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 Paris the left and Princess Diana right
Paris the left and Princess Diana right
well I geplaatst a vraag on the Michael Jackson spot asking; is paris named paris for a different reason. Well Michael named paris because that's michael favoriete city in the world. But at first Michael was going to name her Princess because of Prince & Princess but Debbie was against so they used Paris both of their favoriete city. But I think there is another reason way Paris is name Paris.
I think of Princess Diana. Michael & Diana Spencer met only once at a concert in london July 16, 1988. After meeting they would talk constantly on the phone :They would talk about feeling hunted...
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posted by kyliejones
ok people heres something never done befor im gonna give u guys some contact info on paris ok no perberts contact her k
facebook:just type her emai in
phone number: u have to ask her that i already have it
and thats all the info i can give yes i do know paris but not in person but like on her emai she sent me a pic we talked on the phone i even talked to her grandma so dont say shes fake cus she isnt k awsome
and one meer thing theres this poser whos saying shes paris she isnt shes mean and ive talked to people who have talked to her even paris posers say shes...
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posted by parisfan

lookup ava elsibeth sambora

for me look up payton moore my profiel pic is with a girl with a red overhemd, shirt on with a kitty face

i have actually talked to ava in person cause over fallbreak i went to california and i bumped into her at the mall her mom and my mom talked and thats how i know her and i have talked to her on facebook shes visting morehead my hometown and where i live

if u dont believe i dont care just look her up and u will believe me!!!!:))
posted by StarBambie
Hello 2 everybody! first of all sorry 4 my english,but i'm italian and i don't speak it really well!
About 1 maand geleden i was surfing on the net and on my windows live when i found an account of a "Paris Jackson". at the beginning i didn't believe in her..i tought she was just a poser like the hundred others,but i started talking to her.
She seems really nice and she speak a slang american like a 13 years old girl. She often change personal pic with foto i'hv never seen on the net( i've geplaatst some on this site). Slowly i started to trust in her. When i ask about everything she always antwoorden me clearly. now i think she can be her!!!
i post here her windows live:
Tell me your opinions =)
posted by Deziree99
I found ParisJackson1 on Formspring and at first I was kind of thinking she was just another fake, but I started talking to her and u would not believe all of the information she knows! It's amazing, I think this one is actually her! u don't have to believe me, but I just thought some of u might want to look into it! I believe in her, she says that she is kind of upset when she sees personal pictures leaked over the internet, but that if she "dwelled" on that stuff her life would be a total wreck! I will post the link below!

posted by paris723
paris michael kathrine jackson. was born in 1998 to proud parents the king od pop michael jackson and michael's 2nd wife debbie jean rowe younger sister of prince michael jackson first child for the couple. and big sister to blanket. on the night of michael's death. prince,paris&blanket moved in to the jackson family home pagina with their cousin's that had already been living their. some of jermain's kids and some of rady's kids. there might be meer but i can't rember. debbie has been spending a lot of time with ALL OF THE 3 KIDS.