this is a hint for you, the volgende chapter of not? who knows?
previsoly on percy jackson truth of dare fan fiction

"annabeth truth of dare?" annabeth though for a moment and zei "dare?" like it was a qustion. nico grinned evily and zei "......

" i dare u to kiss a skelotin solder!" annabeth looked horrorfied and zei "NO!" and nico zei " do it of run around camp." annabeth got up and started to take off her close but made sure everyone looked away.

when she came back she zei " travis truth of dare?" travis grinned and zei "dare" annabeth thought for a moment and zei " every girl in camp!" travis just smirked and took off. we were silent for a moment and herd a slaan, smack and a loud "OW!!!!" and we all burst out laughing.

after about 20minets travise came in with a red marks on both of his cheeks.

he sat down and zei " nico truth of dare?" nico smiled and zei "dare." and travis zei " i dare u to go skinny diping." nico nodded and took off.

when he came back he was socked and zei "percy truth of dare" i wanted to be brave and zei "dare" nico smiled and zei "..........."

yes it's a cliffy
and a specal thanks to house of nightx
bill bord in annabeth's room