One boom heuvel [Round 58] Best word to describe DAN&DEB contest! Which one is your favourite?

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47 fans picked:
Chandlerfan: Disaster and Destruction
123Naki456: Killing ex lovers.
kellyerin87: Dysfunction, Violence, Resentment
Drisina: Disastrous coupling
Dansea08: Battlefield
Jessica4695: happy turned heartless
bdavisrocks: normal going on insane
othobsessed92: Wrong timing
pinkpanda202: An unstable mess
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 sk91 posted een jaar geleden
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sk91 picked Chandlerfan: Disaster and Destruction:
posted een jaar geleden.
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Lisiii picked Chandlerfan: Disaster and Destruction:
Great one! ( :
posted een jaar geleden.
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XNaley_JamesX picked Jessica4695: happy turned heartless:
Love this one!
posted een jaar geleden.