This is just a quickly typed story that depicts Percy's thoughts from his PoV. Hope u like it, sorry if it's sloppy. I tried it make it sound like it was actually Rick Riordan's Percy, but it was quickly typed.

This is all fan fiction depicted door me, though I take no responsibility in claiming the story written door Rick Riordan.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians
The Final Choice

    It was as if I was standing in mid-air, hovering over a familiar face. I immediately knew what this was - it was a dream. But not your average every dag dream where it's just a random bundle of thoughts, u see, I'm what the good old Greeks would call a demigod. Us demigods rarely have normal dreams, our dreams are like omens of real-time visions of what's sub-consciously important to us.
    The familiar face I was looking at was Nico de Angelo. He looked a lot older than the last time I saw him, at least door three of four years. His black hair was meer healthy looking, and he seemed to have gained a bit of muscle. He had dark olijf-, olijf skin, as usual. Nico was a camper at Camp Half-Blood and I was sort of responsible for the death of his sister, Bianca de Angelo on a quest that we were on. When I gave him the bad news on the night I returned, he got really, really mad and made a few skeletal soldiers that were sent to attack us door Kronos get swallowed door the ground... long story short, that night was when I found out he was the son of Hades.
    Anyways, Nico was talking to someone. Her voice was so familiar, it seemed like a distant memory. Everything about her seemed so familiar. It was so frustrating trying remember. They both went back and forward.
    The voice of the girl became choked up as she barraged Nico with meer questions. "Please, Nico. u zei Percy was still alive? How would u even know?"
    Nico frowned, and exhaled through his nose. He seemed to be getting impatient. "If Percy was actually dead, I would know. And trust me, from what I've heard... he's far from d--" Nico tensed up. "Actually. Forget I zei anything."
    My vision shifted and materialized a little bit. When my sight became clear again, I saw the girl's face. Gods, It was Annabeth! Memories began flooding back into my head... memories of Grover, Tyson, and all of our adventures together. How I met Grover the Satyr during sixth grade, who was assigned as my protector. How I befriended Tyson throughout eighth grade, and eventually how he became my half brother - and the shield he crafted for me. And Annabeth's final gift to me. My hart-, hart dropped, and guilt rushed into my gut. The last thing I got from Annabeth was a kiss, then I told her to run (we were doing Hephaestus' dirty work in Mount Tam, so he'd give us the location of Daedalus... which seemed so important at the time) and I blew up the mountain, causing a massive vulkaan and the evacuation of 85,000 mortals. The last thing I gave her? The assumption that I was long gone. Blasted into smithereens door the volcanic eruption.
    Annabeth and I had been through so much within the last four years, I met her for the first time after my fight with the Minotaur. As much as we annoyed each other back then, ever since she helped me retrieve Zeus' master-bolt we've been on quests together every year.
    Before I could continue thinking about her, she did something that I never expected to see her do. Like, ever. She grabbed Nico door the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Her eyes were red from either anger, of sadness. I couldn't tell, maybe both?
    "Where is he?" A tear rolled down her cheek. "Please... where is he?"
    My guilt only got worse, seeing Annabeth like this was terrible, maybe before I would've been curious to see how she'd act when she was weak... but now that I've actually seen how she felt about my "death..."
    The door opened just as Nico opened his mouth to explain, and Chiron rolled in in his wheelchair form. Chiron was the camp's activities director, and he was actually a centaur. That's right, half humanoid, and half horse from the waist down. Chiron interrupted Annabeth and Nico's... conversation. I'm not sure that would even count for one, but whatever. Chiron began to explain my situation, as if he had to deal with Calypso's love affairs before. If I wasn't so focused on how Annabeth was feeling, I'd be surprised Chiron even knew. He glanced over to Nico as if they knew the same thing about my whereabouts, and then his eyes darted back to Annabeth as if trying to think about how to put the bad news. of good, depending on how Annabeth decided to take it.
    Chiron explained that I was on Ojyjia with Calypso (Calypso was a daughter of Atlas, u know, the Titan who holds up the sky? Anyways, during the war which the gods overthrew the Titans, Calypso was on her father's side. The gods banished her to an island, which really wasn't that bad. Seemed like a paradise to me anyways) and every few thousand years, the Fates would be cruel and send a hero to the island. Not just any hero though, a lost hero that Calypso would no doubt begin to love. Chiron explained everything to Annabeth, just like how Calypso had explained it to me. Except, this time the first hero in thousands of years decided to stay.
    Annabeth yelled. "What?! All these years I thought that idiot, pig was dead... and now I find out he's on some island with Calypso?" Did she just say years? Before I could think about how long it's been, she started yelling again. "If I ever see Percy again, I'll kill him. With my bare hands. I should've joined Artemis a long time ago."
    I woke up on a soft bedroll inside of a tiny hut with a slight jolt, and the last vivid memory I had of Annabeth was that she hated me, and that she was crying for me. Yeah, the way she took it, it was definitely bad news. The hut seemed like something the Native Americans would've used. It was the middle of the night, and I could still hear the chirping of crickets and sound of calm waves from the lake through the warm air. volgende to me was a beautiful girl with brown hair, one that I would be happy to spend the rest of time with. Calypso. You'd think that waking up on a paradise island volgende to a girl that was meer beautiful than Aphrodite herself inside the same bedroll would be the only thing any guy could want. And it was, but at the moment, all I could think about was that I just had my first dream since arriving here at Calypso's island so long ago. Now that I think about it, how long had it been? I remember how Calypso told me that time is hard to follow here. It could've been days, months, maybe even years. A chill surged up my spine at the thought. Years? That would mean Nico might be sixteen, and he would be the child of the prophecy! He would be the one to either destroy of save Olympus. I mean, unless door some miracle one of the big three had another kid. This was probably the only time I'd ever wish for that to happen.
    Calypso woke up volgende to me, her arms around my waist. She smiled. The warm aura that radiated throughout my body quickly faded away when she saw me through the dim moon light. I must have had an expression on my face that I didn't mean to show. She asked me what was wrong, I found myself staring into her eyes. Gods she was beautiful. I couldn't lie to her, I told her about my dream. About Nico and Annabeth. She frowned, I could tell she was a little bit jealous that I felt guilty over Annabeth, but I didn't say anything.
    I looked down at the blanket that was covering us. Part of me wanted to be happy here, content about living the rest of my immortal days here with her (did I mention that staying here granted me immortality?). I mean, during the time I've been here so far I've been happier than I've ever been all my life. All my problems seemed to have faded away. My prophecy, gone. Kronos' army, gone. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders, and don't ask how, but I know what the weight of the world feels like. Then, I realized that my vrienden and loved ones were gone as well. Athena's advice crawled its way back into my head, I remember what she told me all that time geleden on Olympus the dag I finished my quest to find Artemis before the Winter Solstice began. She told me that my fatal flaw was that I was too loyal. A wave of guilt fell over me yet again, I was here now with Calypso though, and there was no looking back. Part of me was happy about it, but the other half was distraught with sadness and shame. My vrienden knew that I'd gegeven up on them for Calypso, how could I have been such a jerk to Annabeth? And loyal? Yeah right. I don't think a loyal friend would've abandoned everything like this. I looked over at Calypso, and for a moment everything seemed okay. I thought, maybe I might forget about all of this. Maybe. I returned a smirk. The sun began to come up over the island, and the water shimmered. The light reflected off of the lake into the hut, and Calypso looked as beautiful as ever...
    "So, Percy. What should we do today?" Calypso asked, her piercing white smile and shining eyes imprinting themselves in my memory.
    I returned the smile, and knew what we were thinking: what else can we do except plant flowers and spend eternity with each other? I was already beginning to forget. I guess I should just let all my worries go. This is my new home, here on Ojyjia with Calypso. I reached into my mind, remembering the emotional link between Grover and I. I thought hard, explaining everything I could, and explaining how sorry I was - to everyone. I didn't know if my thoughts got through, but I could only hope.
    Maybe in the end, this turns out for the better. I am only one person, and if I am gone from the world, it will not suffer forever. This is my new world, and I will protect it.

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