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Hexter struggled violently against the net. If he didn't get the water out his lugs soon, he would die and he knew it. Hexter lashed one way to the next. The net got caught into his mouth, cutting into the roof of his mouth. I'm gonna die. he thought gloomily as he gasped for air. So far, he had only succeeded in tangling his right flipper tighter in the netting. Hexter struggled again for one last time and was still.

Dexter was happy. He thought he had killed Hexter, and now his troubles were over. No meer prankster. The perfect paradise. As he swam home, he realized that his parents would wonder were Hexter went. Why didn't he think of that? Because u never killed someone before, He thought darkly. What was he going to say? You'll think of something, He thought.

Dexter burst into the lair. "MOM! DAD! HEXTER GOT CAUGHT!" He shouted with fake panic. Blowhole looked up. "Hexter got caught in what exactly?" Dexter took a deep breath. "He got caught in a fishing net!" Nori gasped, knowing that humans rarely left the netting in time. "How dis it happen?" She asked urgently. "Well, Hexter and I were racing, and he was so absorbed into racing that he didn't notice the netting and he got tangled!" Dexter pretended to be scared for Hexter. Nori nodded and her eyes glowed red. "Humans! Can't they leave all of us alone?" She was about to leave to save Hexter, when Blowhole stopped her.

"Why didn't u try to save him, Dexter?" He demanded. "Well, I tried to, but the humans lifted the net, and I couldn't get to him!" Dexter lied. Blowhole nodded and looked like he was about to cry. "We might not see Hexter ever again......not when the humans have him....." HE trailed off. Lester popped into the room. "Why the long-faces?" He asked. Nori stared, and looked like she was about to get mad, but held it down. "Hexter....Hexter got caught in a net," She sighed. Lester's jaw dropped and he hung his head. "I miss him already...." He sniffed and rubbed his eyes. "We all do," Blowhole zei absentmindedly.

Hexter began to feel light-headed and airy. This was it, the end of the line and his life. He blacked out.

When Hexter woke up, he found he could breath, all the water was gone from his lungs. His flipper still ached from being tied up. He could taste blood in his mouth, his blood. Was he home? No. He duif underneath the water and what did he see? Humans. No! I'm in an aquarium! Hexter thought with sinking dread. His father had told so many stories of the Ring of Fire. Hexter never believed them, until now.

Hexter swam around, looking for an escape, but there was nothing but smiling humans at every window. No,no,no! This couldn't be happening to him! Hexter thought about holding his breath until he died, but his instincts won over and he returned to the surface. Hexter looked up and saw a huge metal ring with a lot of little hole in it. The Ring of Fire. As if to prove it, the ring burst into flames. No....
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"I have not any new information. At the moment they are simply doing training. The club is doing well. I think one of the members is almost on our side," I said.
"Okay then. Good work. Keep a close eye on them. Especially that Annabella and Ivy. I don't trust any of them neither should you," Dr. Blowhole said.
"Okay, this is agent Scar, signing out."
I shut down my Spycon and headed to my elevator. Great, my daily reports were done, and it was only noon. I still had time to hand out the remaining invitations! 
The doors opened and I stepped up and out. I took a short climb up the volcano. I scanned...
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There he was, all door himself, standing in the long dark corridor all door himself, only just waking up about a uur ago, Kowalski was worried about where he was, nervous, he continued to walk threw the dark hallways, hoping to find someone of something to know where he was..

Kowalski: skipper! Rico! Julien! Where are u guys?! This isn't funny if this is a joke!, wait a second...what's this on the wall?

On the uithangbord was a notice on the wall, saying a notice to all the faculty and staff to heavenly host elementary. Kowalski froze and begin to tremble with fear, a cold sweat began to go down his...
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I won't be posting the "Our Story" on this club anymore. They will be in "The Penguin's Past (POM)" :-)


The men crowded towards Rico. They were getting awfully close. Rico wanted, and needed to jump off the boat, but the sides were too high.
"So much for saving my father," Rico mumbled. "Now I've endangered myself."
He backed up the wall, trying to get away. The men were really close, now. There was no getting away.
Just then, Rico saw a small, black ball come up over the side of the boat. It landed near his feet. The men took one look at the ball, and turned and ran the other way. Some even...
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They had to find him, Pennywise the dancing clown, before he kills someone else. "Alright, I have 2 locations where Pennywise could be," zei Kowalski. "State the locations please," zei Skipper. "He could either be in the pipe system of New York, of in a large area of wilderness, where he eats the children," zei Kowalski. "I most likely think he could be in the deepest, darkest, abyss of the sewer systems below our city," emphasized Skipper. "Possibly, but, how can we tell if Marlene's still alive?" asked Private. "Well, we didn't find a body, of blood, so most likely, she's alive," said...
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It was a cold autumn morning and the penguins and I we're bored.
Kowalski:Let's do something
Me:Um... we can play blowing in my house
Me:sesh okay mister Oh.. we're bored do u have something better.
Me:that's what I thought.
Skipper:You know the forest behind us.
Me:There's a forest behind me (saying sarcastically)
Jeremy:there is and whats my name I forgot.
Me:Jeremy retard!
Jeremy:I thought I was Skipper.
Me:(sucker punches him)
Jeremy:Ow Lilly!
Me:I not Lilly I'm Kaitlyn u twit!
Jeremy:Oh really.
Skipper:If we keep on fighting we will be in this house all day!
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The penguins are working on a new secret operation on protecting the HQ if Dr. Blowhole ever ambushes them. Skipper stands beside an ancient looking projector that shows the defenses that Kowalski will have to create today, and the barriers that Rico and Private will have to set up as Skipper plans the whole process.
Skipper: Ok, so on the left side, we'll add in a electrification fence. 10,000 bolts of sheer mortal danger will definitely stop that bottlenose freak!
Private: But Skippa, shouldn't we put some fence over around the right side of the HQ too?
*Skipper slaps Private*
Skipper: Private!...
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We see the penguins doing whatever they usually do in their room when Julien comes in)
Julien: Hi silly penguins. Why is there a big present in my kingdom, but u have 3 presents up there?
Private: What?
Skipper: Let's take a look.
(They go up and look)
Skipper: Kowalski, analysis.
Kowalski: We have 3 transfers from the Hoboken zoo and I will bet my left flipper thats the one in the lemur habitat is too.
Private: I wonder if they are girls.
Skipper: That is highly unlikely.
(The penguins inside break down a side of their crates)
Tiggie: Girls! We're here!
Princess: Neat. I wonder if there willl be unicorns...
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Just Tell Her

Every since Kowalski first laid his eyes on Doris, he has been deeply in love with her. He can never stop think about her, having pictures of her, writing poems (A/N: Like the one he zei in the episode Hot Ice, which was funny LOL.) But Kowalski is too nervous to let her know how he feels. But Skipper is going to try to make Kowalski to let her know.

"Kowalski, where are u going to tell her?"

"I don't know Skipper, but every time I think about it I get nervous."

"Well u need to tell Doris that u like her."

"I know."

"Trust me Kowalski, if u don't tell her soon, someone else...
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Skipper climbed up the ladder and out of the fishbowl enterance. It must have been two in the morning, but he developed a sudden urge to visit Marlene. He walked through the darkness and neared the otter's exhibit. He was right up to the gate, when all the sudden he took a sharp turn to the right and started walking towards the gift shop.

What was he doing? Skipper felt like he couldn't control his actions. He couldn't turn around. It was like someone was pushing him, forcing him a different direction.

Skipper waddled up to the door. He was too short to open it. He just stood there and stared...
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Chapter 5

“What? u aren’t happy to see me?” The voice shattered in Marlene’s ears. She felt herself tighten her grip and widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe it. It was her evil step father. She could only see a flash back.


“Dad…what are u doing?” Young Marlene, of as she used to be named, Martinik, walked slowly towards her new dad as he packed up a couple of things in a small box. He looked back at her and frowned. He never liked Marlene. She was the only thing that made his marriage with Marlene’s mom, Bethany, terrible.

Marlene was always a very perky otter,...
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Skipper barged into the pinguïn HQ, Kowalski still close behind, his head hung low with dejection. The first thing he noticed was Private lying on the table, bandaged, bruised, and unconscious, with Rico hovering around him.

He made a B-line to where the young pinguïn lay and visually assessed his injuries. After deciding that his wounds although serious, weren’t life threatening, Skipper demanded to know what happened.

Kowalski began to explain how Private had climbed the boom to rescue the kitten, how he was so close to saving zei kitten, and how the branch gave out under his weight. His...
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Everyone landed in different places around the rainforest.

Marlene and Icicle stood-up and began to zoek for everyone else.

"Uggh! What's up with Skipper?" asked Marlene, "He keeps messing with me and thinks that he can boss me around! What's wrong with him?"

"Uhh, girl." Icicle zei while fighting through the leaves, "Don't u think that Skipper does that to protect you?"

"Well, sometimes. But still...Yea, whatever." Marlene jumped over the root blocking her way. "Why can't he see that I can take care of myself? I don't want him to think of me as a weak, damsel in distress. I want to be more."...
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The Most Dangerous Mission
Chapter 2: Greener Pastures
    The volgende morning at early hours, Skipper couldn’t sleep, and he knew why too. He found himself drifting along the corridor to Kowalski’s bunk. He stood there a moment before hesitantly opening the door and going inside.
    “Yes, Skipper.” Kowalski raised his head from the tafel, tabel where he fell asleep on a pile of all his experiment parts. His eyes drooped from exhaustion, but Skipper didn’t really care that he was interrupting anything right now.
    “Well, u aren’t...
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