Dan being hit. So hope this helps girls a bit!