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2.01 - The Desperate Kingdom Of Love
*When Haley has a flashback of Nathan asking her to marry him, u can hear her say, "Well maybe so," yet her mouth doesn't move.
*The cardboard box that Keith is writing on changes as he writes Nathan's name. There is a bigger gap to write in at the bottom and the crease/fold is in a different spot in the word refrigerator.
*Flashbacks of Nathan & Haley's wedding are shown to be in the day, when we know they got married in the evening.

2.02 - Truth Doesn't Make A Noise
*Keith goes to Karen's house to drop off Lucas' iPod saying he left it in his car, on...
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posted by girly_girl
Just thought I'd add this OTH quote cause its one of my faves!!
It's from season three when Peyton is redecorating her room, again!, when each line is being said, door Peyton instead of the usual Lucas voice over, the camera focuses on all of the OTH residents.

There are 6,470,818,6771 billion people in the world- give of take a few.

Some are running scared,
Some are coming home,
Some tell lies to make it through the day,
Others are just now facing the truth,
Some are evil men, at war with good,
And some are good, struggling with evil,

Six billion people in the world,
Six billion souls,
And sometimes,
All u need is one.