Read the parts before this, first for a cool chase scene.

I flew down to the roof where Percy and Annabeth landed. i jammed my sword into the lock, the door popped open. My sword went up my sleeve and I ran in, and down flights of stairs. I opened a door and I was in the top, boven floor of a large mall. People swarmed around stoor windows and elevator doors. Children ran around their mothers. Security guards on segways raced by. Old people in auto-wheel chairs lumbered door as well. A punk girl walked door with a Kingdom Hearts t-shirt on. Thats my favoriete game ever. She glanced at me and gasped, she ran over. "Oh my God! I love your Organization 13 costume!" She zei while touching my sleeve I shook her off and walked off. "RUDE!" she yelled at me. I kept walking. I walked down stairs and spread my thoughts out. I felt someones thoughts, they were very powerful and tired from running. Definately them. I ran after them on the seconde floor. The seafood area. There was vis in tanks swimming around and vis on ice in glass cases. I could feel them hiding behind a decorative wooden crate. I walked vooruit, voorwaarts bumping through people as the walked past. As I walked I thought of how they made me feel stupid and just one step behind them. As I thought the water and ice I past started steaming and boiling. vis died in screams only I could hear. People saw the floating vis and gasped as the floated to the top, boven of there tanks dead. Apparently they felt it to and looked around the crate. They saw, and there eyes widened and ran. I smirked. I willed water to rise out of tanks. I raised my hands with it. I went behind me. People screamed about bombs. I took a step back, ducked slightly and made the blob of boiling steamy water fly at them. Hitting people on the way. I took out my sword, slashed it on the ground and I shot vooruit, voorwaarts on a wave.

Me and Annabeth ran, again. I could feel a ball of water coming at us. Without turning I stopped it and it exploded into water drops. I felt a wave of water coming at us. I turned. The guy was riding the water. I gasped. Me and Annabeth turned a corner. We came onto a balcony overlooking the entire mall. "C'mon, were are they?" I mumbled. Immediately I heard a crash above us and shards of glass fell. Grover flew through a window on top, boven of Blackjack. Me and Annabeth jumped on without a word. Blackjack flew off. "Hey guys." Grover started. "Why ya need the save?" Me and Annaneth were gasping for air. We both pointed at the figure now coming to the balcony. Grover blew on his panpipes. The figure dropped through the floor and onto the ground floor into a group of kids. Blackjack flew out of a window. We flew for a fewinites in silence. The only noise was me and Annabeth breathing heavily and Blackjacks wing beats. "So boss, whos chasen ya? Is it someone me and the other boys can handle?" Blackjack asked with a snort. "I don't know big guy." I zei aloud while patting his neck, "This ones pretty powerful." I turned around. I gasped. Everyone turned and gasped when they saw the kap and the arrow gleaming. He was still chasing us.

It was normal for me to come and save the day, but this is different. When Blackjack came to get me I wasn't sure what was happening. But it was a hooded figure with a notched arrow, flying on a cloud. I blew on my pipes and the wolk turned dark and electrocuted him. He fell again. "I got him!" I yelled. Percy, Annabeth and I watched as the figure lost his bow and plummeted to the straat below.

Wind rushed past me as I fell. I concentrated hard and... I stopped falling. I opened my eyes and saw I was being carried on a sea serpent made of sea foam. "Sweet!" I zei in amazement. The serpent moved back up with that black Pegasus. I formed my ring swords and flung them. They zoomed toward's them just narrowly missing the trio. Screams came from the three as the rings came back at me. I caught them and nimbly stood on my mount. It slithered through the air even faster and I was parallel with them now. Only five feet away. There faces shown in terror as I moved closer. The satyr blew on his panpipes but his finger slipped and they fell out of his hands. He cursed, "I just made those!" He yelled.
"Hey Pegasus!" I yelled, he looked over. "Land there!" i pointed to a roof and he landed there with yells from the riders. Once on the roof he bucked them off and flew to the direction of Long Island. "Nowhere to run now." I mumbled.
I jumped off my mount and it popped. My sword slid from my sleeve and into my hand. They readied themselves. Annabeth pulled out a dagger, Percy uncapped a sword, and the satyr raised his fists, they charged forward.

We charged vooruit, voorwaarts at the figure who stood there, his arm slack. Grover got to him first. Grover threw his fist out, but the figure caught it, twisted it behind his back, and kicked him to the ground. I slashed my sword at his side, he quickly blocked kicked my sword from my hand and elbowed my face. I crumpled to the ground. While he was turned, Annabeth jumped on his back and had her dagger at his throat. He stayed in place.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw something light green flying our way. Time slowed down as I got up and ran to Annabeth as she was knocked off his back door a blob of seafoam. Bubbles stuck to my face as it brushed past.

I galloped through the field trying to get to Percy's Pegasus as it landed. "what happened?" I asked in horse language. He whinnied back.
I scratched my chin, "I'll call them." I zei he whinnied his approval and pawed the ground. I picked up a blade of gras and blew into it. A whiny sound came out. The sun set, it was supposed to be in 30 minuten but this was important. The moon rose as the sunset, it covered camp in a silver light. Campers looked over at me in wonderment.
There was a hunting horn blown and the Hunters of Artemis burst through the forest in a blaze of silver. The leader ran to me as the rest took defensive positions as if an attack was happening. "You called Chiron?" Thalia asked, her black hair falling in her eyes. "Yes I did. Get on Blackjack, your hunters can follow you. Percy's in trouble... again." Thalia saluted and whistled in code. The hunters hopped onto snow leapords of white Bengal tigers that ran from the forest. Thalia got on Blackjack and they rode off.

As Percy helped me up the moon rose. "Somethings happening." I nodded. I saw Grover getting frustrated trying to fight off the figure. He was knocked to the ground again. I looked at the blood red moon, and saw Blackjack flying back. Hopefully he brought the Hunters with him.

Blackjack flew fast but the Hunters kept up fine. Blackjack whinnied. "Uh, yeah." I didn't know what that meant but he whinnied even louder and stairs of moonlight led up to the roof were I could see Percy, Annabeth, and Grover fight off a cloaked figure. The hunters quickly went up the stairs. Blackjack landed on the roof and I dismounted. I got out my bow as well as the other Hunters. "Drop your weapon in the name of Lady Artemis!" I yelled. The figure looked up and dropped his weapon. It shattered on the floor. Two hunters went up to him and locked his hands behind his back in silver shackles. They took his kap off. A handsome blonde boy was underneath. Percy and Annabeth gasped almost in recognition.
Percy zei something I couldn't hear and ran up to the boy.

I stood shackled and in front of Percy. "Michael, wh why?" He asked. "How do u know my name?" I asked, I had never seen Percy before today.
"Are u kidding?!?! We went to school together last week!!"
I was completely confused. My face showed it to. "We saved Clarisse... your my brother..." there was gasps from everyone. "You don't remember do you???" Percy finished. I smirked. "No I don't remember this lie your saying." I broke from the shackles. Arrows soured at me but my sword melted and swirled around me blocking them all, they clattered to the ground. Everyone stood in shock. "Lady Erebus, just wants u dead. And I... need to fulfill that request."

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