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Unknown Confession

Skipper stood in the doorway, shocked at what he had just seen.

Was…was that a painting of…of ME?! He thought to himself, still not believing his own two eyes.

“Nah that wasn’t me, it was probably just a pinguïn from her old aquarium.” He zei to himself as he waddled out of Marlene’s habitat.

“Yea that’s what it was, just an old friend of hers that just happens to look like me.” Skipper continued, smiling as he tried desperately to convince himself that he had not just seen a painting of himself in Marlene’s habitat.

He duif to the ground and slid on his belly...
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Here's another of the new episodes for those of u not in America. =)
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I know it's been a long time, but when I saw this video, I wanted other fanguins to know about it.
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“School is in Session”
April 26, 2014

    "Come on, please?" Marlene begged.

    "I don't know, Marlene. I mean, when are u ever going to have the need to drive, anyway?" Skipper asked.

    "Well, um, what if I get in some trouble and need a fast getaway?" she suggested.

    "Why would u get in trouble for anything?" Skipper pointed out.

    Marlene shrugged. "I don't know. Probably for something Julien did," she answered nonchalantly. "Please teach me how to drive?" she begged again while...
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“What vrienden Are For”
January 2, 2014

    “Hello, silly otter!” Julien called, striding up to Marlene, who was taking a walk through the zoo.

    Marlene came to a stop and turned to him. “Hey, Julien,” she replied. “What’s up?”

    “Oh, u know, the usual,” Julien replied.

    “So, kicking Mort, drinking smoothies, and ordering Maurice around?” Marlene teased.

    “Oh, u know me so well, Marlene,” Julien zei with a smug smile.

Marlene rolled her eyes. “So, what...
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“We Meet Again”
November 4, 2013

    “Skipper, remember last week when u couldn’t remember where u laid your mug?” Kowalski asked, coming out of his lab with a small device.

    “Yes, but I found it. What’s your point?” Skipper answered.

    “Well, Skipper, with this device, we’ll never forget anything ever again! I call it, the Forget-Me-Not!” Kowalski replied, holding up a device that looked like a helmet.

    “Kowalski, are u sure about this? What if it — I don’t know — fries our...
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