When I woke up I realized I was late for school. My alarm wasn't turned on. I jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed. I couldn't be late for my first dag of school with Percy. As I ran out the door eating a granola bar I realized it was surprisingly cold in my apartment. I put my backpack on the glass coffee tafel, tabel and opened the blinds. I saw a dark straat 16 floors below me and it was still dark outside.
I sent Percy a message, he didn't reply. He was still asleep. I checked the oven clock in the kitchen. It was only 2:30 in the morning. I slapped myself on the forehead. "I shoulda had a V8" I zei to my self.
Than why do I feel so energetic. I thought as I went to my room. I walked through the white painted door, walked past my bed, and into the dark connecting bathroom. I turned on the light. Everything seemed normal. The marble sink was a light rose pink, the same color of the bath tub. The white tile floor was still shiny, as well as the toilet. The large mirror to my right was streak free. However the douche curtain was closed. I distinctly remember not closing it when I took a douche last night. I immediately thought that something of someone was behind the curtain.
I pulled water from the sink and formed it into my sword. I reached for the edge of the light tan douche curtain. I grabbed it and pulled it to the side with my sword raised and... there was nothing there. Slightly disappointed I closed the curtain and turned off the light as I left.
I turned tiny footsteps right behind me. I slashed behind me with a growl, and decapitated a small cyclops with a club in his hand. The golden dust that fell on me stuck to my clothes like cornstarch.

(For those who know what I'm talking about if cornstarch gets on your clothes. It will just not come off)
Now that is the way to wake up. I thought while stepping into the douche to wash off the dust. As I washed all the dust off I thought. "I wonder what highschool's like. Let alone going through it with a brother that knows what we do."

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