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paris house *6:00 am*

paris pov

ugggh" i grunted getting out of bed first dag of school ilooked at my clock and then i relized "IM LATE!!!"

mom:hello sweetie

paris: hallo mom

dad: your late huh

paris: uh huh

school 7:00 am

phillip: *sigh*

trent: out of the way loser

phillip: sorry *gets out of the way*

trent: (smirks)

school gym cheerleading practice 10:00 am

bubble: so like did u see that new movie vampire hills

random cheerleader: like of cuorse it was like tots hot

paris: *bust through the doors* IM SO SORRY IM LATE!!!

famina: well look who it is

paris: shut it famina

famina: your off the...
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:D song is door aqua halloween