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daniela2mimi posted on Jun 13, 2011 at 05:43PM
You can pick a character to be or you can just make one.
If you make one you need to say which year your in and which class,how you look(or just an anime pic).
have fun...

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een jaar geleden daniela2mimi said…
een jaar geleden kitmolly123 said…
She's 15,Haruhi's twin sister.
 Name-Amara Year-2 Class-A She's 15,Haruhi's twin sister.
een jaar geleden daniela2mimi said…
danny-hi amara!
een jaar geleden otaku1bookworm2 said…
Name-Chris (Christina)
Year- 1
Class- A

Hey everyone! Im new and don't know what in the world im doing!
 Name-Chris (Christina) Year- 1 Class- A hallo everyone! Im new and don't know what in the world i
een jaar geleden kitmolly123 said…
Amara:Hi Danny.
een jaar geleden daniela2mimi said…
danny-we just do stuff like ummml....
tamaki-uhhh i guess anything
danny-hey chris were in the same class!and look tamaki its haruhis sister!
een jaar geleden kitmolly123 said…
Amara:And don't even think about pouncing on me you knucklehead!
een jaar geleden daniela2mimi said…
tamaki-awww but your as cute as your sister
danny-*smacks tamaki on the head*dont you listen to anything!
een jaar geleden kitmolly123 said…
Amara:Meh,I'm gonna sit with the twins.Later!
een jaar geleden daniela2mimi said…
tamaki-*sits in the corner*
danny-hey tamaki...
danny-why are you such and idiot!*smacks again*
een jaar geleden kitmolly123 said…
Amara:*sitting with the twins*
een jaar geleden daniela2mimi said…
danny-*stares at amara*arent thay cute.
tamaki-do you think haruhi likes me?
tamaki*sits in corner*
een jaar geleden Avert_thy_Eyes said…
Danny-Russia!Can I call you Russia?!?!
me-*sigh* sure
een jaar geleden daniela2mimi said…
Russia-But dont always call me that.
Tamaki-Oh Look a new host i guess?
Danny-yep and she is a girl!
Tamaki-Another one?
Russia-got a problem?
Tamaki-no not at all!
Danny-*sits in corner* dang it...