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posted by Skiparah
We sailed for days before we reached the shores of Mexico. Over those days I got aquainted with the crew. The 'Boss' was affectionately known as 'Whopper'. The jerk that I tried my best to avoid as much as possible was Earl Brick. Then there was Josie the strange loon. I think she was the thin little line keeping me from going crazy on that ship to Mexico. Speaking of which, when I stepped off that floating tub and fought off a rotten case of sealegs me and Josie decided to check out the marketplace. Of course I had to pillage and plunder the place a little just to get a kipper..ok a lot of pillaging and plundering! A guy's gotta survive. Josie had dissapeared for a while but she showed up when I was halfway through my stolen kipper with a beak-full of mexican fish. She dropped them in front of her and sat down slumped against the uithangbord across from me with curiousity. Her eyes were fixed on my half-a-fish and I could tell what she was thinking. She didn't say it, but it was, 'So u layed waste to the whole east wing of the marketplace just to get a stink'n kipper eh?' All I could do was shrug and bite off another scaly chunk of vis meat. For the volgende few days things went smoothly. We dined on the best vis in mexico and slept in the Green Bucket at night. We'd learned not to go out in the streets at night. We tried that just one time, and bumped into this rat that was bigger than both me and Josie put together. That was the end of our nocturnal savangering. Then the mexican officials caught on to our pillaging and tried to capture us. We ran into the mexican jungle and never saw Earl Brick of the Whopper again. We spent four years in that jungle, well..Josie only spent one. The jungle climate was too much for her and door the end of the first jaar in that jungle she had died. But she left with me something I'll never forget. She taught me how to play the spanish gitaur. Surviving that place wasn't easy, but every time I strummed on that gituar I could feel her gentle wing guiding me, telling me where I should go. Eventually I broke through the jungle into mexico city. From there, gituar over my shoulder, I headed north. I wasn't sure just where I was going, but I could almost hear Josie'ds voice in my head whispering, 'New York..New York'. NYC ho it was.
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